Metabolic Diet: reviews and the results of lost weight

With the onset of summer, the desire to lose weight and look good in people at its peak.Gone are the winter months of boring sitting at the computer, it's time to remove thick clothes that perfectly hides all the flaws and try attractive summer clothes, swimsuits and swimming trunks.If the mirror does not reflect exactly what you would like, then the weight will normalize metabolic diet.Reviews and results at first glance is very optimistic, but let's deal that represents this system.

What this diet is based

Its author - a dietitian, which significantly enhances the credibility of the diet.The doctor suggested that the reason for weight gain may not only eating, but hormonal imbalances.It is on this and has developed metabolic diet.Reviews and the results speak for its high efficiency and safety for the body, because it is not a hunger strike, and a balanced diet.The main task of man - is to properly distribute your daily diet and include only healthy foods that will give the necessary energy for li

fe, not postponed as fat.However, not all products are created equal, and constantly calorie counting is very tiring.On the revenue comes metabolic diet.Reviews and the results confirmed by many experts, nutritionists say that this system allows you to activate the production of hormones that promote fat burning, and, on the contrary, to limit the synthesis of those responsible for its accumulation.

In general, the diet is very interesting.This is one of the few systems that are clinically tested.It represents a synthesis nizkoglikemicheskoy diet and fitness.Its indisputable advantage is that from the rest of it is the most rich in protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Description diet

Let's take a closer look at what exactly is metabolic diet.Reviews and the results speak for to try it right now.However, you must first understand how to choose food products.This diet plan is very convenient.You do not need to count calories and the energy value of each individual product.The author has developed special plates, according to which each product is assigned a score.Furthermore, despite the diversity of the permitted-to-eat foods, diet quite strictly regulated, so you have to collect your will in a fist, especially to withstand the first stage.

Based Diet, as mentioned above, on the right distribution of products for the daily diet and use only wholesome food.Due to such changes inhibit the production of insulin and other hormones, which lead to the accumulation of fat, activates production of adrenaline, which prevents the creation of lipid deposits.It helps to normalize weight and optimize the operation of all organs and systems.Diet has been recognized many experts and people who have acquired it through harmony and health.It does not cause exhaustion and is not harmful.

Benefits diet

It is an effective system of power, which is completely normalizes metabolism and eliminates the problem of excess weight.During clinical studies have confirmed the following its benefits:

  • metabolism is greatly improved, while many diets it slow.
  • Hormonal bounces back.
  • significantly improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • laxative and diuretic effect is absent.
  • improves skin condition and regeneration processes are activated.
  • Importantly, there is no need to count calorie of food consumed.

main phase

immediately warn those who are accustomed to use express diets.This system is designed for continuous work on himself.The main result will be about three weeks after starting the diet, so please be patient.So, what is a metabolic diet.Detailed description of each stage we give a little lower until we note that within the stipulated three phases, each of which lasts for 15 days.The most difficult to endure the first two-week phase.In the early days, during the restructuring of the body, there may be weakness and nausea, but these symptoms gradually hike.

So, the first step is the active fat burning.During this period, you can use a product that receives a score of 0 or 1 on a scale of diet.The second stage - a stable weight loss.Here there is a major reduction in weight, and it ends when the reached a result that you have planned.The food at this stage is based on a product that was given from 1 to 2 points.Do not place too much of a target, after a two-week break, the diet can be repeated again.During the second phase of the products should be distributed on 5 receptions, starting the morning with those who are awarded 2 points, and ending with those whose index is zero.Finally, the third stage - the consolidation of the results and a smooth transition from the diet.The diet gradually added products with points 3 and 4. This adaptation to nutrition.The basis of the diet should be fiber and protein products.

products that awarded 0 points

Surely the reader is already interested in the food, which includes metabolic diet.Detailed description of each group will help you plan your menu for the day and lose weight without discomfort.The first group includes boiled chicken breast, known to everyone who has ever sat on any of the diets.This also included eggs, rabbit meat, boiled fish and seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits.Some fun and help to set off the menu herbs and apple cider vinegar, mustard.In addition, a great addition to the menu will be dairy products, yogurt and cottage cheese, but not necessarily 0% fat.Every day, you can use olive oil, turkey meat, seaweed, packaged fiber.This is the basis upon which the metabolic diet.Reviews lost weight say that adhere to such a diet is very simple, do not need to suffer from hunger and limit the organism essential substances.

next group, 1 point

This is food that is also distributed almost throughout the period of weight loss.First of all it refers to the protein-rich beans.Tasty addition to the menu will be vegetable and fruit smoothies and fresh juices.This group also includes dried and fresh berries.In the morning, they can be used every day, it allows the metabolic diet.Menu for each day we will be a little later when analyze all product groups.

third group products by 2 points

This vegetable oils and olives, nuts and seeds.In principle, this group is very broad, it includes boiled beets and carrots, veal and beef, lamb and offal.Cereal in this category are buckwheat and rice, rye bread, oatmeal and cereal, milk and milk products up to 4% fat.These included such cheeses like feta cheese and feta.By the way, many of your favorite avocado is also included into this category, and does not apply to fresh fruit and vegetables.All of these products in the metabolic diet Allowed, starting at 14 days.

fourth group, 3 points

These products are included in the diet comes to an end when the metabolic diet.Reviews lost weight say that after the first two weeks of lost feeling that you are on a diet.The diet is very diverse, including virtually all types of products, but you continue to lose weight at the expense of well-balanced meals.So, 3 points is assigned yoghurt and millet porridge, dark chocolate, corn and hard cheese.This also turns on and cheese.

fifth group, 4 points

It is loved by all, but rather harmful foods that can be eaten after leaving the diet.This beer and other alcoholic drinks, hot dogs and sausages.This includes canned and potatoes, duck, mayonnaise, sour cream and honey, all confectionery, chocolate, white bread, bacon, condensed milk, sweets, ice cream, flour and semolina.These products do not accept the metabolic diet.Menu per day for the first two steps should be totally exclude them, only the third stage can have one of them a week, while they can use only the first half of the day and preferably in small quantities.

Terms of use of products

Despite the apparent ease of the diet, it is quite rigidly structured.Provided for morning, afternoon, midday, evening and night meal, each of which is bounded by points.Moreover, if you skip breakfast, which set aside, for example, 4 points, you can not add them to the dinner.One serving is about 250 grams, if you plan to lose weight, you should not exceed this amount.The full diet menu consists of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but they need to eat properly: fats and carbohydrates - to dinner, and proteins - in the afternoon.At the same time you have a big selection of food, because the products are allowed to use fresh, boiled, stewed or baked form.When this is necessary to prepare soups on water rather than on the broth.For salads, use olive oil, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Metabolic diet, the menu for the week: 1 phase

As already mentioned, the first phase of the diet is necessary to speed up the metabolism.During this period, you can only eat food from the first group, the value of which is 0 points.This is mainly food, rich in protein and fiber.In the food should be used the minimum amount of fat and carbohydrates.The day is recommended to drink a tablespoon of vegetable oil and multivitamins to supplement the diet.The first phase lasts for two weeks, but if you feel faint or dizzy, then immediately go to the second phase.Few can correct this condition strong tea with sugar.

We have already talked about a lot of POI, which is a metabolic diet.The menu includes five meals.As a breakfast fit baked chicken, canned peas and tea.Another option would serve an omelet of three eggs and vegetable salad.As the lunch bar use of bran with low fat milk or cottage cheese with tea.

At lunch you can cook vegetable soup on vegetable broth and eat rabbit meat and vegetable salad.Alternatively, you can use broth and low-fat varieties of fish stew with mushrooms.Snack - this is a very important meal, which we often forget.An excellent option would be a small piece of fish and green beans or a salad of laminaria.At dinner, you'll need a source of protein.It can be baked in foil turkey fillet and boiled cabbage, chicken and vegetable salad.So begins the metabolic diet.The recipes can be adapted for themselves, as well as experimenting with the ingredients within the group of authorized products.

second phase, the active weight loss

Now the body is ready to burn extra calories.Gradually improves metabolism, reduces the weight without harm to health.However, the rules change a little meal.Metabolic, hormonal diet requires careful observance of all rules.Breakfast should go until 10am, its worth 4 points.Lunch ends no later than 12 hours, it was worth 2 points.Dine need up to three hours, 2 points.Afternoon pass until 18:00, 1 point.Dinner no later than 20:00 of products with zero value.

For breakfast you can make your own 100 g buckwheat porridge, and the same amount of chicken breast.Additionally, you can eat a piece of bread with cheese and a glass of milk fat content of not more than 2%.An alternative may be considered boiled potatoes (50 g), canned peas and tea with honey.The second breakfast or lunch consists of bran and walnuts with yogurt (100 g).For lunch, you can cook vegetable soup (150 g) and Baked turkey fillet (100 g), and vegetable salad.The next day you can cook mushroom soup, 100 grams of cooked fillet and vegetable salad.For dinner, cook steam fish or seafood mix.

During this phase, the body gradually optimizes metabolism and begins to actively burn excess weight.This phase lasts for as long as necessary to achieve optimal weight, it is due to your need, how much time will take your metabolic diet.The results are very impressive, every person who adheres to all the rules of the system, losing weight steadily, without any harm to your health.

third phase - consolidation of results

As soon as you feel that weight became large enough, you can move on to the last and final stage.It aims to smooth the transition to a normal diet and the preservation of the results.You continue to eat in the same manner as in the second phase, but gradually added to each food intake for one score.The only caveat: after 18:00 increase is not recommended.For a while, the weight continues to decline, as it has stabilized, so it is suitable for you, the best diet.

Recipes for delicious diet

Very often, people are turning to dieticians to hormonal disorders.But it turns out that this is not a sentence - the metabolic syndrome in women diet treats with great success.And the good news is that even during the weight loss, you can pamper yourself with a delicious meal.One such recipe is a soup with mushrooms and prawns.It is prepared just 15 minutes.You will need 2 pieces of shrimp and 1 - mushrooms.In the broth add the greens and soy sauce.

Magnificent snack can serve a salad of green beans and mushrooms.To do this, gently boil the beans, simmered mushrooms with garlic and leek.Season with soy sauce and can be salt, crushed garlic.And as a dessert, you'll love the cherry smoothie.Take low-fat yogurt, cherry and vanilla.Put all ingredients in a blender and whisk well.Ready drink pour into glasses and sprinkle with cinnamon.These simple recipes to help you easily and spend all the time diet and lose weight significantly.

Instead of conclusion As you can see, is not a complicated or difficult diet metabolic (hormonal).Reviews large number of women and men confirm its effectiveness.It is not too expensive, since the menu consists of the most common products.Judging by the reviews, even the first phase is transferred very easily, hunger is completely absent, although you need a little bit to rebuild their food preferences.Shortly after the start of the diet people are beginning to celebrate the incredible lightness, good health and a slow but steady weight loss.In parallel, women notice improvement of the skin, hair and nails, which can not but rejoice.

additional recommendations nutritionists advice is to drink at least four glasses of pure water a day.This helps to quickly deduce slags and salt from the body and normalize metabolism.Eating is recommended at least once every three hours, with the exception of the night break.Learn to listen to your feelings, to enjoy a meal and do not overeat.To do this, eat slowly, to pause and chew each bite.Losing weight with the help of this system is very effective, it is confirmed by both doctors and patients.And most importantly, during the diet your metabolism is completely rebuilt, changing taste preferences.This means that hated kgs will not return even with a significant violation of the food.We considered that a metabolic diet.Reviews and results, the recipes will help you navigate and decide if the scheme is for you.