Beans for weight loss: recipes.

Can I eat beans for weight loss?This question is of interest to many women gathered to clean up your figure.Most often the product is excluded from the menu because high carbohydrate content.

Even nutritionists have long recommended not to include beans in the menu for people who are overweight.But after a series of experiments, scientists have proved that you can eat beans for weight loss, because this product is able to effectively block the calories.At the use of beans in the body slows down the absorption of many carbohydrates, thereby reducing caloric intake.This property allows the product to include it on the menu for those who want to lose weight.

Useful properties

Beans is quite nutritious and wholesome product, it allows you to forget about the quality of the feeling of hunger for a long time.This is due to the fact that the swelling occurs in the intestines of complex carbohydrates consisting of beans, which leads to slow their digestion, which provides a prolonged feeling of saturat

ion.In addition, this product contains a very important component of any diet - lean protein, making it a wholesome and nutritious.

also appreciated by the content of the beans, and other useful substances, organic acids and amino acids, vitamins of groups A, B, C, E, PP, micro- and macroelements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, chromium, etc.), Which are easilydigestible.Such product composition reduces the level of cholesterol and blood sugar levels, stabilizes the amount of glucose that allows to keep under control the body weight.

Due to the content of insoluble fiber beans stimulates peristalsis, promotes the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, relieves constipation.Having a bean saponins is able to prevent the multiplication of cancer cells.

hormone cholecystokinin, which is produced when using this product, activates metabolic processes, and suppresses appetite.

White beans for weight loss

According to the content of trace elements such as copper and zinc, white bean is the leader in many other food products.Part of the product of this protein is easily digested.White beans useful to use for people with diabetes mellitus, chronic pancreatitis, gastritis, rheumatism, eczema, due to the content of tyrosine, methionine, tryptophan, lysine, and others. This type of bean is a natural diuretic.

White beans useful for atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, since it is composed of potassium.The calcium and magnesium make the product useful in teeth and bones.

Older people need to be careful when using this type of bean, as purine contained therein may adversely affect the health of the presence of diseases such as gout and nephritis.

In folk medicine recommend eating beans for weight loss on this recipe: beans (1 cup), soaked overnight in water (4 cups), boiled for half an hour.Before each meal to drink half a cup of broth.Breakfast or lunch is replaced by 100 g of boiled beans and some vegetables.For a taste you can add a few drops of vegetable oil.The other meals you can eat chicken, fish, egg white, cottage cheese with vegetable salad.Dinner needs to be replaced with fruit.Dish of beans for weight loss is undesirable to use for people suffering from flatulence.

Red beans diet

This product is useful because of the content of thiamine, tryptophan, lysine, arginine, tyrosine, histidine, vitamin C, iron, and a large number of mineral acids the human body.This composition makes it useful for those who suffer from anemia.Red beans - a fountain of youth, because it contains a large amount of antioxidants.

One hundred grams of dry beans - 290 calories, despite this, it occupies a place of honor in many weight loss programs.Furthermore, use of this product is undeniable through tissue which has antineoplastic properties, contributes to the stabilization of blood glucose levels and eliminate toxins.

With regular use of beans, you can achieve weight loss and, in addition, strengthen the immune system, the nervous system, to achieve improvement of the skin.

diet based on this product, suggests meals.Most of diet of boiled beans (1 cup).A diet designed for 7 days.At the same time for breakfast eat 150 grams of boiled beans with the addition of herbs and 1 ch. L.olive oil.At lunch, eat any fruit allowed (200 g), or one fruit (unsweetened).Lunch consists of the same number of beans as the first breakfast, plus fresh vegetables in the salad.For dinner, you can alternate the beans (100 g), and meat or fish in the same amount, plus vegetables (fresh or stewed).If desired, the beans can be replaced by brown rice in the same amount, or a mixture of rice and beans (2: 1).

Green Beans

Experts say beans for weight loss - the most acceptable option.This product is the smallest amount of calories and nutrients the maximum content.Furthermore, it can be stored for a long time.

as yellow, and green beans is rich in vitamins A, E, B, C, protein, fiber, folic acid and a variety of trace elements needed by man.

Green beans contains more protein than other types.A huge advantage of this product is that it does not absorb the toxic substances from the soil during its growth and ripening.But, despite this, the heat treatment of such beans needed.

Green beans for weight loss is very effective as a hundred grams of dry product contains no more than 25 calories.Drinking green beans helps to normalize hormonal levels, improve liver and kidney, respiratory organs.In addition, regular use of the product improves skin and hair.Green beans useful to include in the diet during menopause, pregnancy and adolescence.

beans for weight loss can be used in salads and garnishes.But these dishes are not suitable for people who suffer from increased flatulence.When intolerance bean better to abandon diets that include this product, or choose a green bean diet.Recipes with this kind of beans are quite diverse, but we should not forget that during the diet you must drink lots of water, it prevents constipation and bloating.

Overall, the dishes of beans should regularly appear on your desktop, whether you want to lose weight or not.And how to cook beans for weight loss, describe further.

Green beans steamed

To prepare this dish, take green beans (200 g) dried rosemary in a small amount of olive oil (2 ch. L.), A tablespoon of lemon juice.Beans are steamed for 10 minutes, during which time the grass rubbed with olive oil and lemon juice.Slightly ostuzhennoy bean sauce poured over.Eat possible with chicken or fish.

salad with apples

For this dish you will need one apple, pine nuts (2 tbsp. L.), Beans (150 g), fennel, dried ginger, olive oil (1 ch. L.) And vinegar (2 h. l.).Grate an apple with large cells, beans cut into pieces of 2 cm, chopped dill.All you need to sprinkle with ginger and mix.For the dressing use oil and vinegar.

Salad "for dinnerĀ»

need for this dish boiled white and green beans (100 g), celery (50 g) and cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil (can substitute pumpkin).Oil rubbed with basil and insist add grated celery and mix.Tomatoes cut halves, mixed beans and pour sauce.

Assorted vegetables

To make this salad needs beans (200 g), small beets, carrots (3 pcs.), Potatoes (2 pcs.), Canned corn (100 g), garlic, lemon juice, mustardbutter, a little sea salt.Pre-cooked vegetables are cut into cubes, add to them corn.Salad seasoned with a mixture of crushed garlic, lemon juice and oil.To taste add salt and herbs.


beans for weight loss, in spite of its benefits, it is undesirable to use those with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Furthermore, this product is not suitable for people with problems of the cardiovascular system.Contraindications: idiosyncrasy and beans.