How many steps do you need a day to lose weight?

The first thing you need to know how many steps you need to do a day to lose weight - this is what steps should be walking and such if you are late for the last train to your home.

to launch the mechanism of weight loss, it is necessary average speed of 7 km / h.At this rate, you need to walk at least half an hour.The reason is that walking wellness or weight loss should be full-fledged exercise.Only under such conditions will be obvious benefits of walking, which in the past month without a gym and special exercises you can lose up to 5 kg of excess weight.With regular classes have a chance walking after half a year to get healthy and beautiful body.

So how many steps you need to do in a day?The bigger, the better.Most importantly, the muscles began to work actively, accelerated heart rate and sweat pouring stream.

How to measure the average speed when walking?

As mentioned above, the benefits of walking is only at a speed of 7 km / h.But each person has a different step width.So how to measur

e the speed of a person to know for sure how much you need to walk per day?

fact that the average speed is not measured in kilometers, but in steps per minute, because even standing on one place you can go, to intensify the work of the whole organism.So, you first need to determine your number of steps committed by one minute.

slowest walking - about 60 steps per minute, slow - 80, average - 110 fast - 130, very fast - more than 140.

Health and perfect figure - it is 10 000 steps

As has been described above,the required distance for the weight loss is necessary to calculate the number of steps.

British Department of Health has put forward a formal statement about how far you need to take a day, is neither more nor less - 10 000 steps.In fact, nothing complicated about it.Every day a person goes about 3000 km - work, shopping, walk around the house.Others are just as high, preferably at an accelerated pace.Enough for 20-30 minutes to collect a daily quota.

How useful

walking Walking is very useful for the whole organism.Even at an average walking speed the human body begins to work very differently.For example, in a regular walking aligns the spine, so that all authorities are taking the position put them.

all human organs are saturated with oxygen at a brisk walk, poisons and toxins are expelled.With regular classes walking reduces the risk of problems with blood vessels and heart.Walking normalizes blood pressure and removes cholesterol.And, of course, the body becomes fit and slim.

Like how many steps you need to do in the day

First you need to adequately assess the state of their health.On this basis, we can give a more specific answer to the question of how many steps you need to do in the day.

gradually begin better if just to chase the result will be more likely to burn in the very beginning.Besides first walk longer better than smaller, but faster.So you become more resilient and able to pace a month of exercises to increase its speed to 120 steps per minute.

better not to walk on a full stomach, and after about two hours after a meal.The spine should be straight, shoulders apart.Breathing is also necessary to correct: breathe in through your nose and exhale through the mouth.Talking while walking is not necessary, or will knock your breath and shortness of breath.

Walking in place

As mentioned above, it is important not speed, and number of steps.If for some reason there is no desire or opportunity to go walking on the street, you can enjoy walking on the spot.

So, how many steps you need to do in the day on the site?About half, if you were on the street, so walking on the ground is better to use in extreme cases.

not need to Step on the heel and at the toe, knees lifted high and vigorously waving his arms.

What you need to walk on the day of the stairs

If the weather outside is not conducive to walking, you can replace it by walking on the stairs.The pace here will also be slightly different from the usual exercises.

Start with 4 lifting span without stepping over the steps.After them, stop and continue otdyshites.Gradually increase the load can.When your body gets used, you can start to step over step.Hold the handrail when climbing impossible.

What should be the heart rate while walking

control heart rate and breathing - it is an integral part of the walk.Breathing: if there is shortness of breath, be sure to stop and rest to restore breathing.Heart rate: should not exceed the value of this formula:

  • 220 - your age - 50.

to walking was helpful, not harmful, slightly better than not reach a peak.

What kind of shoes to choose

How many steps do you need a day to lose weight, we have seen, should now deal with those kind of shoes is better to choose for this purpose.

recommendations on the choice is not so much, but they should not be neglected.When walking at a speed of more than 3-4 km / h in uncomfortable shoes can rub blisters or even damage the foot.

is best suited for walking shoes with soft shock-absorbing soles.This should be a central part of it is very good bend.Shoes must be the exact size, the foot should not crawl and sit firmly in the shoe.

two months after the start you will feel the power in his body, and after workouts will not feel like a squeezed lemon, and fresh and full of energy.Then, feeling the tranquility and harmony, you will realize that all your labors were not in vain, because you can live a full life only in a healthy body.Successful walk!