The story "Heart of a Dog": characteristics Sharikova.

In 1925, in response to events occurring in the country, there was a satirical novel by Mikhail Bulgakov "Heart of a Dog."Although originally intended publication works in the magazine "Nedra", it was published only in 1987.Why did it happen so?Let's try to answer this question by analyzing the image of the protagonist, the ball-Polygraph Polygraphovich.

Summary of the novel "Heart of a Dog»

Characteristics of Ball and who he became as a result of an experiment - an important point for understanding the idea of ​​the work.Moscow Transfiguration professor together with his assistant Bormental planned to determine if transplanting pituitary rejuvenation of the body.Experiment decided to hold on to the dog.The donor died became lumpen Chugunkin.To the amazement of the professor, the pituitary gland is not only caught, but also contributed to the transformation of a good dog into a man (or, rather, a humanoid creature).The process of "forming" is the basis for the story, which was written by Mikhail B

ulgakov "Heart of a Dog."Beads, characteristic of which is given below, is remarkably similar to Klim.And not only in appearance but also in the mentality and manners.In addition, the new masters of life in the face of rather quickly explained Shvonder ball, what rights he has in society and in the house of a professor.As a result, in a calm familiar world Transfiguration broke a devil.First Polygraph Polygraphovich disorderly conduct, then the attempt to capture the living space is finally open threat to life Bormentalja are the reason that the professor had the reverse operation.And very soon in his apartment again he lived a harmless dog.This is a summary of the novel "Heart of a Dog."

Feature Sharikova begins by describing the life of a homeless dog, pick a professor in the street.

Street life dog

In the early works of the writer depicts the winter Petersburg through the eyes of his dog homeless.Frozen and thin.Dirty, matted fur.One side severely burned - scalded with boiling water.This is the future of the ball.Heart of a Dog - characteristics of the animal indicates that he was a kind of who it later turned out - responded to the sausage dog and dutifully followed the professor.

world for the ball consisted of the hungry and the satiated.The first were angry, and strove to harm others.For the most part they are "lackeys of life" and the dog did not like them, calling himself "human cleanings."The second, which immediately took the professor, is considered less dangerous: they are not afraid of anyone, and therefore did not kick the other foot.That was originally the ball.

«Heart of a Dog": description of the dog "Home»

For a week stay in the house of the Transfiguration The ball has changed beyond recognition.He recovered and turned into a handsome man.First dog all treated with suspicion and wondered what he should do.He knew that just because it is unlikely to be sheltered.But over time, so accustomed to the warm and hearty life, his mind dulled.Now the ball is just happy and ready to endure everything, but he had not been sent out.

respected professors dog - in fact it was he who took him to her.The cook loved because its ownership had been associated with the center of the paradise in which he found himself.Zina perceived as servants who she really is.A Bormentalja, who was bitten on the leg, called the "nip" - Dr. irrelevant to his well-being had.Although the dog is at the reader's sympathy, we can already see some features which are characteristic of the later mark Sharikova.In the story "Heart of a Dog" was originally defined by those who immediately believed the new government and hoped suddenly out of poverty and to "become all things."That's the same ball to exchange freedom for food and warmth - he even collar makes it stand out among other dogs on the street, I began to wear with pride.A well-fed life made him a dog that is ready to cater to all the host.

Klim Chugunkin

Before talking about the Polygraph Polygraphovich roller (the name he chose himself, and the name has got by right of succession), it should be noted, who his donor.Klim - a typical lumpen.He was young, but apparently bad complex.He had three previous convictions, however, all were acquitted for the second time, by the way - thanks to the proletarian origin.He died of a stroke of the knife.The profession had not earned playing the balalaika in restaurants.Drunkenness, abuse, negligence, lack of taste in everything immoral behavior, open parasitism - these traits Klima fully manifest in the form of Polygraph Polygraphovich that proves Sharikova characterization in the novel "Heart of a Dog."

transformation of PSA in a man

between the two operations was not more than three months.Dr. Bormental describes in detail all the changes, external and internal, which took place with the dog after surgery.As a result of humanization turned monster inherited habits and beliefs of their "parents."Here is a brief description of Sharikov, dog heart in which to live with part of the brain proletarian.

Polygraph Polygraphovich had an unpleasant appearance.Constantly cursing and foul language.From Climate handed to him a passion for the balalaika, and playing on it from morning to evening, he had not thought about the rest of others.I had an addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, and seeds.For all the time and are not accustomed to the procedure.From dog I inherited a love of good food and hatred for cats, laziness and a sense of self-preservation.And if the dog was still possible to influence, the Polygraph Polygraphovich believed his life for others completely natural - leads to such thoughts characteristic of Ball and ball.

«Heart of a Dog" shows how selfish and unscrupulous was the protagonist, I realized how easily get whatever he wants.It is his opinion only strengthened when he met new friends.

Shvonder role in "shaping" Sharikova

Professor and his assistant tried in vain to teach the creature, which was created to order, etiquette and so on. N., But Sharikov naglel in his eyes and could not see in front of you no barriers.A special role in this was played Shvonder.As chairman of the House Committee, he has long disliked intelligent Transfiguration already because semikomnatnoy professor lived in the apartment and kept the old view of the world.Now he has decided to use in their fight Sharikova.He hallooing Polygraph Polygraphovich proclaimed himself the labor element and due to it demanded a square meter.Then he brought to the apartment Vasnetsov, which was going to marry.Finally, with the help of the professor Shvonder concocted a false accusation.

same house committee chairman Sharikov gave to the post.And now, the last dog, wearing a leather jacket, began to catch the cats and dogs, experiencing pleasure from it.

Again Ball

But everything has a limit.When the ball Bormentalja attacked with a gun, a professor and doctor, without words to understand each other, re-embarked on the operation.Monster generated by a combination of slave consciousness, opportunism balls and aggressiveness and rudeness Klima was destroyed.After a few days in the apartment again lived harmless cute dog.A failed medical and biological experiments outlined very exciting writer's social and moral problem, which helps to understand the ball and the ball.Comparative characteristics ("Heart of a Dog," in the words of Sakharov - "smart satire and hot") shows them how dangerous to intrude in the natural human and social relations.That is the deeper meaning of the work was the reason that the story of the transformation of gay characters for decades fell under the ban of the authorities.

value story

«Heart of a Dog" - characteristics Sharikova proof - describes a dangerous social phenomenon, originated in the Soviet Union after the revolution.People like the main character, often found themselves in power and destroyed by their actions the best that evolved in human society for centuries.Life at another's expense, whistleblowing, contempt for educated, intelligent people - these and similar events began in the twenties the norm.

is necessary to note one more important point.Experiment Transfiguration - an intervention in the natural processes of nature, which again proves to the novel "Heart of a Dog" characteristic Sharikova.Professor understands that after all that has happened and decides to correct his mistake.However, in real life is more complicated.And the attempt to change society by revolutionary violent means is doomed to failure.That is why the product does not lose relevance to this day, as a warning to his contemporaries and descendants.