Works VP Astafieva.

Before you touch the famous works of Victor Petrovich Astafieva "Last Bow", I would like to stay at the author.He lived between 1924 and 2001.It was a wonderful writer and novelist of the Soviet era, who sent all their work and dedicated the theme of the Russian people and its national heritage.

What tells the reader a summary of?"Last Bow" is actually included in a huge number of beautiful sketches that show all the beauty of the rural nature of lead to the thin moral perception and employees and support the purification of the human soul.

If we talk about the language in which he wrote this book Astafjevs, he was distinguished by a special colorful and originality.Immediately I felt a great love for his human suffering country and to ordinary people.

Summary.«Last bow»

This book conveys a magnificent way.Astafjevs "Last Bow" was presented as an autobiographical work.To work on it, he spent twenty years (1958 to 1978).The plot covers many epoch-making events.

book "Last Bow" is a kind of con

fession generation, because childhood is a writer fell on hard and turning the 30s and 40s.But he had to grow sharply during the war years.

Country Life

In "Last Bow" chapter story is a separate story, starting with the hungry rural childhood, but, according to the writer, a happy and carefree time.

main character - a boy Victor Potylitsyn half-orphans whose mother drowned in the Yenisey and his father drank and walked.The boy was brought up for a long time in the village with his grandmother Catherine Petrovna.And here it should be noted immediately that she has invested in her grandson basic life concepts of honesty, integrity, diligence, the right attitude to bread and money.Then all that was useful and helped him to survive in the most difficult circumstances.


Victor was no different from the other village children, he tried to help a senior, and the rest of the free time toyed with their peers.Grandma had all wanted to be helpful, and took care of all, the nature she was a strong and powerful, and at the same time gentle and kind.She loved children, and they have always been her joy.

But not for long lasted Vitka's happiness, it was time to go to school, and he had to go to the city to his father and stepmother.There he was a school of survival.The time was after the revolution, went round about cannibalization.Many families remain homeless, hungry, and some were sent to the settlements or, worse, to penal servitude.

Survival School

Then very sad colors filled summary."Last Bow" tells the story of what Victor, moved to his father, I realized that no one here is not needed.From his relatives no one understood the conflict began in school.When he lived with his grandmother, they also have a lot of that was not enough, but here it was always warm and cozy, the boy felt secure next to his grandmother, and in the city he was terribly lonely, he coarsened and became violent.Yet after her grandmother's upbringing and prayer took over and gave a stimulus to live.The work covers all the hardships of life Victor.After studying at the factory to date, he was sent to war.


When the war ended, Victor immediately went to his village to see his grandmother.He made his way to the house through the gardens and Repyakh, heart pounding with excitement.As he entered the room grandmother literally tiptoe.My grandmother, like in the old days, sitting near the window, and wound into a ball of yarn.Victor thought that the whole black storm of war flew over the world, millions of people were killed in the fight against the Nazis, the new states were formed, in general, many changes took place, but here, my grandmother, so calmly, quietly and peacefully, the same cotton curtain hanging onwindow, cabinet, stove, iron pots.Grandmother grandson extremely happy, just cross over and hugged him.Her voice was calm and gently, as if he had not returned from the war, and from fishing, where they are often detained with his grandfather.She once admitted that day and night, prayed about it, for this moment and lived.And now, waiting for the grandson of a war, it can die in peace.

Astafjevs "Last bow»

At that time my grandmother was 86 years old, and her last request was that the grandson came to bury her.But this did not end summary."Last Bow" continued that grandson and could not keep his word.When he received a telegram, and while he worked in the Urals, the authorities did not let go, let go just because the funeral closest relatives - father or mother.Therefore, Viktor could not get what the rest of his life is very sorry and thought that if it happened today, he would have escaped, and if necessary, would be reached by crawling from the Urals to Siberia.In it the rest of his days, and lived this wine, quiet and oppressive.But for all that he knew that the grandmother forgave him, as always very fond of her granddaughter.