If you do not have a week, what will happen?

Many people will sooner or later reflect on the question, if not a week that will be?The material in this publication will help to dot the "i".

Week - it's not a term

Based on the experience of people who practice fasting to cleanse the body, we can definitely say that the week-long fasting - a relatively common diet.Of course, before you venture on such a step, you must be examined by a doctor of the therapist.

Some people occasionally practice similar experiments on the body, dare to abstain from food for a period from one month to 40 days, on this index froze a critical point, for which can not be crossed, based on the physiological needs of the body.Spend long fast under the supervision of specialists.But no man can dispense the liquid of not more than 5 days.If during fasting right to use water, it can be good to cleanse the body of toxins.

Water Diet - effective way to lose weight and cleanse the body

scientifically proven that the water diet allows a person to not only lose weight but a

lso normalizes the intestine, helps improve skin condition and relieve headaches.Nutritionists point out that eating greasy, spicy and salty foods are often reflected in the condition of the skin.No matter what your goal is weight loss or starvation for cleansing, you should familiarize yourself with how to properly drink water.

effect on the body

Remember that liquid that you will use to be cleared.That's when the body will benefit from the process.So, find out if you do not have a week, what would happen to the body?In fact, there will be nothing to worry about.Clean water will help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, and fast feel an incredible lightness.Leading a normal life, people often mistake thirst for hunger signal the body to.But it's a false sense.

If you drink a glass of water half an hour before a meal, the stomach is filled and will no longer be able to take a normal amount of food.And if you consume a glass of liquid after 2 hours after a meal, this procedure can equate to a normal bite.Consequently, water is able for some time to satisfy your hunger.However, this does not mean that the hunger strike diet should include an unlimited amount of liquid.

What scheme you choose?

There are two ways to calculate the volume of liquid based on parameters of a person's weight.To find out the number of the required daily dose in milliliters, you have to multiply the figure of its own weight with the number 40. For example, if your current weight is equal to 93kg, you should consume per day 3.72 liters of water.

In the second scheme, the current weight divided by the number 20. So, with the same initial weight of 93 kilograms, based on the second circuit of simple calculations, you need to consume per day 4.65 liters of fluid.It is worth noting that the hunger strike is correct - is the one that least of all able to harm the body.If we consume more than 3 liters of water a day, then you must choose the lowest values ​​of the indicators.Therefore, in this case, a person should focus on the calculations of the first scheme.

When to start doing experiments?

If you are up to this point has never performed fasting, it is best to start attempts during the summer time.That summer, the human body is most in need of water, and it displays fine.Also during this period is not particularly loaded viscera.

Match abstinence from food charging

We learned about what processes occur in the body, if not a week.What if losing weight in the morning will make even the simplest physical exercises?The hunger strike on the water will only strengthen its effect, because any physical activity is better to make the blood circulate through the blood vessels, also saturate the cells with oxygen.

What can be added to the water?

If you really want to feel the taste, add the water half a slice of lemon.In an extreme case, add the cup of a teaspoon of honey.Artesian water is most useful for the organism.Select it must be based on the area of ​​residence.Partly it recommended to drink mineral water without gas, and be sure to keep taking a multivitamin.Do not drink the liquid from the refrigerator, it should be at room temperature.

results weekly fasting

What results can be achieved if you do not have a week?What happens when the body refuses to accept the conditions of starvation?This is what we know right now.As the ratings experimenters to lose weight manage an average of 5 kilograms per week.Sometimes people experience a slight feeling of nausea, and the most difficult is the 3rd day, clicking which, the body as if he forgets about the food.

If you decide on such a radical method, as the hunger strike a week and can not survive.Listen to your body, and if it is absolutely unbearable, eat sour apple.This applies particularly to those who are not able to go abroad the third day of a water diet.Drink chamomile or peppermint tea warm.These drinks act as a laxative.

Some tips and tricks

Never start a week-long fasting, if not firmly come to this decision.If something goes wrong, you will feel lightheadedness, or any other similar symptoms gradually get out of the hunger strike.Even if you survived 5 days without food - it is a great victory.Next, we give advice to people who are relatively easy to tolerate fasting:

  • drink fluids slowly, in small sips.You can not drink the whole glass in one gulp.
  • at a time is not recommended to drink more than 2 glasses of water, it is fraught with tension and worsening stomach hunger.
  • If you do not drink fasting at the beginning of the daily volume, calculated according to formulas which we have cited, that's okay.Increase the amount of water gradually in the following days.
  • aware that if a person receives per day more than 3 liters of fluid in the body is strong leaching of organic matter and salts.Therefore, in any case it requires a multivitamin.
  • Boiled water is considered to be dead, it has no useful compounds and trace elements.The liquid from the tap, passed through a conventional filter, and is not particularly rich in micronutrients.If you do not want to starvation caused harm to the body, listen to our advice, drink artesian or mineral non-carbonated water.

What contraindications exist?

As we have said, you can not "sit" in the course of a week of fasting voluntarily without consulting a doctor.There are a number of diseases in which this method of losing weight and cleanse the body contraindicated.Because higher water content in the body can lead to edema and increased pressure, this method is contraindicated in individuals with hypertension.

This method is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.Mommy has to realize that he could not give her baby needed for proper growth of vitamins and minerals, and all attempts to try on the same size clothes should be left in the period when the end of lactation.Also, this method is contraindicated in persons with kidney problems and urinary tract.