The writer Viktor Nekrasov.

Viktor Nekrasov - a figure, surprising and significant in Russian literature.His first work immediately got enormous popularity and approval of Stalin.However, three decades later the writer was in exile and has never returned to his homeland.

Children and youth

Viktor Nekrasov, whose biography is given in the article, was born in 1911 in Kiev.But spent his childhood in Switzerland and France, where he first studied at the Medical Center, then worked Zinaida, the writer's mother.Fedoseevich Plato, the father, is an employee of the bank.

Shortly after returning to his homeland (1915), there was a revolution.He brought the family Nekrasov misfortune in the 17th father died, and a year later Petliurists flogged to death by his older brother Victor.For a time, her mother was afraid to go out, but nothing happened.Do not touch the family and in the thirties, when they were arrested, many of them friends.Perhaps this is due to the fact that Zinaida treated NKVD, who lived in the same house with them.

Education and work in the theater

Viktor Nekrasov was very fond of Kiev, especially its architecture.It was not just a hobby.In the 30th, he entered the Institute of Construction and learns from the famous at home and abroad I. Karakis.However, the diploma in specialty architect Nekrasov not received.Management of the Institute did not like the project, developed in the 36th year on the basis of constructivist ideas of Le Corbusier.

no less interested in youth theater and literature - at school with his friends, he published the magazine "Zouave".Viktor Nekrasov, whose biography is in the future will be associated with this hobby of his, in the 37th graduated from drama school.Without becoming an architect, he joined the troupe in Krivoy Rog.Then, until the beginning of the war, he passed from one theater to another.Actor, artist, director, assistant to the architect - this is what he did for four years.

War and the first product

But the recruiting station Nekrasov himself came and was assigned to the Army Corps of Engineers.During the war, he had commanded a battalion.The soldiers who served with him, recalled that he had always behaved with them as equals, and not hiding from the bullets.In the 43 th he received the medal "For Courage".Thrice was injured the last time he smote his right hand.So the future writer Nekrasov was in the hospital.On the advice of the doctors began to develop hand.The result - in the form of diary entries about his experiences at the front.They brought him fame made the story "In the Trenches of Stalingrad."

of injury was incompatible with further service and Nekrasov was demobilized with the rank of captain.

literary and social activities

story "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" (1946) was not the first product of the war.However, recent events have shown so believable that caused shock among many readers.Its foundation was all that he has experienced and survived Nekrasov.Biography of the hero was familiar to thousands of yesterday's warriors: the retreat from the western borders to the Volga, the brutal battle for Mamayev Kurgan, a mass death of comrades, disappointments and hopes that the sacrifices are not in vain ... In the 47th Nekrasov, a year ago nobodynot known, he received the Stalin Prize.Although the day before the awarding Fadeev struck work from the list.Not hard to imagine, thanks to whom it appeared to him again by the morning.I must say that most of the premiums paid for the purchase of Nekrasov wheelchair veterans.

Later Viktor Nekrasov, whose biography is proof, never violated the principles of justice and humanity.In the 60th, he had opposed the construction of the stadium near the site of Babi Yar, for which he was declared a Zionist.History will be continued after six years in connection with a speech at the rally dedicated to the anniversary of the execution of Jews.In the 62nd, after a trip to Europe, he shared his impressions in sketches.This was the beginning of persecution.His works ("The hometown", "Senka" and others.) Waiting for the critics, and they do not reach the general reader.


in 74th on the writer's apartment ransacked.Even before this writer spoke in favor of those who were persecuted for dissent.The result - exclusion from the party because of his opinions do not coincide with the generally accepted.Now followed the interrogations, wiretapping phone.Stripped of all awards, including combat.He was expelled from the Writers' Union.Soon Viktor Nekrasov, whose work was banned completely, appealed to the government to give permission to travel to Switzerland.Since September began the emigration of the writer.At first, he stayed with relatives, and then moved to France, where he died in 1987.Here he was the chief editor of the magazine "Continent", worked on radio.

Ā«Little sad story" - the last work of Viktor Nekrasov - full of longing for the homeland, which at the end of 70th deprived him of citizenship for "activities incompatible with the high rank ...".A small obituary on the death of the writer published only in the "Moscow News".