Citric acid for weight loss.

Unfortunately, many people tend to be overweight.They have to deal with figure flaws, to result in a toned body.The most persistent choose a healthy diet and sport, and some are trying to get rid of extra pounds through diet.One of the most popular products at the same time often is citric acid diet.

What is the process of weight loss in the body

Before you begin any diet, one must understand how fat is burned.

From a scientific point of view, to lose weight you need to eat as little as possible of carbohydrates and fats.Intestinal difficult to cope with the processing of fatty foods.Yet all these elements are excluded from the diet is extremely dangerous.

that the body was easy to deal with the processing of food, it is necessary to acidify the blood.This task can perform vitamin E, which is contained in a large amount of lemon.

Taking vitamin E foods and reducing intake of foods with glucose, you will achieve the desired index of acidity of the blood.It decreases as the concentration of glu

cose.These processes accelerate the burning of fat.

Lose help water

water - the source of life.It is known that consumption of about 2 liters of liquid per day leads to an acceleration of metabolism.But in order to seize and to accelerate the process, it is necessary citric acid.Slimming add 1 teaspoon of it in 1 liter of water will help to achieve quick results.

Those who can not give up the sweet, it is recommended to cook uzvar dried fruit with the addition of citric acid and honey.

acidified water is best helps to cope with hunger, because the body will do a sufficient amount of glucose.

together with water or stewed fruit in the morning is recommended to drink a teaspoon of sunflower oil, or eat a few walnuts.Fats that are in these products is rapidly oxidized and released into the blood, thus speeding up the burning of extra pounds.

Citric Acid for weight loss: a recipe application and its features

It is worth remembering that the citric acid - this is not the lemon juice and a little different, unnatural substance.So this means you need to take no more than 1 teaspoon per day.Otherwise, you can harm your health.

the morning is recommended to drink a glass of water, which must be added citric acid.For this method of losing weight is perfect.Just pour a glass of water should be a third of a teaspoon.Such a solution, "awakens" the entire gastrointestinal tract and causes it to run without interruption.

before each meal is enough to drink half a cup of acid water.That's the whole recipe.A 30-minute sit trapeznichat.

Food should be light, nutritious and varied.Admitted: oatmeal, soup, bread, bran, lean meat, fish, vegetables, raw or stewed fruit.

most important product during such a diet is citric acid diet.The usefulness and effectiveness of its significant.The result will be a week after the above power mode and receiving an acidic beverage.Slimming notice weight loss and improvement of the intestinal tract.However, more than 7 days to use citric acid is not recommended.

lemon diet

Still, lemon, unlike the eponymous acid is a natural product.From him the benefit will be greater.

Lemon diet will help cleanse the body.Due to the elimination of toxins and various substances interfering with digestion figure would be graceful, and the balance will show minus a couple of kilos.

new diet is transferred easily, but it is necessary to prepare for the 2 days of discharge.Diet lasts 14 days.

Exclude need fat and flour products.The size of servings consumed is reduced.

based diet is a lemon, and it contains natural citric acid.Slimming is a substance commonly used by athletes before the competition, because it can quickly break down fats in the body.

Before the meal is recommended to drink a glass of water with lemon.Preparing a drink: a glass of warm water squeezed juice of one lemon.

no less important question of how to properly drink water with lemon for weight loss.This should be done in small sips.In the morning - fasting during the day - 30 minutes before meals.Then you need to rinse your mouth, to prevent damage to the enamel acid.

first six days, you can eat all the foods permitted.It is recommended to lean on vegetables in any form.Seventh day - discharge.Throughout the day you need to drink 2 liters of water with lemon and honey.

Such a diet helps lose weight about 5 kilos.

Contraindications to the use of diets with lemon

to any diet there are contraindications.In order not to harm your body, you need to carefully study them.

forbidden to use citric diet for people with high acidity.

When gastritis, ulcers, diabetes can not sit on the lemon and water to their juice.

Suffering reduced pressure are advised to observe strict diet described under medical supervision.

And remember even one simple rule.To avoid deterioration of health, before any diet you should consult with a specialist.

In general, this diet is well tolerated, but every body - is unique.

Reviews of women who lost weight with the help of lemon juice

course, has a very popular lemon diet for weight loss.Reviews slimming, experienced the this method, mostly positive.Each woman was able to throw three to six kilograms in 2 weeks.The longer sit on such a diet is simply impossible.

Women recommended for best results in sports: running, rock press, squat, jump on the rope.

keep this diet diet of girls in most cases consisted of greens and lean meat and fish.Salads are dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, chili.

Alcohol (all except red wine) is completely excluded.

Any diet - a test of willpower.But with citric acid or juice of the same name, you can lose weight quickly, without excluding the majority of products from the diet.