Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named "Desire": a summary of the chapters

One of the most famous plays in the history of the theater was the work of Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named" Desire ".Summary it is known to many, but the inspiration of the great playwright of our time has been hidden from the public.Perhaps the answer to be found in the very life of the writer.

Birth genius

In 1911, the merchant, traveling salesman, a business of sale of footwear, the last name Williams, son.Cornelius, the child's father, happened, abused alcohol, but for sin is not felt, as had their own ideas about how to be a man.All friends called him "CC", the initials, the first letter of his two names (and Cornelius Coffin).Originally father of the future writer was from Tennessee.Son he called the southern style, richly - Thomas Williams Lanirom third.About who were the first two Thomas Lanira, history is silent.

Early Years

son not to fall short of expectations and hopes CC - he grew up the exact opposite of the image that he wanted to see.Had been ill with diphtheria and b

arely surviving, Tom was a weak and fragile boy, but not stalwart pugnacious as we would like her father.As for the mother, it also had shortcomings.Nervousness, hysteria, and a tendency to snobbery were traits, inhibits a child and could only regret it if they do not become the raw material for the creation of artistic images, which had to settle many of the play of the playwright, including "A Streetcar Named" Desire".Summary of each work is full of people suffering and at the same time mercilessly torments of their loved ones.So life is, unfortunately, often, though Williams created scenes in which these situations were presented as if in a concentrated form.

road to success

becoming young men, Thomas became interested in literature, and nothing - not a personal failure or monotonous work in the footwear industry, where he gave his father, nor many other unpleasant circumstances and trouble - could not affect thehis way of life.He wrote several plays, studying at universities (first in Missouri, then in Iowa), and was even seen - it has published a little-known story of the magazine.In 1939 there was an alias of Tennessee, in honor of the homeland of his father, who, in spite of the rudeness to his son still loved.This happened after the award of the thousand-Rockefeller grant (a lot of money then, almost a kilogram of gold) for the play "Battle of Angels".Success work, however, did not have.Then there was New Orleans - the future location of the play "A Streetcar Named" Desire ".Summary of the first theatrical script, which started talking seriously, namely "Glass Menagerie" (1945), fits into two words: a play-memory.Form a unique style of describing opposing characters, personified active rudeness and defenseless before her naive simplicity that Shakespeare, "has a reputation for stupidity."

Home spectacle

In 1947, Tennessee Williams created his most famous work - the play "A Streetcar Named" Desire ".Summary of chapters difficult to break: after watching a show or movie, as well as by reading the text, it is perceived monolithic.It should especially focus on the description of the situation, which, unlike most dramatic scenarios is not limited to the dry statement of what is left, right and behind, but has psychological.Yes, dull landscape, but also the beauty of some kind in it, albeit peculiar, evident even in the spoiled and "propaschesti."Black musicians play the blues - this is clear from the phrase "blue (sad) the piano."

Stanley appears, it looks like a brutal cave dwellers, and even his first act is to throw a piece of meat to his wife, wrapped in bloody paper.Like the hunter and the prey brought joy laughing his luck.These symbols permeated the whole play "A Streetcar Named" Desire ".Summary of the first paintings introduces the viewer to the course of events taking place on the stage.

people and nature

In contrast to the situation the characters are listed almost without comment.The director, or the reader is given the right to decide how the characters look, and possibly choose for them the appearance of someone from their friends.The manner of behavior is clear that Stanley Kowalski is tough, strong and energetic.Stella like it such as it is, consequently, its present "prim young lady" is difficult.This woman - a common inhabitant of the slum quarter of the southern city, and who is able to stand up for themselves in a street quarrel, and plenty of fun, and to grieve, so if there were circumstances that it is compulsory.And here comes Blanche DuBois - woman, without which it is impossible to describe any complete or summary.Tram "Desire" brings it to his sister.Yes, this vehicle is not numbers, it marked the route that the poetic word.Stella - her younger sister, the difference - five years.From their conversation it is clear that Blanche problems with alcohol, but she tries to hide it.One feels that Sister understands everything, but is ready to take ... at least not yet.She is pregnant.Actually, apart from the above actors, there is Mitch about it later.The other characters (doctor, Negro, a young agent of some publications, the matron, etc.) appear on the scene a short time, and focus attention on them is not worth it, and on the summary."Tram" Desire "- play the four main characters, of which the central figure is Blanche.

main conflict

There is a basic law of the drama, according to which there is no story without conflict.He usually has the character of a pronounced confrontation between good and evil, and just as in the circuit current flows from one pole to another, and things are moving in the continuous struggle of black and white, or vice versa.Somewhat more complicated picture is seen, which the Tennessee Williams wrote "A Streetcar Named" Desire ".Summary of the plot of the play is almost impossible due to the long and controversial monologues.The play does not fit the format of the modern scenario literature.The sympathies of the audience sometimes vary from Blanche to Kowalski, depending on the moment.It is clear that the main character is hiding something, but only if his weakness for whiskey?But it is obvious that the main conflict is between them unfold.

Secondary circumstances

first clash of characters seen in the second picture when Stanley begins to count the cost of clothes and Blanche reminds about the Napoleonic Code, according to which all the property of the wife belongs to the husband.On this basis, he believes that half of the joint inheritance sisters - his own, and blames his relative in extravagance.Then, in the storyline appears Mitch - a simple plumber, and he likes the new friend, who had come from afar wife's sister friend.He is a simple man, and does not hide his intentions, but they are the most serious.Such an outcome would be perfectly acceptable to everyone, but not Stanley, covered with rabies.He feels enmity toward Blanche, mixed with desire, and in the end, this strange bunch of emotions is part of the phase of decoupling disgusting.


So what Williams wrote "A Streetcar Named" Desire "?Summary of the last paintings leads into depression.Stanley had opened his eyes to the past naive Mitch Blanche perpetrate violence on her, and now even the most slow-witted audience is clear that the main character is crazy.She truly believes that she has some sort of fan who is about to come to her.He's a millionaire, living in Miami (or Dallas), his name is Shep Huntley, and he loves her since college.This abundance of details can not cheat - on the contrary, it is all the more convinced that the heroine of the mentally ill, the more they become.A sister, meanwhile, collects her suitcase.

Finally, her car is coming.It comes from the doctor and the matron, and the nature of the medical institution from which they came, no doubt.Blanche clings to the doctor, saying that has always depended on the kindness of people encountered by chance.

sadness and regret about human cruelty, callousness and indifference overwhelms the heart ...