"The Bride", AP

in 1903, was written by Chekhov's story "The Bride."Summary, which is given below, show how an ordinary country girl changes the attitude to reality and take a very serious decision of his life.

Chapter 1

Nadia dreamed seven years of marriage, has twenty-three.Finally, she became the bride of the young and handsome son of his father Andrew.Groom she liked, but the closer was the day of the wedding, the less experienced the joy, as noted by Chekhov, the bride.

Summary evening, which begins with a description of the story is this.The main character lived with her mother and grandmother, who owned the house.Ten days have stayed with them a distant relative from Moscow, Sasha.He came every year, and each time convinced Nadia that her life is meaningless.And now he drew attention to the fact that the servants sleeping on rags on the floor, and no one in the house until this is not the case.

Next, a dinner with guests, among whom were Andrei with his father.Empty talk at the table.Game of the groom,

whom the city was named artist, violin.Once he studied philology, but now nothing useful not involved, only occasionally played at charity concerts.The guests left after twelve, and Nadia went up to her.Thus ended this evening Chekhov.

¬ęBride": a summary of chapter 2

girl woke up when dawn broke.For several nights she could not sleep.All I am thinking about the upcoming wedding and her fiancé.She liked him, but for some reason, fear of the future is becoming stronger.Taking a walk in the garden, she met his mother and tried to talk to her about her worries.But Nina, who was in the house-in-law on the hanger position, did not know her daughter."The girl wanted to hide from everyone," - says Anton Chekhov.Bride - a summary of the story you are reading about it - went to her, again alone in thinking the coming future.

Afternoon Nadya and Sasha were alone, and he again started a familiar conversation.That girl definitely need to learn.What it will destroy itself in this city.What do live like this, it is immoral.And Nadia seemed all she had heard somewhere.

night she woke again.She suddenly realized how unhappy her mother, never fond of her husband, and is now fully depended on her grandmother.She remembered the strange and Sasha.The idea that she really needed to learn, no longer seemed so unnatural.

Chapter 3

The house is ready for the wedding.We rush to the dowry, which some fur was six.Once Nadia went with Andrei Andreyevich watching their house.This day is described on Chekhov.Summary - Bride always felt uncomfortable - this next episode.

Andrei drove the girl's room, and she now hated it all.Especially not like her picture with a naked lady who praised the groom.And he said, noting how unpleasant it to see people in the service.But at the same time he admitted that the color is not idleness, and so wanted to like after the wedding, they will acquire a piece of land in the village, and will work on it.

Nadia returned home dissatisfied.Moreover, it was an unpleasant thought that the guests come back in the evening.And she would smile, listening to absurd speech and violin.Thus completes the description of that day Anton Chekhov.

"Bride": a summary of the chapters of 4-5

night it began to rain with the wind, and Nina, agitated knocks on the street, entered the room of his daughter.Nadia suddenly burst into tears and began to talk, he wanted to leave.What she does not like Andrei Andreyevich.What does not want her life would be a petty and humiliating as her mother and grandmother.

the morning, she announced the decision Sasha continues to Chekhov.Summary (bride, in her presentation of the now former, was set up very seriously) their conversation comes down to the fact that Sasha promised to put things in your suitcase to Nadi.He buys a ticket to St. Petersburg.The girl had to go to see him off, and after the third call to sit in the car.

All went as planned.The street was rain, and went to the station only to Nadia.Already in the wagon, she realized that certainly leave.And when the village to train the whole past life as if turned into a ball.Ahead unfolded something vast and wide.

Chapter 6

has come May.Nadia - now she was in St. Petersburg - and has passed the examinations home.On the way we stopped in Moscow for Sasha.She thanked him for what he helped her change lives.However, I could not help but admit that now, a few months after the last meeting, Sasha had seemed old-fashioned.

House Woman waiting.Both mother and grandmother long ago forgiven her.They felt that the past is nothing left.On the street go afraid, guests are virtually absent.In the privacy of a month passed.Nadia, walk over the garden, it seemed as if everyone in the city has grown old, outlived, and waited for something new.And she believed that these changes are just around the corner - wrote Chekhov.

Summary - "The Bride" tells the story of human life choices - concludes the message of the death of Sasha.Nadia learned the sad news, she realized how much she was lonely in his hometown.She last went around the house to say goodbye to all that is stored on the traces of the past.Ahead of her was waiting for a new, mysterious life that beckoned and attracted to him.Nadia had put things, and the next day left the city.Now, she thought, forever.

Conclusion In this work, written in a difficult time for Russia, the author touches very worried his problem a new view on the world.To convince his contemporaries, from the story emanated something optimistic and fresh.Although we should not forget that the heroine has come to a new life, cause suffering to relatives: his mother had aged considerably in the months of her absence, the grandmother lying for a long time.It raises questions and the final story.What happened to Nadia, who believed that he could not come back to this city?Above that it makes the reader think Anton Chekhov.

Summary ("Bride" - is no exception) any work conveys the main points of the plot, with no emphasis on the details.Meanwhile, an important part of all the works of the writer.Therefore, to try to understand the intent of the writer, you must still read the full story.