"Against the current".

Unfortunately, of the three great Tolstoy, Alexei Konstantinovich just do not learn in school and little studied in universities.He was a man of great intelligence and great faith.He had weak products.He wrote only about what he knew.


writer Born August 24, or fifth of September, new style, in 1817.In Petersburg.His father was Count Konstantin Petrovich Tolstoy, mother, beautiful, Anna A..His parents' marriage was short-lived when the boy was not yet a month old, they divorced.Anna A. went to his brother in the village of Red Horn.It was there and spent the first eight years of his life, Tolstoy.Instead, his father brought his uncle - Alexei Perovsky, writer, published under the pseudonym Anthony Pogorelsky.So some writers Tolstoy genes were.

beginning of his career Alexei Konstantinovich

write poetry Earl began at the age of six years, but they were not published for a long time, he regarded them as absurd.The first publication of poetry was held in 1854.They are printed in the "Co

ntemporary" - the magazine Nekrasov.The literary debut is held in 1841.Under the pseudonym it was published novel "The Vampire".Already on this work, it was clear that the author has chosen its way and was not going to follow the generally accepted canon blind.In 1867 he released his first and last collection of poems in his lifetime.

Disclaimer former life

Alexey was the Count of origin, and it obliged him to meet the family title.Of course, his fondness for literature was not approved.Therefore, his literary activity was perceived as a kind of rebellion, though a rebel he was not at all."Against the Current," Tolstoy wrote as a response to their friends and relatives, those who wanted to see it only as a diplomat.Occupation writer was considered bad form, although the fashion for art in the 19th century as the time was in full bloom.

«Against the Current," Tolstoy wrote, when his name in the literary field already had some weight.That was in 1867.He has long struggled with himself and tried to combine the service and writing, but realized that it was not possible, and chose the one that was closest to his heart.In the 50 years he completely gave literature.Alexey from the capital went to live in the outback, to his estate, and to be creative.On all sides condemned him.It gives rise to a lot of gossip.Alexei Tolstoy was against the current total, and it's always outraged society.At any time, as in the 19th century, especially.

brief analysis of Tolstoy's poem "Against the Stream»

In this work, a poet and playwright gives the answer, why he chose a creative way and not illustrious career.Moreover, he also calls people like myself, to defend their interests, and not to listen to the opinion of "high society."

author says that ruthless modern society does not need creative people - dreamers.It is too pragmatic."Where you stand, ozhivshemu tribe against the tide?" - As if Tolstoy speaks for condemning and cold most.But then he denies it, saying that an unknown force attracts them to him.Under force, probably meant inspiration.After all, this is it - the inspiration - it helps to see the world more beautiful than all the rest."Believe wonderful star inspiration" - calls the poem "Against the Current" Tolstoy.Analysis of this product also reveals the author's conviction in his choice, he is right, he gives examples of winning creativity and believes that the top will take the art and inspiration.And only creative work achieved immortality.

Alexey fought for "pure art."In his poem "Against the Current" Tolstoy sincerely and convincingly angry at the injustice to creative people.Author's position is clear and distinct.He made his choice and would like to support in the same choice of others.

the writer has developed a hostile attitude not only by society but also by literary criticism.He felt cornered.And called on his followers.

In the poem reveals the inner world of Alexei Konstantinovich how vospevatelya beauty.He considers himself first and foremost a creator.And it celebrates literature as creativity, is the main theme of the poem.The idea of ​​it is that you need to follow his vocation and talent in spite of all.

size, who wrote a poem - dactyl.Liberally used epithets and metaphors and personification - "the world sobered."

Tolstoy idealizes the task of art to him they are from God.Creativity - is sacred: "Let us leave our solemn holy!»