Characteristics of Dunya "Station Master".

Pushkin, primarily known for his poetic works, but his prose is also good.Take, for example, the story "The Stationmaster."This work is known to all since high school, but few people think about how it is mysterious.Why Samson Vyrin daughter, Dunya, and found neither the time nor the opportunity to meet with his father after his mysterious disappearance?This question will be the main topic of this article.Let's look at some of the characteristics of Dunya "Stationmaster" it is the most suitable.


There will not be a detailed account of the plot, because the problem we have several others.Nevertheless, it is worth recalling its major milestones.

Author narrative (a story is on behalf of IP Belkin) enters the cabin to the stationmaster in May 1816.There he meets the daughter of the owner - a wonderful creation: blonde with blue eyes, a quiet, modest.In a word - a miracle, not a girl.She is only 14 years old, and she already attracts the attention of men.

Samson Vyrin daughter is very proud,

and not only its beauty, but also the fact that it all goes well.The house is cleaned perfectly, always clean and tidy, and the caretaker of a cheerful, fresh and pleasant to look at.

other words, in the first meeting with the author's description of Dunya Vyrin of "Stationmaster" the most that neither is a positive.We move on.

history caretaker

second visit to the said hut has been so encouraging.The author returned there after 4 years and found it deserted, and the superintendent was to put it mildly, not in the form of: old, shaggy, asleep, hiding an old sheepskin coat, and the overall situation in the house was a match to the superintendent.

IP Belkin has not been able to talk S. Vyrin, but then they decided to have a drink, and the conversation went.The superintendent told the story of the disappearance of her daughter from the father's house.On their search for the superintendent and he told the IP Belkin.After some time, the inspector found his daughter, but the good of this was not enough.

Eventually the story of his daughter has finished, he took to drink and died.And when she decided to visit her father did, she left only to lament over his grave.This is the story of the story.

course, characteristic of Dunya "Stationmaster" is another, rather than in the first meeting with the author Vyrin.Why

meeting Dunya and her father did not take place during the life of the latter?

you can only fantasize.For example, it is clear that the girl's father could be completely devoid of ambition, and it suited the role of a petty official: the life in the cabin and other amenities of a low social status and income.But his daughter, it could depress.She certainly did not want to disappoint his father, so silent about their feelings, and these thoughts were not accepted then.XIX century is very different from the XXI.In any case, the whole truth, we do not know.However, we know that one day in the hut there is a young hussar Minsk and takes Dunya to his home.She resists the only species.The reader understands that she wanted to be kidnapped.

Already it is possible to answer the question, what characteristic of Dunya "Stationmaster" suits her most.Let's describe it in detail.Dunya - a girl who learned early on that has a definite impact on men and unconsciously decided that its natural quality to take full advantage.It is, without a doubt, loves his father, but the thought that she would live with him in the hut all his life was unbearable for her.It is not known, bore Dunya escape plan or not, but when turned up a good case - it all came together by itself.This is characteristic of Dunya "Stationmaster" plan, declared at the outset.

Yet the question why the daughter did not find the strength to see his father remains.Rather, it was a shame that it is cowardly ran away from him.She actually killed his father, depriving the meaning of existence.Without Dunya and the superintendent, and his hut derelict.The girl was not able to take responsibility for his action - the flight home.With this we conclude our discussion of the image of the heroine novel, written by Alexander Pushkin - "Postmaster".Feature Dunya and possible motives of her behavior were described in the article.We hope that our brief overview interested in you, and you will read this story in one breath.