The meaning of the name "Heart of a Dog" by Bulgakov

remarkable work recognized rogue Soviet Writers' workshop - Mikhail Bulgakov - has the topical importance that the discussion on its subject still continues to this day.Let's try to analyze and understand the meaning of the name "Heart of a Dog."


Immediately after writing the novel in 1925, it showered the accusations from critics.Authorities and writers, like the one made to the publication, which is bound to reflect on the social status of the writer.The manuscripts were confiscated, and the public did not even know of the existence of this magnificent work, and only relatively recently, in the 60 years of the twentieth century, she found not only the reader, and, subsequently, the viewer, who was able to appreciate the talents as a writerand directors incorruptible manuscript.And if the first book was distributed only in samizdat, in 1968, she finally saw the light, and abroad, which is also very significant.The first official edition of the vast story of our country saw quite recent

ly - in 1987.

attack on the product, as, indeed, and its author began due to the presence of an agent of the OGPU at the first reading of the work.Search, seizure of manuscripts, all black pages total censorship that took place in the emerging state of workers and peasants.But back to the main message of the article.Before we consider the meaning of the title story, "A Dog's Heart", it should be a little deeper into the main factual material.

little about the plot

Professor Preobrazhensky, by the way, inimitably executed in the film adaptation of a wonderful actor Evgeni Evstigneev, puts a fantastic experiment to transplant the pituitary gland and seminal person in the body of the dog.

Notwithstanding that organs were taken from the victim in the fight drunks.Successful change ends for the most striking results of the professor.The dog named Sharik suddenly starts to turn into a man.And Professor Frankenstein is not only a pretty reasonable human being, but also very abhorrent, shameless and impudent "comrades" who are trying to survive him out of his apartment.The situation though is fantastic, but quite clearly alludes to the seizure of power in the Soviet Union people from the lower classes, the proletariat, a few years ago is nothing in itself is not, but it creeps on the world political arena with a club at the ready.

basic sense

So, the meaning of the name of Bulgakov's novel "Heart of a Dog", apparently, can be opened in two ways.On the one hand, the dog's body, and with it the heart, it was provided with some human organs, which caused unimaginable consequences, almost led to the crash of the creator.It turns out a hint of what a dog's heart in the human body - it's not only dangerous, but also can lead to self-destruction of a society consisting of such nedolyudey.

On the other hand, the meaning of the name "Heart of a Dog" is deeply metaphorical.Recalling the men without heart, a rather large number of surrounding modern man.For them to cheat or betray a close not only presents no difficulties, and moreover, is often a sense of their lives.

«new» people

Speaking of metaphorical story may be even deeper to uncover the meaning of the name of the product "Heart of a Dog.""New Humanity", created by the Great October Revolution, marked a terrible heartless person's representative.It really is something created, in the analogy of Frankenstein, a monster from the tube, but it's a whole class.The proletariat, frantically released into the arena of power, uncultured, nibble sunflower seeds, after mentioning the word home mom.He suddenly began to rule the country with huge historical and cultural heritage that he not only had forgotten, but damn, seeks to suppress in himself and his surroundings.

This metaphor, this crazy prediction made by Bulgakov back in 1925, when the country had just got up from his knees, barely moving the Civil War, sounded terrible pamphlet.That's why the censorship immediately trampled remarkable for their strength and prediction of work, feeling the edge of consciousness, that it is about her, about the rabid class plebeians suddenly take over the huge and powerful country.

Forecast justified

And how right he was!The meaning of the name "Heart of a Dog" by Bulgakov not only penetrated into the essence of the situation in the Soviet Union, he predicted a terrible catastrophe that broke out over the country, throwing it culturally to many centuries ago.It has long been no secret how much of the intellectual elite after some years of rot Stalin and his clique in the camps and sharashkas.

That dog heart of the whole class, the ruling class party apparatus, caused the disastrous consequences for the whole country, for its intellectual resources.Do not allow it to become a cultural resource for the whole of the modern world, and allowed to become an agent provocateur of the Iron Curtain, the nuclear arms race and other meaningless from the point of view of rationality, humanity mad merrymaking.

All of this continues to give us insight into the meaning of the name "Heart of a Dog."The "new" humanity, formed the ideas of collectivism, last devastating wave of cultural values ​​created by the Soviet Union, as a failed perversion reasonable ideas about a society where the rule of justice.And, unfortunately, the generation Sharikovs still continues to exist, and the idea of ​​an ideal society remained idea, forcing us to continue to dream of the impossible.


Thus, the meaning of the name "Heart of a Dog" is based on the surface.A person with such a body should not have the right to exist on this planet.Bulgakov dreamed of such a society.

He saw what actually turns into a society where "everyone is equal", "From each according to his ability" and the rest of the set of slogans that have no real confirmation.The Company, formed by the October Revolution, from the very beginning it was insolvent.His goal was to expose this inconsistency and he coped brilliantly with this task.