Statements about the war Russian writers.

«War - one of the greatest abominations," as Soviet writer Vladimir Mayakovsky.He was not the only one who spoke about this terrible phenomenon of human existence extremely negative.

statements about the war of Russian writers in the vast majority are like that.About these quotes, we will talk briefly in the present article.


most famous for his anti-militarist views of Leo Tolstoy.His quote about war, sayings and phrases about the war are known worldwide, and choose the most important of them is not so simple.Perhaps the most important of them is the following: "People who recognize the ... war is not only inevitable, but also useful and desirable ... - these people are afraid of their moral perversion."

Indeed, the great Russian writer has repeatedly passes extremely tough for this merciless in his madness activity of the human race.This is not surprising, champion of the world of education and society, the great moralist could not be considered differently.Just for that he should p

ay tribute.


statements about the war Russian writers should continue to quote the famous Maxim Gorky: "I know that the war - a real atrocity and that the people of any innocent to each other, destroy each other."Naturally, a man of the past war, who knows about it firsthand, have a softer stance.But here we see a sharp rejection of the misanthropic class, which claimed only in the twentieth century, the lives of many millions of people.And although he was not able to see the most terrible trials of war, one that was unleashed by Hitler, he nevertheless made a great contribution to the spread of the world.

Some bellicose statements

Yet across statements about the war Russian writers rather militaristic character.For example, a quote from Sergei Yesenin: "I could not say the words of the mouth, let the bullets guns will tell."If Mars, the one that the Roman god of war, wrote these hostile line hand the famous romantic poet.

there are statements about the war Russian writers directly connected with the case polkovodstva.This includes, for example, Alexander Suvorov.He became one of the most famous theorists of war of all time.His remarks largely justifies maintaining this inhuman torture of people with whom he was associated.As an example of a militant commander mentality can lead his famous phrase: "Beat the enemy, sparing him ...."However, he has come across some anti-militarist sentiment.As in the following quote: "Without virtue there is no glory and honor."There are many other statements remaining after the famous military leader.


Aphorisms, quotes and sayings of Russian writers can be listed for a long time, even when it comes to such phenomenon as war.It is important to understand the basic meaning, which bear most of the writing about it dangerous.And it is very simple.If mankind does not stop swinging the club, which is now the power is measured in megatons of TNT, then very soon on this planet simply no room left to continue living, raise a family, to gather the wheat to build houses.Apparently, so many Russian writers are so many and so passionately write about the danger of war, that every conflict can be resolved through negotiations.Let's hope that the new generation of people hear the words of Tolstoy, Gorky and others and think seriously before starting the carnage called "war."