"Alpine Ballad" Vasil Bykov

Vasil Bykov - famous Belarusian and Soviet writer.As a direct participant in the Great Patriotic War, he described in his writings vividly the hardships of the time.

Among many of his stories about the war, you can highlight a few really fascinating.One of them - "Alpine Ballad".


Story was released in 1964.According to the memoirs of Bykov, during the war, or more precisely in 1945, when their regiment took some hick town in the Alps, in the rear of the German army, through the convoy was a slim girl.Stopping at each machine, she asked whether there is Ivan.As Ivanov was quite a lot, but they did not cause her positive response, Vasil decided to ask, what kind of person she is looking for.

girl was an Italian by the name of Julia, a year ago she escaped from a German camp and get lost in the mountains.The fate of her companions tossed a Russian soldier named Ivan, with whom they were trying to get to the Allied forces.He also escaped from one of the nearby German camps.Despite the h

unger and the lack of warm clothing, they crossed the mountain range, but one foggy morning ran into a German raid, and again threw her to the camp, and about the fate of it since it is not known ...

Thatmoment, this Alpine ballad else, of course, is not formed into something meaningful literary, but 18 years later Vasil remembered an amazing story and decided to write an incredibly poignant, beautiful and tragic love story, which is so called "Alpine Ballad".


history, heard Bykov, led to the creation of a very touching story, the story is almost identical to the narrated Julia.An element of fiction, in the absence of the real factual, became a tragic end product.That, obviously, was very advantageous technique, given the context of what is happening.Almost every episode of the war one way or another can be called a tragedy.

Thus, the "Alpine Ballad" Bykov begins with thoughts of the protagonist of the impossibility of the continuation of life on account of captivity, because if Soviet man was captured, this is tantamount to treason.Further, there is an explosion in the camp.The same incident catches by surprise Woman, Italian, which, taking advantage of the moment, runs the camp in the mountains.

Destiny unites them in the mountains.The main character in this development is extremely unpleasant, it reduces his chances of survival are already in difficult conditions.However, it is this rotation allows the author to enter into the plot line of love, which is so beautiful looks on the background of the tragedy developing in the course of the narrative.The emergence of high and pure feelings in such inhuman, bestial conditions - it's incredibly dramatic moment, giving the product a huge force of impact on the reader.

final story "Alpine Ballad" is beautiful and fought on the spot.First, the main character sacrifices himself for the sake of love and salvation road for a man, and then the reader covers heartbreaking epilogue to the letter of the heroine in her native village of the protagonist.

meaning of the name

Ballad - a lyrical work, usually in verse dedicated to any historical or legendary theme.It is characterized by the tragedy, dramatic dialogue, the mystery.Why is it called his novel Vasil Bykov?"Alpine Ballad" is a clear example of the historical narrative.Here you can find and tragedy, and dramatic moments.So the validity of the name is quite obvious.

On the other hand, the ballad - is the romantic genre, apparently, so the pages of the work we are seeing such a feeling that the completeness of their description would be the envy of Shakespeare himself.After all, that love conquers all: cold and hunger, and suffering, and war, and even death.


According to the book was withdrawn wonderful film."Alpine Ballad" Bykov found a lively response from the director Boris Stepanov, who was able to accurately convey the atmosphere created by the writer.A screen adaptation was followed almost immediately after the publication of the novel.And right in its statement it tried to buy out the Italians, but the Soviet leadership cinematic strongly denied.As a result, we have a very beautiful ribbon, shot on "Belarusfilm."


«Alpine Ballad", a summary of which we have considered, is an incredibly insightful work about human feelings, which fears neither war nor bestial behavior derailed because of her crazy people.

It is pure narrative about ordinary Soviet guy from the provinces, who all his life had been a private citizen, but in severe conditions, reforged, becoming stronger, it shows how man has to do with a capital letter.