Chingiz Aitmatov's novel "scaffold": a summary of the chapters

In this article we consider the novel Chingiz Aitmatov "scaffold."Summary of the written works in 1986 is presented below.

First of all, we describe a brief biography of the author.Chingiz Aitmatov was born in 1928 on 12 December, in the Kyrgyz village of Seker.He graduated with honors from Dzhambul zootehnikum and then - Kyrgyz Agricultural Institute, then worked as a veterinarian.In print, this author has appeared in 1952.He wrote many famous works, many of which were filmed movies.Participation in the creation of their own have repeatedly took Aitmatov, acting as a co-author or screenwriter.This writer died in 2008.

Among his other works are the novel "Jamila", "Camel's Eye", "The White Ship," "The First Teacher", "Mother's Field", as well as the collection, published in 1963 ("The Tale of the mountains and steppes'), for which he received the Lenin Prize, and others.

The first part: the death of offspring Tashchaynara Akbar

Of the six chapters is the first part of the work that has create

d Aitmatov CH.T.("Scaffold").Summary of the heads of the events taking place in it, next.

In Moyunkumskom Reserve action begins we are interested in the novel.There lived a couple of wolves - Tashchaynar and Akbar.They were born in the summer of cubs.Once the snow fell, the couple went on a hunt to find that on the reserve a lot of people.These hunters arrived to carry out the plan of putting meat.These people shot saiga.People living in the reserve and wolves were killed during the hunt.Only Tashchaynaru Akbar managed to survive, but they were dead cubs.

Obadiah Kallistratov

Aitmatov Chingiz Aitmatov ("scaffold") introduces a new character in the story - Obadiah Kallistratova.He first appears in the next episode.

arrived in reserve hunters piled in ATV saiga carcasses.There is also a related and Kallistratov Obadiah, Freelance Komsomol regional newspaper, at one time expelled from the seminary.This person had their own ideas about what life might be called "righteous."He openly fought by all means those who, he believed, did not live as they should.

Task given Obadiah the newspaper

goes on to describe a work of Chingiz Aitmatov "scaffold."Summary reports only the main events of the novel.

Once Obadiah was given the task by the newspaper to find out about the way in which in central Russia get drugs.Kallistratov order to fulfill this mission by joining one of the companies "messengers of marijuana," followed in Central Asia.He understood even at the station, that among these people has its own special rules.For example, they are together almost not communicated to anyone could not give in case of capture.Kallistratov also realized on the way that there are people all the steering.It was he who developed the plan.His "messengers" called "Sam".Kallistratov for a meeting with that person decides to go to the end.It collects cannabis along with other messengers, she fills her backpack, then comes back.Landmark meeting takes place on the way to the field - Obadiah acquainted with brown-eyed blonde girl who managed to leave the hero in the heart of a deep impression.

Kallistratov, finally got to the railroad, at the freight train notices Grishaev and realizes that he is "himself", a mysterious man with whom to meet Obadiah did so the hard way.

second part: a meeting with the "most"

proceed to the second part of the work, which was written Chingiz Aitmatov ("scaffold").Summary of the novel is divided into three parts.Note that, in turn, each of the parts has several chapters.The first and third consist of six, and the second - five chapters.

"himself" immediately realized that Kallistratov not just a "messenger" that he is a man with principles that are directly opposite to his own convictions.Grishan wanted to Kallistratov gave him booty and left, but he decided to stay with them."Messenger" was able to jump on the wagon of a freight train passing.There Grishan they are allowed to smoke a cigarette on to the grass."Himself" is made on purpose to annoy Kallistratova.Grishan smoked as Obadiah.Kallistratov understood that at the moment can not do anything.However, his nerves did not stand.When he started to molest one of "messengers", demanding to join the rest of the smokers, Kallistratov snatched from his fingers and threw the bull into the open door of the car.Then he began to pour out of the grass, and a backpack, urging others to do the same.Obadiah as a result thrown out of the car, severely beaten.We will not describe in detail the episode, because it represents the product of "scaffold" Aitmatov in summary form.

scene that dreamed Kallistratova

sure to say a few words about the vision of Obadiah.Kallistratov hero works of Chingiz Aitmatov "scaffold", a summary of which we are interested in, fell into a ditch, located at the railroad tracks.He suddenly catch a glimpse of the scene call of Jesus Christ to Pontius Pilate.Then, when Kallistratov came to himself, he presented a sudden, he lives in two worlds.One of them - this world, and the second - the one in which he tries to save his Master, Jesus.

Episode police

Obadiah spent the night under a bridge.In the morning, he noticed that his money and passport soaked.Obadiah was able to get a ride to the station.But he was such a dirty look that he was immediately arrested on arrival and then taken to the police station.There he saw the "messengers", which was driving.Among them were not only Grishaev.After hearing about what it wants to let go, Kallistratov demanded to be put to these "messengers."He suddenly decided that he could convince them to return to the "correct" life.Having Kallistratova a madman, a policeman took him to the station and told Obadiah that he had better leave.However, there Kallistratova became ill.He was taken to a local hospital by ambulance.The hospital Kallistratov met again with the girl, so impressed him.About Avdii Inga learned from the doctor and came to visit him.

Inga Obadiah tells about what happened in her family

Kallistratov, returning to the place where he worked (in the city Priozersk), suddenly discovers that one is no longer interested in material collected by him.The incident, he said Inge.She, in turn, tells him about his problem.The fact that she divorced her husband.Inga's son now lives with her parents, and she wants to take him to her.Obadiah and Inga agree that the fall he will come to the girl and she will acquaint him with his son.

Obadiah goes to Inge

However, when autumn comes, come to Inge Obadiah is a girl instead of a letter.In it she said that forced into hiding so as not to give her husband a son.

Crucifixion on saxaul

Returning to the station, Kallistratov meets a man who directs the operation of the extermination of saigas in the reserve.He decides to join up for this purpose detachment, but can not watch as the animals are killed, and it needs to stop the destruction.As a result, Obadiah bind, and then beaten and crucified on saxaul.In order to leave a Kallistratova detachment pulls aside.Here, in the saxaul, and his notice Tashchaynar and Akbar, seeking their cubs.When the hunters returned at dawn for Kallistratova, he was already dead.

new mountain a couple of wolves

Tashchaynar and Akbar left the savannah.They decided to find another place.The couple newly born cubs, however, when the construction of the road, the workers set fire to the reeds, in which animals arranged den, the cubs again and died.Again, a couple left, found a new place, and acquired a new offspring.

third part: Bazarbai finds cubs

Already in the next, third, part of the events unfolding further work that created Chingiz Aitmatov ("scaffold").Summary of parts to you in order to be able to understand where about text you can read more about this or that event.

Noygutov Bazarbai back past the pit to his home.He heard a child crying resembling strange sounds.Going to them, he noticed four cubs.Bazarbai, without thinking twice, put them in a bag, and rode away, knowing that behind him gave chase adult wolves.Tashchaynar and Akbar went in search of his offspring on the trail Bazarbai.They caught up with him and tried to make sure that he could not get to the people.However, the road was a house Boston Urkunchieva, collective Intermediate.It Bazarbai and hid from the wolves.Urkuncheva wife met him cordially.A Bazarbai showed her cubs and even gave them little boy play Boston.Then he left.

Wolves do not go

Nearing the end of a summary of the book "scaffold."Author (Chingiz Aitmatov - the creator of the work) are concerned the fate of wolves.He could not tell her readers.

and remained wolves near the house in Boston.Urkunchiev heard them howling every night.He even went to the Bazarbai and asked him to sell cubs to return to their parents.However, he refused flatly, as hated Boston.Wolves began to wander around the neighborhood.They attacked people.Rescued a lot of money, sold Bazarbai cubs.Tashchaynar Akbar and finally returned to the home of Boston.He decided to kill them, he did not see any other way out of the situation.However, he managed to shoot only Tashchaynara.Akbar decided to wait, and she waited.


-wolf managed to sneak up to the house in summer and grab the child who played in the streets of Boston.My father tried to shoot a wolf, but I was afraid to hurt the child.Nevertheless, he shot and missed.But running to the place where he lay wounded Akbar, he realized that she was still breathing, but his son is dead.Then Boston took his gun, went to Bazarbai and shot him, and then surrendered to the authorities.

This concludes the novel Chingiz Aitmatov "scaffold."Summary works will recall the events of the novel to those who read it and meet with him to those who may have yet to do so.Artwork by volume is quite large, but it is worth reading.Many people like the work of Chingiz Aitmatov ("scaffold").Brief biography of the author has been described earlier in this article.