Prisoner of the Caucasus.

Leo Tolstoy as a recognized classic, is studied in detail in the curriculum literature.

include written and they are now being taught separately is the product of several "Prisoner of the Caucasus."The plan will consider the story a little further.But first you must know the context of the emergence of this product.


As you know, the story was written specifically for his famous "ABC" on which Tolstoy has worked for many years.He wanted to give the children of the younger generation the most effective tools for the study of the native language, including using his talent as a writer, to awaken in them a thirst for knowledge.

Indeed, if we consider the Plan of quotations story "Prisoner of the Caucasus", you can see the maximum simplicity of the plot and very concise and accessible language.The emphasis on morality, for which the writer did not like the way his contemporaries, is used very efficiently.Children reading the story, find uncomplicated story about friendship, trust, compassi

on and mutual assistance.This approach made it possible to kill two birds did not even once.

As for the language, it's a different story.Tolstoy himself noted the novelty of the style he used when writing stories for the "ABC".And according to the testimony of contemporaries I am very proud of what came out in the series.Consider it a little and we more closely.


Again, according to contemporaries, the reason for the strings of the story "Prisoner of the Caucasus", the plan of which is straightforward and uncomplicated, it was an event that happened to the writer in his youth during his service in those places.They have other Chechens ran into hostile mountaineers, who completed the run-in with a much more harmless than then develops Tolstoy in his story.Whatever it was, the precedent was the writer as a reserve, and, like any reputable professional in this field resulted in a good story, and now that children learn to better master the Russian language.

plan story

the Internet is walking a good plan of quotations story "Prisoner of the Caucasus."However, we will look at it a little more, and your own words.He served as the protagonist in the Caucasus.One day he happened to be captured to the local Highlanders, against whom he had to fight on duty.Plaine shared with him a friend who failed him at the time and hassle of captivity.The first prison inmates turned out to be an ordinary barn, where they were sufficiently at ease, so attempt to escape was made fairly quickly.

escape they organized a rather clumsy, with the result that, once again due to the fault of the second captive, they were caught and were seated in the hole, to escape from which there was nothing to dream, if not a great will to freedom of the protagonist of the story, "Prisoner of the Caucasus".Plan of the second escape, he managed nevertheless to carry out, with the help of a daughter mountaineer who held captives in the pit.Second Prisoner at the time was in a deep apathy and did not run that, by and large, and save the hero.Since all the previous failures were caused by his apparent cowardice hapless fellow prisoner.


story "Prisoner of the Caucasus", the plan of which we briefly dismantled, filled with wonderful images, the data just in one or two strokes.Language of the product is really unusual.Also written strokes, smooth and soulful.It feels not only the master's hand, and a clear desire to show what a Russian in the skillful use.

This was noted by many critics immediately after the publication of the story.The stylistic simplicity, balanced style, clear language, a clear statement of the theme."Prisoner of the Caucasus" is an example of uncomplicated, which can give only a true professional and a master of his craft.A striking example of pure prose without a hint of ornateness and especially a psychological subtext.The fact is that Tolstoy was sure that children do not spend, they want only the truth.What he gave easily.


Whatever you say, a remarkable writer - Tolstoy."Prisoner of the Caucasus" - is not only a masterpiece of the famous Russian classic.You can talk for hours about the great heritage of this world famous moralist.However, here it is all in his unsullied purity and love for the Russian language to the Russian people.

many of his contemporaries, he did not like someone out of jealousy, someone from the self-serving reasons.However, for many years he remained a champion of truth in literature, a man always looking for the ideal.For this, probably got it to him and from critics.Whatever it was, the measure of the quality of the printed word is always the number of reprints.As for "Prisoner of the Caucasus", then this number is no longer considered.Therefore, as the younger generation and the younger writers must know how to create great to exalt Russian word even higher.