The poem " Frost, Red Nose " : summary .Nekrasov ( " Frost, Red Nose " ) is called the singer of the Russian people

In this article we look at a work created by Nikolai Nekrasov in 1863.We describe a poem of this great author, a brief summary.Nekrasov ("Frost, Red Nose"), we are discovering for the first time at school.But re-reading the works of the author can be infinite.

poem begins next event.Terrible grief in a peasant's hut: the breadwinner has died and the owner, Proclus Sevastyanych.His mother brings her son to the grave.Father goes to the cemetery to gouge into the frozen earth grave.Daria, widow of farmer sews late husband shroud.

Russian peasant

continues to describe the summary.Nekrasov ("Frost, Red Nose") have always attracted Russian peasant.In his works he admired their strength, endurance, courage.There are three serious share: wed a slave, a slave to obey until death, and to be a mother-son of a slave.All this befell the Russian peasant.However, despite the suffering, in the Russian villages there are women, which like the dirt does not stick.These beauties bloom splendidly world smoothly an

d patiently endure cold and hunger, while remaining in all the clothes are beautiful, and the work - nimble.They do not like idleness on weekdays, but during the holidays their face lights up with a bright smile and a hearty laugh so what money can not buy.A woman in Russia will go into a burning house, stop a galloping horse.It felt and strict-similarity and inner strength.Russian peasant woman is confident that her salvation lies in labor.So she does not regret walking around miserable beggar.She was fully rewarded for labor: a peasant family does not know the needs of the children are fed and well, hut always warm, the holiday has an extra piece.

woe that befell

Daria Daria, widow of the deceased Proclus, was just such a woman.But woe is now dried up it.No matter how she tries to hold back the tears, they fall to her hands sewing a shroud.Mother and father, relegating their grandchildren chilled, Grisha and Masha, neighbors, trick out of the deceased.Superfluous words are not spoken thus, no one displays tears.It seems that the harsh beauty of the deceased, in which heads - burning candle, crying does not allow.And only then, when it committed last rites begin wailing.

Betrayed savraska

Savraska driven by harsh winter morning his master on his last journey.Many served Proclus horse: in the winter, going with him to carting, and in the summer, during operations in the field.Proclus cold, engaged in carting.He was in a hurry to deliver the goods on time.Pets treated survivor from 9 spindles doused with water, were taken to the bath, they lowered into the hole, threaded through a sweaty collar 3 times, put it under the chicken roost, prayed before the miraculous icon.But Proclus is no longer stood.

Daria goes to the forest for firewood

As usual, the neighbors during the funeral cry, pity the family of the deceased, praising the deceased, and then go home.Daria came back from the funeral, wants to cuddle and feel sorry for the kids, but she has no time for affection.Peasant sees no firewood logs remained at home, and once again relegating to the neighbor children, sent on the same savraske the forest.

Tears Darya

you read a summary of the poem NANekrasov "Frost, Red Nose".It is not the text of the work.Z's poem written in verse.

On the way through the plain, shining on the snow, tears appear in the eyes of Daria - probably from the sun ... It was only when she enters the forest with his sepulchral peace of breast girl escapes devastating howl.Indifferently forest hears moans of the widow, forever hiding them in the inhospitable wilderness.Daria without wiping tears, accepted chopping wood and thinks about her husband, said to him, calling him.All this describes in detail the NA Nekrasov("Frost, Red Nose").Summary reports only the main event of the work.

Prophetic dream

She recalls a dream that had seen before Stasov day.Men clustered around its myriad.Suddenly she turned to rye ears.Daria appealed for help to her husband, but he did not come out.A peasant woman was left alone to reap the rye.She understands that this dream turned out to be prophetic, and asks for help from her husband in the back-breaking labor, awaited her.Daria is currently winter nights without Proclus, endless webs that she will weave to marry his son.At the same thoughts of the son of fear arises that Grisha give unlawfully recruits, as to intercede for him there will be nobody.


"Frost, Red Nose" Nekrasov in brief continues that Daria, folded wood wood-sledge, goes home.But then he took an ax and mechanically intermittently, quietly howling, coming to a pine tree, and under it stiffens.Then it steals bypassing their possessions Frost-governor.He waves over the ice mace Daria, calling her to his kingdom, said the warm and prigolubit widow ...

sparkling with frost covered Daria, her dream of a recent hot summer.She dreams that she is by the river, in the bands digging potatoes.With her beloved husband, children, a heart beats baby who will be born in the spring.Daria, shading from the sun, looking like the WHO goes further.It sat Grisha, Masha, Proclus ...

"Enchanted Dream" Daria

In the dream Daria hears wondrous songs from her face went last traces of flour.Her heart quenches the song in which "Dolne happiness."The sweet and deep oblivion comes to rest with the death of the widow.The soul of a peasant dies to passion and grief.On Woman drops snowball protein and Daria freezes in "an enchanted sleep."

This ends the summary.Nekrasov ("Frost, Red Nose") is called the singer of the Russian people.Many of the works of the author devoted his hard fraction.This also applies to interest us a poem.We begin to sympathize with the fate of the Russian peasant, even after reading the summary.Nekrasov ("Frost, Red Nose") is considered to be one of the greatest Russian poets.Art affects the strength of this work.You can verify this by becoming acquainted with the original poem.