Interesting facts from the life of the Bloc and his creativity.

Alexander Blok, the interesting facts of life which are given in the article - one of the most famous poets of the Silver Age.

all started so

Beketovyh The house where the poet spent his childhood poems loved and appreciated.They wrote in the family, who in jest, who seriously, almost everything.In this connection, you can bring the first interesting fact of the life and work of the Bloc.In recognition of the poet's pen test applies to about age five.Little Sasha wrote small poems, tales that neatly printed letters, copying into albums.In the past everything was as it should be: a table of contents, bright pictures.Almost all of the children's "Collection" devoted mother of a boy, as evidenced by the inscriptions made by him.

nine years, Sasha was the "releasing" the monthly magazine "ship" that fit in a normal notebook.Later, in the 94-97-ies, "was the editor of" home handwriting "Bulletin", the publication of which involved all relatives.Here, by the way, there were many young Blok prose works.

But seriously, Alexander began to refer to the work of only eighteen years.At that time in his "piggy bank" was about eight poems.

Interesting facts from the life of the Bloc: Gymnasium

From birth Beketovs protected the Sasha from everything bad that was happening around him.Therefore, admission to eleven years in Vvedensky Gymnasium, located on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, was his real horror.From relaxed friendly home environment to talk about art, he was in a place with the crowd shouting loudly cropped boys.Painful impression on careful and educated Sasha made and teachers.It is no accident the first day in high school, he said that he was struck by the most people.Subsequently, the school attendance for the boy turned to conscription, and the first shortstop appeared only in high school.This is the biography of the Bloc, the interesting facts of life that help to look at him as an ordinary man.

first love poet

All lovers of art Blok know about his wife, LD Mendeleev which was dedicated to the book "Poems about the Beautiful Lady".But not everyone knows that the first was the muse of the poet is not, and Tridtsatisemiletny KM Sadovskaya.

Their acquaintance took place in Bad Nauheim - the German town where a young man of seventeen came with his mother and aunt.Alexander during the month prior to departure K. Sadouskaya every morning to buy her roses and escorted everywhere.This novel continued in St. Petersburg and lasted up until August 98th Block is kindled passion for Lyubochka Mendeleev.Although in November the same year, in one of his poems will appear on the line "lover, a long-forgotten" their correspondence, mostly reduces to clarify the relationship will continue until the summer of 1901.Since August of this year, they are not seen or talked.And in 1909, the poet was back in Bad Nauheim, where, as a remembrance of the past passion was born a cycle of poems "Twelve years."Here are some interesting facts from the life of the Bloc related to his first love.

poem "Twelve┬╗

Revolution Block accepted with enthusiasm.And even when burned his favorite Shakhmatovo, all regrets and sympathy, he said that it should be.And he added: Therefore, do not have property.Full of hope for the future 8 January 18th, he sat down at the "Twelve.He worked all day, and then there was a long break.Finally, on January 27-28, the work was completed, and Blok wrote: "Today I - a genius."

you can bring interesting facts from the life of a portion related to the perception of the poem contemporaries. So, soldiers and workers, to whom the unit personally read a work imbued to tears and violently expressed his delight.Although yet to be noted that the later the commissioner, who led the theater department, advised the poet to do without public recitations - it is linked to the image of Christ.

However, almost all the intellectuals, including the poet loved the people took up arms against him and did not even shake hands at a meeting.A Z. Gippius, before the former with the Bloc on friendly terms, recorded his second name on the list of traitors and turncoats, who for her were "not lyudyami."Later, in May, she sent her new collection of the poet, imbued with hatred of the Bolsheviks, which has invested a piece of the poem "block.The child lost all ... ".The poet wrote her answer in a similar form on the last page booklets with "Skif" and "Twelve."When in 1921 the Bloc was advised to go abroad for treatment, one of the reasons for the refusal was that there he would be able to meet with Russian immigrants.

indicative and phrase thrown Kolchak when he learned of the correspondence with Gorky Bloc.And one and the other talented, but both have the hang of the meeting - this is its meaning.

last performance

In numerous articles, resulting in some interesting facts from the life of the Bloc, be sure to mention the evening, hosted in his honor by the House of Arts.It was April 25, 1921.In the Big Drama Theatre were about two thousand people.The evening opened Chukovski.In his speech, he called the greatest of his contemporaries Bloc than angered poet: "It is now on the scene?".

Alexander appeared before the public thinner, surly, dressed in black.And only at the very end, before the reading of the poem "The girl sang in the church choir ..." appeared with a white flower in his buttonhole.

whole evening his voice that could be heard perfectly in all corners of the room, sounded softly and clearly.Viewers feel the special significance of the evening, we went slowly.And against the backdrop of universal silence sounded prophetic phrase: "This is some kind of a wake."St. Petersburg and in fact saw no more extension block: from mid-April, his condition deteriorated from an unknown disease.

Concerts in Moscow

It was in early May.The poet felt bad, but a planned trip is still not canceled.Hard, with a stick, access to the scene.Reading through the power of poetry.Most alien in spirit, sometimes even hostile audience.In such circumstances, acted Alexander Blok - interesting facts from the life of famous people sometimes attributed to the fact that, perhaps for the hero story was unpleasant.So, during one of the performances of the Moscow poet heard in his address: "Yes ... it's a dead man verses!" They said A. Struve, who decided in such a way to reduce long-standing scores with the Bloc.Alexander did not argue, but rather calmly, "Yes, I'm a dead man."And about his trip remembered as a nightmare and a dream difficult.Ahead of him was two agonizing months, and the realization that he was dying.

That extraordinary man was Alexander Blok, the interesting facts of life which are given based on the book by VN Orlov "Humayun (the life of Alexander Blok)."