Poetry AAFet.

Afanasy Fet (or rather, Fёt) was born fifth of December 1820, he had a long life and died in 1892.This is an unusual and definitely the great Russian poet.

The characteristics of poetry Feta

Poems Fet have always associative.But this was a special associativity.The logical chain of passes he did, making for an unprepared reader it was not clear associative link.Poetry feta considered difficult, uncertain.All because he was trying to tell a soul, not a text, to transmit their images on a subconscious level.So I am talking about these feelings, which, in his opinion, did not need words.

Another characteristic feature - a musical.All the works are imbued with feta sounds.For this the feature, he has often been attacked parodist.In those years it was fashionable to do parodies of poems of the poet.And Fet suffered ridicule the most, but nevertheless itself did not change.

This dedicated the poem "I'll not say anything»

1885.The poet was terminally ill and realizes that his life would soon be ove

r.He thinks more about his life.And in this state, he wrote this poem.Dedicating it to Maria.But what?

Before you analyze the poem "I will not tell you anything," must understand the background and go back to the early years of the poet.Two

Mary.Tragedy and family life

during his military service Athanasius passionately fell in love with Mary Lizich.Their affair lasted two years.But the poor, and he and she.Fet understood that under such circumstances can not tie the knot with his beloved.His translation of serve in the other place, and they parted.Two days after the departure Athanasius learns that favorite died under rather strange circumstances, she was burned alive in his own room.

According to one version, Mary herself burned.According to another legend, Mary accidentally dropped a candle on the dress when rereading a letter from her lover.Dress caught fire, and she was not able to extinguish the fire.But before his death from the balcony shouted, to feta saved letters.

therefore long suffered loss and even blamed himself for the fact that the girl was killed.After he marry her if he were with her, this would not have happened.

In 1857 the poet married Mary Botkin.Many claimed that on his part it was only a marriage of convenience.But their family life was not miserable.Wife husband adored, cared for him.The poet admired the feelings and support his wife.But, of course, in his memory he was still living his first tragic love.

analysis of the poem "I will not tell you anything," AAFet

This poem is dedicated to two Mariam: and the dead lover and current wife.

In it, he at the same time a declaration of love Mary Lizich, and did not dare to tell Mary Botkin, nearly thirty years of their life together, he loved another.Poet as if trying to reassure her that everything is fine, but in fact it still haunts the old pain.

Analyzing the poem "I will not tell you anything," one can clearly see how the poet compares his memories with the scent of flowers, and they, this ephemeral love him, give him power, feeling that he is living a full life.And this mystery author wishes to carry with them.However, Maria has long been all know and sympathize so maybe that's why she takes care of him with a vengeance, and indulge all his whims, as long loved one at least occasionally smiling.

doing an analysis of the poem "I will not tell you anything," you can not forget about how so do not trust words.His phrase that he will not say anything, not only means that he hides his true feelings from his wife.It also says that he believes that the fullness of the senses, movement of the soul can not be the language of words to convey.This is the idea that runs through all of his lyrics."Silently I have been saying" -This oxymoron only confirmation that it is impossible to put into words all the feelings of the soul.

poem is built on the principle of the mirror - the beginning and the end consists of the same lines.When writing the author used trehstopny anapaest cross-rhyme.

analysis of the poem can end up as a poet and did not say anything directly.He did not finish.He had not even made it clear from what he was trembling - whether from joy memories from the night whether cold or something else.Only the main idea is clear - the pain is still alive and the feelings are not expressed in words.