Summary: "Duck Hunt" (Vampilov AV).

Consider Alexander Vampilov play, written in 1968, will describe her summary."Duck Hunt" - a work which takes place in one of the provincial cities.

Zilov Viktor wakes up from a phone call.He barely picks up the phone.However, there is only silence.Zilov slowly rises, then opens a window.Weather on the rainy street.Viktor drinking beer and starts physical exercises with a bottle in his hand.Once again, the phone rings again, and silence.So begins Vampilov play "Duck Hunt."Photos of the author is presented below.

conversation with the waiter Dima

Zilov decides to call itself.He dials the waiter Dima, with whom he arranged to go hunting, and very surprised when he asked him whether he would go.Victor Alexandrovich interested in the details of the scandal yesterday.His Dima perpetrate a cafe.Zilov very vaguely remembers details.It is especially concerned about who his last hit in the face.

Funeral wreath

soon as he finishes the call, there is a knock at the door.Part of a boy who is holding a l

arge funeral wreath.In the inscription, which means that this wreath from friends and meant Zilov burned down prematurely at work.Zilov a grim joke annoyed.He sits down on the couch and taken to represent in the imagination of how things might have happened if he had died in fact.Then the last days of his life pass before his eyes.

Remembering the housewarming

first memories.In Zilov favorite place in cafe "Forget-Me", he, along with Sayapin, his friend meets with Sash, Head of the work, in order to celebrate a major event - getting a new apartment.Suddenly comes Vera, his mistress.Zilov asks her not to publicize their relationship, all the seats at the table, and Dima brings barbecues and wine.Zilov Sash recalls that housewarming scheduled for the evening.He agrees, some flirting.Zilov forced to invite the Faith, which is keen to come.Chief, spends his wife recently to the south, he represents it as a classmate.His uninhibited behavior Faith inspires some hope sash.

continues to describe the summary."Duck Hunt" - a play, subsequent events that follow.Friends Zilov evening going to a housewarming party to it.His wife, Galina, in anticipation of visitors dreaming of that between them was again as in the beginning, when the couple loved each other.Among the gifts brought by hunting equipment cartridge belt, a knife and a few wooden birds that are used for replanting in the duck hunt.This activity - the biggest passion of Victor, not counting the women.However, he could not even kill any duck.The main thing for him, says Galina, - talk and fees.Zilov ridicule pays any attention.

"Lipa" the modernization of production, introduction of Irina

second memory.Zilov with Sayapin on the urgent need to prepare information relating to the modernization of production.Zilov invites him to submit a project made for the porcelain factory, as already implemented.They long to decide to do it or not.Although Sayapin afraid of possible exposure, "lime" is still prepared.Zilov here reads a letter from his old father, who lives in another city.He is 4 years have not seen him.He writes that he was sick and wants to see.However, this indifferent Zilov, the hero of the play "Duck Hunt."Analyzing his reaction, it can be said that his father, he does not believe.Besides, he still do not have the time because he was going on vacation for duck hunting.He does not want and can not miss it.The room suddenly appears Irina, unknown girl, confused with the newspaper of their office.Zilov her playing, posing as an employee of the newspaper.This joke reveals finally entered chief.In Zilov Irina tied a novel that celebrates Vampilov.

"Duck Hunt": the content of conjugal scene

third memory.Zilov in the morning back home.His wife sleeps.Zilov ("Duck Hunt") laments the fact that a lot of work, said that he was suddenly sent on a business trip.However, Galina says directly that does not believe in it since last night saw him in town neighbor.Zilov trying to blame his wife for being too suspicious, but it does not act on it.She suffered for too long and could no longer endure her husband's lies.Galina says that she was a doctor that an abortion.Husband shows indignation.He blames her for what his wife did not consult with him.Zilov trying to soften his wife, remembering the night when they were first close.It happened six years ago.First Galina protests, but then resist the charm of this memory - as long as the spouse can not remember some words are very important to her.She cries, dropping into a chair.

Zilov death of his father, meeting in the "forget-me" with his wife

Next memories of the protagonist.The room Sayapina Zilov and at the end of the day there's Sash.He is angry and demands an explanation about the brochure containing information about the alleged occurred in the porcelain factory reconstruction.Vygorazhivaya Sayapina as he should soon get an apartment, all responsibility assumes Zilov.Only Sayapina wife suddenly appeared unable to repay the storm.It leads to the simple-minded football sash.Zilov at this point comes the telegram, which refers to the death of his father.He decides to fly immediately in order to have time to get to the funeral.Zilov wife wants to go with him, but he refuses.Zilov before departure comes a drink in the "me-nots."In addition, he appointed a meeting here Irina.Galina accidentally becomes a witness of their meeting.Zilov wife came here to bring her husband briefcase and coat for the trip.Zilov forced to tell his mistress that he was married.He put off his departure and ordering dinner.

Galina sent to relatives

present to your attention the following memory that sees the protagonist works "Duck Hunt."Its content is as follows.

Galina wants to go to another city to stay with relatives.As soon as his wife leaves, Irina Zilov calls and invites her to him.Suddenly Galina comes back and says that he was leaving him forever.Her husband discouraged, tries to stop her, but Galina locks the door.Zilov, being trapped, uses his eloquence to convince the wife that she did continue to the road.He even says that will take her to hunt.But his explanation did not hear Galina and Irina came up, which takes all the above into your account.

Drunken speech Zilov to "forget-me"

last memory.Waiting for the guests on the occasion of duck hunting and holiday friends Zilov drinks in "me-nots."When his comrades gather he was quite drunk, he starts to say different shit.Zilov inflamed more and more with each passing minute.This leads to the fact that all go, including Irene, whom he also insulted undeservedly.Zilov, left alone, calls the waiter waiter Dima.He beats him in the face."Disabled", fell to the floor, Zilov hero product "Duck Hunt."Heroes plays Sayapin Kuzakov and returned after a while.They raise Zilov and bring him home.

decision to commit suicide

speak about the terrible deeds that decided to make Zilov.Describe the next episode can only briefly, because we make a brief summary."Duck Hunt" - a play in which a terrible decision Zilov is the culmination.The fact that he, remembering suddenly decides to end his life by suicide.Now it does not play the hero of the piece, "Duck Hunt."The analysis of this episode shows that he is determined to seriously.Zilov wrote a suicide note, and then charges the gun, takes off his shoes and feels trigger big toe.

product "Duck Hunt" continues that suddenly the phone rings.After that seamlessly appear Kuzakov Sayapin and that notice of preparation of his friend and take away his gun, she attacked him.Zilov chases them away, shouting, he does not believe anyone.However, they do not dare to leave him alone.Zilov eventually manage to expel Kuzakova and Sayapina.

Zilov decides to go on a duck hunting

He walks around the room with a gun.Then Zilov throws on the bed and it is unclear whether he is crying, or laughing.He gets two minutes and dials Dima.He tells him that is ready to go hunting.

This ends the summary."Duck Hunt", as all the pieces - work, small in volume.Read it in the original can be approximately 2 hours.All are described in detail the history did not disclose the summary."Duck Hunt" becomes clearer and closer to you, if you decide to read the text of the work.