Light poetry of Pushkin.

Alexander Pushkin, without a doubt, the most famous poet of the post-Soviet space.In his works we encounter in early childhood.Catchy verses recited Pushkin almost every standing on a chair.Then at school we learned long passages of poems.As adults, consciously go back to his work, enjoying a description of fall and drawing inspiration from his love lyrics.

phenomenon of Pushkin's poetry

Alexander was and still is the sun of Russian poetry.His poetry - a revolution in Russian poetry.In place of the flowery, with a complex syllable works of Pushkin's poems come easy.He changed his style to a more accessible understanding.Poetry of Alexander graceful, almost weightless.

His imagery is available for even the perception of the people ignorant in the art.The sense that the author wants to convey to the reader, no need to look for a jumble of phrases and complex metaphors.

Contemporaries praised not only the poet, but often found fault in such an unusual flow of products.However, the time to explain

everything.And today, the poems of Pushkin, which are easy to learn, many of us sneaked through life.

Poems about love

Pushkin was very amorous, emotional and at the same time a sensitive man.His love feelings he expressed in the heartfelt lyrics.Deep thoughts and feelings permeated his work.

Alexander sings of a woman - her beauty, tenderness, passion, variability, loyalty.Pushkin raises to the rank of ideal love, sublime feelings.It describes not only the love and passion, but also love the mature, calm, wise years.The feelings of a woman - the driving force in his works.On the wings of love, he is visited by the Muse, and he creates his best works.

Want combat ladylove heartfelt poems and do not have a poetic talent?Refer to the heritage of classics.Light quickly memorized poems by Pushkin.Love poetry of Alexander and deep penetration.Why are only such works as "I remember a wonderful moment ...", "Empty you you heart ..." "Love one - fun hladnoy life ..." "Do you forgive me ...".

Poetry for children

At Alexander Sergeyevich no works written especially for children.However, light poetry of Pushkin quickly seize young readers, on the fly.Starting kids attach to art can be with fairy tales in verse - "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel", "The Tale of Tsar Saltan", "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish."

Pushkin's poems help develop a child's creativity.Attaching the crumbs to the great work we are forming aesthetic taste, sense of beauty, we develop and instill cultural values.

«Winter Evening" - perhaps the easiest poems by Pushkin.His images clearly spelled out so that children reproduce the images that they remember.

about autumn

known that the poet loved autumn, was inspired in her yellow-red landscapes.Dying nature leads to sad thoughts.Light Pushkin's poems convey his sad and pensive mood.

His love for this time of the year Alexander artfully and convincingly convey to the reader.One gets the impression that for the elusive beauty, so fast transient Pushkin loves autumn.The landscape outside the window changes every day before our eyes.Beauty slips - will soon come stark, monochrome winter.

emotional description of the ineffable beauty of the fall line by line formed in the brilliant poetry: "The sad time! Eyes charm!" "Oh, the sky breathed autumn ..." "Autumn morning".About


Everyone grows up surrounded by nature.Over time, the sharpness of perception of the landscape is cleared.Beauty around the scenery becomes simply inconspicuous, against which events occur in our lives.Poetry of Alexander the nature seems to have rediscovered the wonderful world of colors and shades, fragrances and landscapes.

Pushkin's poems, which are easy to learn, are those through imagery.When you read the poem the poet of nature, it seems as if the words are not in front of you, and the bright reel of film that unfolds right before your eyes.

Beauty of Nature - an eternal phenomenon.Pushkin nice scenery and vast native country.He describes and endless steppes, mountains and unbroken, and the elegance of the urban landscape, and the riot of colors in the countryside.

changing seasons changeable mood is akin to the young beauty.It is cold and unapproachable, the sad and tearful, then again full of energy and laughs, like a mountain stream in the spring, the sultry and intransigence.Do not love it, it is impossible not to admire.And it proves the poetry of Pushkin: "Spring, spring, time to love ..." "Another cold winds blow ...," "October has come ...".

creativity of Alexander - a classic example of a realistic style.The language of the poet is so precise, concise and logically perfect, it is clear even to the contemporary, although it was already 200 years old.Light Pushkin's poetry is left after reading the sense of the joy of life with a touch of quiet sadness.The genius of Alexander does not fade ever.