Superstition and legend of pansy flowers

As spring blooms in many gardens pleasing variety of eye colors flower pansies.Legends and beliefs of different peoples tell many interesting stories about the origin and the name of these plants.We get to know them and us.

Description flower

Five gentle, often purple-yellow-white-blue, petals arranged on branched stems height of about twenty centimeters and is shaped like hearts.Large, wonderfully delicate flowers on the plant follow one another from spring to mid-summer.Such a colorful carpet literally mesmerizing.

legends and beliefs of the pansy flowers give a different interpretation of their appearance.Many of the species farmed today - is a hybrid produced by crossing them with wild prarodichey garden violet.And the first results of this selection appeared in the XVI century at the court of Prince Wilhelm of Hesse-Kassel.Today it is one of the most common garden flowers.Violet (Viola) tricolor, Anyutka, 'brother, Ivan da Marya - these are the most common name of this beautiful plant.

Russian legend about pansies

lived a good, trustful, pure-hearted girl.Once she met a guy who came to their village.Annie fell in love with a young man believed in his sincerity.But before he left, he promised to return and take her with him.Every day she went out to the road and waited for a loved one, but by and has not appeared.It all ended in tragedy: the girl withered and died of boredom.And on her grave grew an amazing plant with a tri-colored petals.According to the people, their color correlates with different periods of life Anuta.White symbolizes the hope of the heroine of reciprocity and happiness in the beginning of a relationship.Yellow - the surprise of the groom a long time coming.Purple - grief, the collapse of all the dreams and death.

This legend about a pansy flower has other variations.The first says that the rich young man married against his will on the other, and the girl died of pain and sorrow.On the second - the favorite went to war and died there.And Annie has evolved into a flower, which is still waiting for nice road.

story about Bradtke

Belarusians, Ukrainians and Poles have their own version of the origin of the flower pansies.Legends and beliefs of these peoples are also somewhat different, but the essence of them - in the sinful love of brother and sister.The most touching is the story relating to the times of the Turkish raids.

army invaders attacked the Ukrainian village and captured civilians.Close to the beautiful black-browed girl, in tears, I was riding a young Janissaries.Captive came to his liking, and he kept it all the way.And then he proposed to flee, promising to bring her back home and get married.During one of the halts they managed to carry out his plan.And after they became close Janissaries told the story of his life.I was born in the same place was the home of his girlfriend.What a child was captured.That his father was a blacksmith, and close to home grown pear and raging stream.Then she realized that the Janissaries - is her missing older brother, and wept bitterly.They realize they have committed a sin, and that happiness is now impossible.Young people are turned into beautiful flowers that people began to affectionately call 'brother.

Myths about Aphrodite and Venus

Long ago, the gods played a big role in people's lives.Faith in their superpowers, magic power, the ability to intervene in earthly life gave rise to a lot of interesting stories.Among them is the legend about the colors of pansies, which explains why the plant is shaped.

Beautiful Aphrodite on a hot day decided to take a dip.Although she chose sheltered from prying eyes pond soon noticed that her admiringly observes a crowd of people.The angry goddess appealed to Zeus to punish dared to such an act.But the thunder on that day was in a good mood because just curious turned into flowers.

The ancient Romans there is a similar myth, like a bathing Venus spied men.All of them suffered the same fate.

way, this legend of the plant pansies in common with the common history, in which the ordinary human woman drew his attention to the fact that it was banned.The penalty for it to evolve into a flower that color actually resembles a human face.

And of all these stories follows another symbolic meaning pansies - curiosity.

myth about love Jupiter

and other interesting ancient Roman legend about pansies.

Once Jupiter came down to earth in the guise of a shepherd and went to the temple of Juno.Among other girls he saw the daughter of the king of Argos - Io sacrifices.Unapproachable, she immediately conquered the god itself imbued with feelings for him.But soon I found out about the secret meetings of Juno and Jupiter, fearing for the life of the beloved, turned the girl in white cow.Now it all day, nobody learns went from the palace in Argos.Finally, Io found a way to explain to the king, who is actually.Seeing the suffering of a father and daughter, Jupiter turned for help to the goddess of the earth.She gave the girl incredibly beautiful and dainty flower.And its color became a symbol of the love triangle has arisen.

This is one of the most common versions of the fate of the princess Io.A similar myth, again, can be found among the ancient Greeks.There's a girl who carried away by Zeus, Hera punished.

German legend about the colors of pansies

This is a story about an evil stepmother.It is connected with the unusual structure of the flower.According to legend, he lived a wicked stepmother - it symbolizes the lower lobe.The biggest and most beautiful.The woman had two native daughter - a medium-sized petals.And, as in every fairy tale, all the troubles fell upon the unfortunate stepdaughters.Because the upper petals on a flower smallest and faded.But that's not the end of the legend.It further states that initially a large tab at the top and symbols stepdaughters - at the bottom.In order to somehow punish the wicked stepmother and make life easier for orphans, God turned the flower.As a result, close to the stepmother appeared sharp spurs.And her favorite daughter received not very attractive mustache.So the legend of the colors of pansies was an expression of national grief and sympathy for the suffering of orphans.

power of suggestion

If any legend of pansy flowers given here, often doubt its authenticity, it is established on the basis of their tradition many take for granted.For example, recently in the Russian view was that this plant is dead, because it is not a place in the garden and on the tomb.For the same reason the French and in our time never presented a bouquet of white pansies.

interesting finding was discovered in the Trappist monastery in force in the Middle Ages.On its wall the artist has depicted a number of flower pansies and dead head, while made an eloquent inscription: "Memento Mori".

Yet in most cases, this plant has an optimistic value and symbolizes true love.For example, in England pansies was decided to give to your loved one on Valentine's Day.In France, they are still used for divination at narrowing.And in Poland remained this way love spell: sprinkle the juice of the flower on the sleeping boy's eyes and stand before him at the time of awakening.

Thus, in many countries, a popular folk legend about the spring flower pansy spawned a variety of prejudices and beliefs, some of which apply today.

This curious

very interesting and informative will each present here the legend of pansies for children.In addition, people's memory is stored and the real facts about the wonderful flower.Thus, in France pansies gave the name pensee, which means "a thought, an idea."Many attribute this to the structure of boxes of seeds, which, incidentally, are scattered over a distance of a few times the size of the plant.

In the Christian world pansy flower is sometimes called the Holy Trinity.Indeed, if you look closely at the base of the petals can see a triangle - the symbol of God's all-seeing eye.A rays of rays - a supposedly faces Trinity.

Pansies are a favorite flower Josephine.In history, they are known as the emblem of the dynasty of Napoleon.

Dried flowers pansies are often used in the treatment, as they contain a lot of salicylic acid.