"Native Land" Akhmatova poem analysis

outrageous, eccentric and talented - is the image of Anna Ahtmatovoy left over generations.Her themes were different: civil, philosophical, lyrical.But there is one little-known works of its work, drop down out of the cage typical of her creations.It became the theme of his native land.

Anna Akhmatova

analysis - a method of logic, is it possible to use it to study the so-subtle, and sometimes mystical things like poetry?Let us try.

simple Ukrainian surname Gorenko Ani was a child.That commitment to creativity inspired her to take the generic name of the grandmother - Tatar princess: So she iskhitryalas hide from his father his published poems under the name of Akhmatova.

Anna was the usual kid with typical of her age inclinations and interests.It haunted her only poetry that comes from the heart.She wrote on the topics which were not indifferent to which the soul responds.

She had a chance to visit different parts of the world, to see a variety of national and cultural traditions, leads to re

flections on the fate of the world.Love and infatuation, fans, experiences and impressions gave birth to poetic lyrics, gets out of its pen.The sources of inspiration for her were Pushkin and Derzhavin.

But one subject for a long time it was alien - Yesenin paganism prirodopoklonstvo, a sense of the eternal connection with the outside world and the infinity of life.

Was there Yesenin?

Akhmatova never mentioned any sympathy for Yesenin or inclination to his poetic images.And at first glance, poets distinguished style and themes of his works.But I do not play any role in the later world-Anne "experience, the son of hard mistakes"?

Akhmatova befell many tests: war, famine, loss of her beloved husband, her son's arrest, persecution and injustice against it.Clawed shadow dear to the heart of Leningrad met her after the war.All this struck the poet and, of course, inspired thinking and influenced the world.

Akhmatova for years thinking about the fate of humanity in the tone civil, social, but it is unlikely to be found in her earlier works, even a hint of nature worship.Civil Homeland is not identified in her young mind with the earth-mother.And it leaves a different impression analysis of Akhmatova's poems, "Native Land".

Paganism in the works of Anna Akhmatova

In 1961 saw the release of several unusual and illogical poem "Native Land" Akhmatova.An analysis of this small work was carried out more than once, and usually experts attribute it to the so-called civil lyrics.Probably, these findings inspired image of the motherland, which ignore, overlook, and trampling, believing anything for granted.

a different angle and can produce a different impression "Native Land" Akhmatova: analysis of ideas "between the lines" makes the claim that the text perfectly illustrates the age-old paganism, characteristic of all born in Russia.

What is Paganism?This animation, and the deification of the forces of nature, the perception of its phenomena as the manifestation of the eternal which is beyond human understanding and life.Where are the lines in Akhmatova's all this?

"Native Land" Akhmatova

analysis of this verse is not easy, as the text itself.In fact, here comes the glorification of the reverse: the poet ostentatious cynicism and indifference like lowers the level of holiness of his native land."The cherished amulet is not worn on the chest," - says the author of cold, voicing contemporary man.What do you hear in these words: sadness, regret, longing?It seems that one indifferent.

More - more.Akhmatova proclaims: "Yes, for us it's the dirt on galoshes" - thereby fully offsetting the value of the country, the homeland and the earth as the homeland for billions of people.Having the reader 3D-effect, the sense of presence, the poet suddenly beats in the heart, there is a deep fear everyone - reminiscent of an imminent end.With just a few words, she finishes proud and indifferent contemporary, "but lie down in it and become it."

It is in these few lines lies the essence of the poem: out goes deep pagan attitude, represents the earth eternal living being, and the grave of the mother of all things.

And before this latest blow to the ruthless modern poet like callousness casually throws a line of sinless earth, its holiness, "He in no way implicated the dust."Such an outcome reveals to us Akhmatova."Native Land", an analysis of the poem shows this appears composite picture being.An expert words and Gentile!


So whether civil lyric is "Native Land" Akhmatova?Analysis of the above should rather subjective, but has a right to exist, especially today, in the age of thoughtless consumer attitudes towards the environment and the simultaneous opening of secret knowledge about the origin and destiny of man.

Earth for centuries has been a symbol of fertility, birth and motherhood.Yes, the way it is: it grows out of the ground and flows the urgent need for all humans.How did it come about that the inhabitants of the beautiful planet Earth remain indifferent to his nurse, and sometimes cruel?This causes and reflect a poem.

"What is the source of our life and take refuge in death?"- Asks Akhmatova.Native land!Analysis of the lines of the poet leaves no doubt about the answer.