Summary: "They Fought for Their Country" (Mikhail Sholokhov)

In this article, we will tell you about the novel, who wrote Mikhail Sholokhov in 1969.Your attention submitted its summary."They Fought for Their Motherland" - a work known.Sergei Bondarchuk made a film of the same name.The basis of the pattern laid down the novel and its summary."They Fought for Their Motherland" - the film was released in theaters in 1975.It was a great success."They Fought for Their Country" comments gathered mostly positive.He even became the best film in accordance conducted in 1976 by the magazine "Soviet Screen" survey.

Sholokhov novel begins as follows.Of the regiment in the battle for one of the hamlets, Old Ilmen, survived only 117 soldiers and commanders.The soldiers, exhausted by endless digressions and three tank attack, walked on the water-free, sultry steppe.Only one lucky shelf: Failed to save the regimental banner.The soldiers finally reached lost in the Don steppe hutorka and glad to see that the field kitchen survived.

conversation with Zvyagintsev Streltsov

conversation with Zvyagintsev Streltsov, described in "They Fought for Their Motherland" - a passage that is worth at least briefly summarize the reader, describing the novel.It consisted of the following.Ivan Zvyagintsev, drunk from the well of brackish water, started a conversation with Nikolai Streltsov, his friend of the family and the home.Suddenly open up, Streltsov, a prominent, tall man, before the war, worked as an agronomist, told his friend that his wife left him, leaving two small children.Family problems were also Zvyagintsev, a former tractor driver and combine operator.His wife, who worked as a trailer on the tractor, through fiction "spoiled."The woman fascinated ladies' novels and began to demand that her husband "high emotions".That it led to his great annoyance.Wife Zvyagintsev read books at night and sleeping during the day went.As a result, it is desolate land, and the children ran like a homeless.She wrote such a letter to her husband that they were ashamed to read and friends.Tractor brave wife called it seals the tsypoy and wrote about love "book words."From these words Zvyagintsev began "whirling eyes" and "haze".


continues to describe the summary."They Fought for Their Country" further introduces us to such a hero, Peter LOPAKHIN.

While Ivan Nicholas complained to all the above, he was fast asleep.After waking Nikolai smelled burnt porridge.He also heard a quarrel with the cook Petr LOPAKHIN, anti-tank riflemen.Because of the fresh porridge, fairly boring, he was a cook in a constant confrontation.Nikolai met with Lopakhin in the battle for the farm "Shining Path".Hereditary miner Peter was a man resilient, liked to make fun of your friends and all my heart believed in man's own irresistibility.

retreat of Russian troops

The ongoing retreat of Russian troops oppressed Nicholas.Chaos reigned at the front, and the Soviet army did not manage to organize resistance to the Germans.In particular, it was hard to look into the eyes of people who were left behind enemy lines.Locals treat the retreating soldiers as traitors.Streltsov did not believe that the Russian will be able to win the war with the Germans.LOPAKHIN believed that they had not yet learned to beat the enemy, not accumulated anger, enough for the win.When this happens, they thrust out the enemy.Meanwhile LOPAKHIN not discouraged, courting young nurse jokes.

Another tough fight, wounded Streltsov

Friends swim in the Don, caught crayfish.However, try them failed.The roar of artillery fire came from the west.The regiment was soon raised the alarm and ordered soldiers to hold on to the last, take up defensive positions at the intersection of roads at an altitude over the village.

battle was heavy that marks Sholokhov."They Fought for Their Motherland" - the novel, which describes its details.The remnants of the regiment had to restrain enemy tanks, seek to escape to the Don, where in the meantime occurred crossing of the main forces.The height after two attacks with tanks bombed from the air.Nearby break the shell strongly contused Nicholas.Streltsov, waking up, he saw that the attack began his regiment.He tried to climb out of the trench depth as a man, but could not do it.Streltsov has covered a long unconsciousness.


Regiment Regiment departed again on the road, which was surrounded by burning bread.At the sight of the national wealth, perishing in a fire, Ivan was sick soul.In order not to fall asleep on the move, he began to denounce the Germans in a low voice.LOPAKHIN heard this and began to mutter makes fun.Friends are now only two left: Nikolai Streltsov found wounded and sent to hospital for treatment.

Another defense LOPAKHIN shot down an enemy plane

Regiment took up defensive positions again soon.It took place on the approaches to the crossing.Line it was near the village.LOPAKHIN ("They Fought for Their Motherland" - a novel by Mikhail Sholokhov, and the title role in the film played by another Russian writer - Vasily Shukshin), digging a shelter for himself, saw not far tiled roof, and heard the voices of women.As it turned out, they came from a dairy farm.Its inhabitants were preparing to evacuate.On a dairy farm Lopatin took milk.However, I did not have time to go for butter: started an airstrike.The regiment, this time without the support has not remained: anti-aircraft system covered soldiers.From armor-piercing guns LOPAKHIN shot down one enemy aircraft in exchange for a glass of vodka from lieutenant Goloschekova.He warned him that death would have to be: a tough battle.

LOPAKHIN returning from Goloschekova, barely had time to run to the trench dug them - started an airstrike.In the trenches, taking advantage of the presence of air cover, crawled German tanks.They were immediately covered with fire antitank defense battery and regimental artillery.The soldiers managed to fight off the morning six severe attacks.Their morale support what they fought for their country.The author notes that Zvyagintsev seemed strange and unexpected short lull.He missed his friend, Nikolai Streltsov, believing that Lopakhin, this inveterate scoff, it is impossible to talk seriously.

Wound Ivan Zvyagintsev

The author works he tells of how he was wounded Ivan Zvyagintsev.This is one of the main characters, which is created in the novel Mikhail Sholokhov."They Fought for Their Motherland" - a phrase that refers to all the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.Ivan Zvyagintsev is shown in the work of one of the brave men who fought together with the other for the liberation of their country from invaders.

Germans after some time began for artillery training.Firestorm hit on the cutting edge.Zvyagintsev under such tight fire was not long ago.About half an hour he continued.Then the tanks covered with the German infantry moved to the trenches.This visible danger almost glad Ivan.Ashamed of his own recent fright, he rushed into the fight.The regiment was soon launched an attack.Deafeningly thundered behind, and Ivan fell madly in pain.

retreat to the other side of the Don

Germans, exhausted unsuccessful attempts to capture the ferry, stopped the attack in the evening.He was ordered residues Russian regiment to retreat, after moving to the other side of the Don.Severely wounded Lieutenant Goloschekin therefore command sergeant became Poprischenko.During the transition to a dilapidated dam twice Regiment came under artillery fire the Germans.LOPAKHIN are now left with no friends at all.Next to him was a Kopytovsky Alexander, 2nd number of its calculation.

death of Lieutenant Goloschekin return Nikolai Streltsov

Goloshchekin lieutenant died, and not being able to cross the Don.Lieutenant was buried on the banks of the river.It was hard on the soul Lopakhin.He feared that the reformation of the regiment to be sent to the rear, and he will have to forget about the front for a long time.It seemed unfair fighter, especially now, when the account was every soldier.LOPAKHIN, on reflection, went to the sergeant to tell his request: he wanted to stay in the army.He saw the road Nikolai Streltsov.Peter, delighted, called his friend, but he did not look back.As soon found out he was deaf from a concussion.Nicholas, a little rest in bed in the hospital, decided to run away to the front.

wounded and treated at a hospital Ivan Zvyagintsev

continue to acquaint readers with the product "They Fought for Their Motherland", whose author - Mikhail Sholokhov (pictured below).

Zvyagintsev, waking up, he saw that the battle was going on around him.He felt a severe pain and realized that pieces of the bombs exploded behind, excised all of his back.Soldier on the cape was dragged along the ground.Then he felt himself falling somewhere, and again lost consciousness, hit his shoulder.The second time, waking up, Ivan saw the face of a nurse.She tried to drag Zvyagintsev medical battalion.Fragile, little nurse was hard to drag Ivan, but she left him.Zvyagintsev quarreled with the hospital orderly, rasporovshim it tops the new boots.He also continued to swear, when a tired surgeon pulled splinters out of his legs and back.

Solution friends to stay at the front

"They Fought for Their Motherland" - the book, which describes the different characters, the motives of people and their personal qualities.Reading the next episode, we are closer acquainted with the inner world of the characters work.

Streltsov as LOPAKHIN, decided to stay at the front.It is not to run away from the hospital to sit in the rear.Soon Kopytovsky and stolid middle-aged soldier approached Nekrasov friends.Their conversation - an important point that the author knowingly included in the product, "They fought for their country."Nekrasov was not averse to get to the reformulation.This soldier had planned to look for accommodating the widow and the rest of the war with her.Plans Nekrasov enraged Lopakhin.But he is not becoming to swear, he calmly explained that he had something like sleepwalking, "trench disease."Waking up in the morning, Nekrasov often found that the climb in unexpected places.One time he even was in the oven.The soldier decided that was littered with the explosion in the trench, and began to call for help.The disease Nekrasov wanted to escape in the arms of the rear widow.Angered Lopakhin not touched the sad story of the hero product "They fought for their country."Analyzing his reaction, you can also say that LOPAKHIN reminded someone of his family who remained in Kursk.He said that if all the defenders will think about the rest, it certainly will get to the Nazis.I think about the words Lopakhin Nekrasov decided to stay.Sasha Kopytovsky did the same.Such a general decision was made protagonists product "They fought for their country."This book teaches loyalty, patriotism, camaraderie.

Polk sent to the headquarters of the division

four of them came to the dugout Poprischenko, whose soldiers have already angering their requests to stay at the front.Sergeant LOPAKHIN explained that the Division of Personnel is a resistant and battered, has kept its banner - military shrine.Such men do not remain idle.Mayor has ordered the sergeant to go to the village Talovsky, which was located the headquarters of the division.Here the regiment will be refilled with fresh forces, and then sent to the most important sector of the front.

"They Fought for Their Country": a description of the way of recreation regiment headquarters

Regiment soldiers went to the farm, spent the night on the way to the other, a small hamlet.Poprischenko did not want to come to the headquarters of ragged and hungry men.He wanted to get the chairman of the local collective farm rations to them, but the storerooms were empty.Then LOPAKHIN floated their masculine appeal.This soldier asked the chairman to provide them with housing the non-poor soldier's not older than 70 years.She was incredibly tall woman, about thirty years.Low Lopakhin delighted her to be, and he went at night to attack.Peter returned to his comrades with a bump on his forehead and a black eye - a soldier, as it turned out, was a faithful wife.LOPAKHIN, woke up this morning to find that she is preparing breakfast for the entire regiment.As it turned out, the women left in the village, refused to feed the retreating soldiers, whom they considered traitors.The foreman told them that the regiment departs to fight.Then the women immediately gathered provisions and feed soldiers.

meeting with the divisional commander of the regiment, Colonel Marchenko

Regiment, arrived at the headquarters, met Colonel Marchenko, commander of the division.27 soldiers led Sergeant Poprischenko, of which five were slightly injured.Colonel, saying oration, took the regimental banner, which has passed all of the First World War.LOPAKHIN saw that when Colonel knelt before him, tears rolled down his cheeks elders.

This ends the summary."They Fought for Their Motherland" - a work that is worth reading in the original.The novel conveys the atmosphere of the time, with whom many of us know only from the stories of the few surviving participants of the events, as well as the history books.But books can be found only the facts, list of events, their summary."They Fought for Their Country" allows you to present war as if we were directly involved in the events, through what others feel.With these tasks can handle only fiction.The product of "They Fought for Their Motherland", the essence of which we have just outlined - one of the best novels about World War II.