"Kalina Krasnaya" Shukshin: a summary of the chapters, analysis

Have you noticed that some authors so vividly, but uncomplicated write their work, even many years later, memories of their creations emerge whole movie in my head.So vividly imagine the hero of the story while reading that then, when faced with the adaptation, literally cries out: "Exactly, that's what he looks like!" This is what happens while watching a movie, "Kalina Krasnaya" (Shukshin).Summary of the story can take several minutes, but his feelings stay with us forever.

Vasily Shukshin - the great tragedian

Literary critics unanimously argue that such a merger into a whole different talents and qualities will surprise and forced to admire more than one generation of readers.Even despite the fact that the work of Basil Kravchuk refers to the Soviet era."Kalina Krasnaya" (summary of the chapters analyze later) - the clearest example of how the author dissolves, notices itself in the face of the problems raised by the readers.Shukshin literally belonged to art.

Sometimes critics claim that Vas

iliy Kravchuk "showed" themselves, paraded to gain even more recognition.But his friends and relatives, as well as many literary scholars say the opposite: every reference to himself, every demonstration of his "I" was completely alien to him.That's why he became a memorable one.


Take, for example, perhaps the most famous of his works - "Kalina Krasnaya".Shukshin (summary does not give emotional intensity, but at least remind the storyline) wrote the film story in 1973.Dynamic plot, lots of dialogue and narration in the third person - these are the main characteristics of literary works.

Critics immediately noted that this image of the protagonist - of Egor Prokudin - in art was not.It was he - what distinguishes the film from the total number of "Kalina Krasnaya".A brief description of its nature is this: it is gentle and sentimental, embracing almost every counter birch, the rough and "asking for trouble";one minute Yegor cheerful and kind, and the next - already a thug and a lover of heavy drinking.Some literary critics felt that this inconsistency indicates a lack of character, and therefore does not transmit the whole truth of life "Kalina Krasnaya".

Summary (analysis of his interlocutors SHukshin conducted at lightning speed and precise) of all the events happening to him, he is - an actor, director and writer - literally lived.All, whether retelling quarrel with janitor or a meeting dawn, caused a storm of passion in it and tore the paper and film.This "trinity" Shukshin created a lot of problems in life.

Consistent inconsistency

apparent lack of consistency Prokudina really difficult, not spontaneous.Shukshin managed to convey the common man alien logic.We do not understand, and most likely do not understand and accept the actions of this man.But this does not mean that such a life has no right to exist in principle.

So, "Kalina Krasnaya" Shukshin.Summary start with the fact that Yegor - recidivist thief - gets farewell from the chief of the area where Prokudin serving his sentence.In the morning he should go free, and we are aware of some of the human dream: to have a cow and get married.His darling Yegor had never in my life seen.They met through correspondence.

Once free, Prokudin sent to their friends (as you know, too, "dishonest").The company gathered there waiting for news of how took place the robbery.Everyone is trying to ask the Mountain (so called Yegor shortstop) of prison, but he did not want to talk about it.On Spring Street, Prokudin and enjoys life.

received a telephone call interrupts gatherings: the police covered the accomplices, and everyone should scatter.Realizing that he was not in danger, too, Prokudin runs.Such is the force of habit ...

road to a normal life

How events unfold in the story "Kalina Krasnaya"?Shukshin (summary does not convey all the nuances of relationships Prokudina to life) sends his hero to meet his future wife - Any.She meets him at the bus stop and is familiar with their parents.

order not to frighten the elderly, Luba says her choice - a former accountant.But when he was alone with his parents and answering questions, Egor says: "Seven killed, eight did not have time ...".He believes that a person has the right to rehabilitation, and received a penalty you can not go back.And it is also impossible to judge.He criticizes the "backward" old men and their world, an example of the role of a public figure.


Public morality is quite clearly described in the story "Kalina Krasnaya".Contents (SHukshin repeatedly shows the influence of society on the individual) conversations Luba, her mother and sister on the new acquaintance is reduced to dissatisfaction for one reason only: Egor has just been released from prison.Women transmit the opinion villagers.

Egor And he spends time with his brother in the bath Luba, Peter.This taciturn man is absolutely indifferent to what is happening.He was too lazy to get acquainted with Yegor and conduct intimate conversations with him.Scenes with Yegor resentment at Peter, with the ensuing realization that Pride and Prejudice is not driven by them, and the usual taciturnity, very vividly described Vasily Shukshin."Kalina Krasnaya" (summary, we are trying to recall) continues Peter cry from the bath, all clutching for "heavy" and ran to the rescue.And in fact, Egor accidentally splashed boiling water on Peter.The incident was converted into a joke, and the rest of the evening takes place in "warm and friendly atmosphere."


friend Luba, Varya, offers part of Egor and take back her ex-husband - Kolka.It's the little things that he drunkard.Varia says with a laugh about his happy life with her husband, an alcoholic.Her story is that beating the drunkard rolling pin - the norm, a few jars Luba.Luba wants to be "like everyone else", and it is very annoying villagers.

Prokudin And meanwhile thinks of his comrades, with whom managed to see after his release from prison.One of them (mumbler) he even sent money by mail.What all this shows SHukshin?"Kalina Krasnaya", an outline of which - our present interest, the mood of society in relation to repeat offenders, those who go against the accepted norms.Shukshin could not raise this issue in his work.


Yegor carousing in a restaurant with strangers peasants.He pours money and all sorts of "debauchery" (as he called it Shukshin): singing, dancing, drinking and says pretentious speech.But closer to the night, he remembers Liuba, calls her and says that things have detained him in the city.Mother does not believe such a "legend", but Luba rescues father and helps her to talk with her mother.It strongly underlines the support of his father Shukshin.

«Kalina red" - a summary of the back does not contain all the events and dialogue - continues that Prokudin takes a taxi and returns to Luba.But talking to her brother, and they are in the bath (in a dark world, close as he called this place Shukshin) continue drinking.

new work

Seeing the morning admiring the farm where she works, Yegor remembers his childhood - mother cow Manka and boyish insouciance.Luba also casually mentions drunk - ex-husband.Because of the relaxed chatter they reach the farm where Yegor met with the director and then gets a job as a driver.After completing the first task, Prokudin refuses to work and says that it is easier on the tractor.

evening on borrowed dump truck driven by Luba Woe to the neighboring village.He asks her to introduce social worker and talk to the old woman Kudelihoy.He himself during this visit looks very serious and does not remove the dark glasses.On the way home it turns out that they have visited the mother of Yegor.

Even a summary of the story, "Kalina Krasnaya" Shukshina can not pass without a description of the moment when, for the first time sat behind the wheel of the tractor, Prokudin makes the first furrow.It was filled with joy and pride, he could not breathe in the smell of plowed land.

Not without knots

When the house of the ex-husband claimed Ljube with friends and trying to swing right, Yegor fists puts the entire company out of the gate.Summary of the story "Kalina Krasnaya" Shukshina can not convey full cinematic scene of the fight.After all, she was over the fact that a hard look Yegor stopped coming at him with a stake Kolka.

case and one more trouble in life Prokudin.From the town he came to his former friend Shura.He brought the money from the mumbler, which should help Egor back to the old life.But Prokudin refuse such an offer, throwing money in the face of the visitor.Yegor manage to calm the excited Luba, but it is evident that he order on edge.

tragic death

working in the field, says Yegor in the woods "Volga" with former friends.He goes to him, but in the meantime we learn that mumbler decided to get even with the Grief of the fact that he walked away from the thieves of life.

By the time the troubled Luba figured out what was going on, and my brother and I drove to the edge of the forest, the city visitors have already left home.Luba Yegor found seriously wounded, and they were trying to help with Peter Prokudin.But at some point he felt the imminent demise and asked to put it on the ground to listen ... The last effort Egor Prokudin asked to give his money to his mother.

«And he was lying, the Russian peasant, in his native steppe, close to home ...»