What kind of stories he wrote Panteleyev - artistic, scientific, educational, fantastic?

Leonid Panteleyev - a Soviet writer who loved children and adults.It is often said that Panteleev had a special gift.The stories did not require illustration as a writer so clearly and vividly wrote his works, that the child is immersed in a new, created by the author, a world without the help of pictures.He's so well-written for the children and for them that their parents always make their choice in favor of reading with their children is the author of works.Many who have repeatedly heard about the author, wondering what stories he wrote Panteleyev.

Childhood Leonid Panteleyev

Leonid Panteleyev was born August 9, 1908 in St. Petersburg.The present name of the writer - Alexei Ivanovich Eremeev.His family was religious, but, despite this, his parents separated during the First World War.Soon his father Alexei, Ivan Andrianovich, went to Vladimir, where he spent the rest of his life and died.Alesha's mother was left to raise three children, and a life she had learned to make music.In 1916, the future

writer entered the 2nd Petrograd real school, and then very seriously ill.

Two years later, Alyosha's mother decided to leave with their children in the village Chel'tsov to escape the famine in Petrograd.It started to turn the civil war, and Eremeev contracted diphtheria.After that, the boy's mother decided to go to a doctor in Yaroslavl, where they again suffered a misfortune.There Yaroslavl uprising began.It should be noted that the hotel in which he lived with his mother Alexei constantly shelled, and the boy met several times with the Whites.After these terrible events the family has returned to the village, but after the uprising's mother decided to return to Yaroslavl.Fortunately, when it became clear that the boy is perfectly healthy.

first work and orphanage

In 1919, Alexei's mother went back to Petrograd, and his brother Bob went to live, study and work at the farm.Then Eremeyev realized that material support of his family was his duty, and now need to look for a job.First, he began to sell at the market, but then Alexei sent to the farm to his brother.As he shared Eremeev, where he was severely beaten and taught to steal.After working with his brother two months, Alex fled to his aunt.After that, the guy went to the orphanage.There he stayed a little longer, because Alex and his friends robbed a warehouse.Because of this incident Man was transferred to another orphanage, where he ran the very first day.

But what stories he wrote Leonid Panteleyev, many interested people who are familiar with his biography.Many people assume that because of the difficult childhood Panteleev could not write the kind and good children's stories.

organization Komsomol and the first book of Alexei

Eremeev decided to return to Petrograd.At first, he planned to go to Rybinsk on the ship, but with him all the passengers disembarked, Lesch was forced to go to Kazan on foot.There he began work as an assistant shoemaker and stayed in the city for the summer.Soon, however, have Eremeeva run out of money, and he again began to steal.Man caught and sent to Menzelinsk, the nursery colony.From there he escaped and then settled in the Finance Department by courier.

Fortunately Alexei picked Komsomol organization, which will provide accommodation to the guy and sent him to study at a vocational school.Alex was very difficult to study there because of the huge gap in education, and so he began to write poems and write plays.

In 1925 Alexey Grisha White wrote the first book, entitled "The Republic SHKID."The book was written by his own impressions, since after the sale of bulbs on the market Alexei caught and sent to the "Republic SHKID."This work was published only 2 years after the writing.

After reading the biography of the author becomes very interesting what stories he wrote Panteleyev, because his childhood was quite difficult.

What stories the author wrote?

first book written by Leonid Panteleyev, called "Republic SHKID."In it the author describes all of the most significant events that have occurred to him in the school named after Dostoevsky.The book describes a lot of funny and dramatic moments, but somewhere traced tragedy.

Many parents who want to introduce their children to the work of the author, wondering what stories he wrote Panteleyev.Artistic, scientific and educational stories - works that often the author wrote.

autobiographical story of Leonid Panteleyev

Asked what stories he wrote Panteleyev, you can answer that the author's prose almost always been autobiographical.Leonid was one of the few writers who skillfully implement their lives in stories, popular with all children without exception.

Many parents who are not familiar with the work of the author wondered what stories he wrote Leonid Panteleyev?It's safe to say that the writer enjoyed and still enjoys the love of children.They love to read his works, because Leonid knew much different stories "about children" and "children".He knew how to write so that every child is immersed in the world that has managed to create the author.

Anyone familiar with the work of a writer can say with certainty what stories he wrote Panteleyev.Genres most famous works of the author:

  • Scientific and educational stories.
  • Feature stories.

Scientific and educational and artistic works of the author

Many parents who are familiar with his biography often wondered what stories he wrote Panteleyev.Scientific and educational stories - a "fad" of the writer.Despite the fact that his childhood was quite difficult and complicated, the author understands children, his work gives them a lot of interest.Alexei often had to move to live in children's homes, a lot of work and so on. N. These events in his childhood brought up in him who he was.Alex miraculously remembered his difficult childhood and tried to make his childhood stories of other kids bright and joyful.He is in the form of a comic show others what he had to endure, but, reading his works, you can feel the warmth and kindness that Alex wanted to share with their young readers.

«Tales of heroism»

It is said that his work the author has divided into 2 groups: "Tales of heroism" and "Stories for Children".In the series "Tales of heroism" include such works as "Packet", "Tales of the Kirov", "The first feat", "Order of the division", "Tundra", "Guard soldier."

«Stories about children»

Anyone familiar with the work of Leonid can say what fantastic stories he wrote Panteleyev.Writer wrote a book called "The letter," You ", which gathered all the most popular and well-known children's stories:" Fennec "," Honest, "" Tales of squirrels and Tamarochka "and" letter "you."Every child likes stories of Leonid Panteleyev, who knew how to reach out to the kid.

These stories are written as if the author, "another language".They have a completely different style and each character has its own character works.In "Stories for Children" can be seen as the author makes sure how noticeable the difference of perception of a child and an adult.

must say that not less popular are those stories Panteleyev as "Our Mary", "Nochka" "Dolores" and so on. D. The first of these - the author's blog, which he led for many years.This book can be called a kind of "leadership" for all parents.

Many parents who are interested in the works of authors writing for children, wondering what stories written by L. Panteleev.He is one of the most popular authors, who knows and loves almost every child.

autobiographical novel "Lenka Panteleyev»

Many readers who are familiar with the biography of the author, it is interesting to know what stories he wrote Leonid Panteleyev.Artworks author could write very neatly, so his work is a long time favorite of many children and their parents.

One of the most famous works of Alexei is "Lenka Panteleyev."The novel describes the events that happened to a boy of ten during the Civil War.The child had to steal, and to live among the homeless.

This autobiographical novel, in it the author tried to reflect the hard life and the events that he had experience as a child.

is not difficult to understand what kind of stories he wrote Panteleyev.Artistic, scientific and educational, as well as the artistic and historical works were the favorite style of the writer.He liked to say to the reader the truth, which is, of course, does not leave indifferent any of them.Stories for children written so interesting that none of the child can not break away from reading them.Leonid Panteleyev - one of the most talented writers, who through their works communicate with each reader and told him many interesting things from your life.We can not say that some of the stories and novels have been filmed Leonid.