"White Nights": Nastya characterization and analysis of the works of FM

Lev Shestov (Russian existentialist philosopher) said that if the light did not appear great novels of Dostoevsky, such as "Crime and Punishment", "The Idiot", "Demons", "Teenager" and "The Brothers Karamazov"it is possible that the early works of the writer and not come to the reader of the XX century.

in focus - "White Nights": characteristic of Nastya and other characters.Why and proceed.

The protagonist

young man 26 years old - a dreamer.He lives mostly own fantasies in real life rarely peeps.Once he went from nothing to do wander around the city, so much so carried away by walk, which went out of town.There he enjoyed a free natural air.When it was late in the evening the hero returning home, he met a young slender girl who was crying for some reason.

young man to speak to her at once did not dare.She, meanwhile, moved to the other side of the street.Hero saw to it that there is about to stick a drunk.Dreamer heroically rescued the girl from trouble.However, there were no manhandling it

turned out that need only the presence of a young man next to a beautiful stranger.

hero overcomes his confusion and escorted the girl to the house.Along the way she talks about himself, his poverty, fantasies, secret hopes.Then young people reach the destination and be forgiven, the conditions required to meet tomorrow.At this point the product "White Nights" characteristic Nastya quite clear to the reader.One thing is clear: it is a young and apparently unhappy girl.

History Nastya.Characteristics of the main character

All events take place works of Dostoevsky White Nights (hence the name) in St. Petersburg.For everything classic enough to describe the four heroes meet.And the first of them went to the prelude to the story of a girl who makes all the salt works.The question of what role the history of Nastya in the story "White Nights" will disappear by itself after its disclosure.

«pinned» woman

Nastya for two years on a step does not depart in the morning and in the afternoon from his grandmother.That almost blind, and for some offense, which is not reported to be a relative of literally pinned her to him, to which she has not done.Nastya - an orphan whose parents died and she was left with her grandma.They are in the house has two rooms: one they live, and the other grandmother rents - is the only source of their existence, except for pensions of the old woman.

And drove him to the tenant - a young man.As a result, one awkward episode he realized that Nastia pin fastened to his grandmother.He was sorry girl, began to give her a book and take out the theater.Of course, she fell in love with the benefactor, was revealed to him, but he said that he still can not marry her because he did not have enough money for this moment for such a responsible step, and he must soon go to Moscow for a year.If during this time Nastya to his feelings do not change, it will come in a year and marries her.

On the same day, when the characters meet, one year and a little more from the time of the contract, but the young man did not appear at the appointed place, although he was already in the city, is well known to the girl.Dreamer opens the cause tears Nastya.Now, the reader should be clear what the role of the history of Nastya in the story "White Nights."And if not, we helpfully advise him: it is built the whole story is not too entertaining works of Dostoyevsky.

But move on.Now we are ready to defining the very nature of the main character works.Sentimental work of Dostoevsky ("White Nights").Feature Nastya, oddly enough, is reversed, devoid of sentimentality.The girl was not too smart, but not too stupid.She has a taste for literature, or rather, she loves history.Groom accidentally hit her, but she held him like a straw to escape from the blind hateful to her grandmother.Perhaps as a conscientious woman, she also suffered from guilt over the fact that not too fond of his elderly relative.And yet, she was on the verge of despair and perhaps madness, when the bride suddenly off the hook, because he represented a way out of life imprisonment.It is to this interpretation, the reader has a story "White Nights."Feature Nastya, of course, not too flattering and sentimental, but true.Fortunately for the heroine, all is not lost.

Infinitely They reflect the dreamer wants to help her and asks her to write a letter to her spouse, and he will carry it where it should.Surprisingly, you need a letter already written the girl, and clear instructions are given to the hero, who is it necessary to give.Not that Nastia dreamer deliberately manipulated by exploiting his love, she is unwittingly and innocently goes.

meeting ends with Nastya and dreamer sing songs.What she is happy - it is clear, and he apparently hopes her serve and achieve empathy for the girl, and in anticipation of this event, singing.

third and fourth nights.Final history

We are not interested in characterization of the hero.Nastya ("White Nights" consider on) We also took a lot.It only remains to finish explaining the story to the end.

third meeting.Tension builds.Another girl does not respond to a letter transmitted, it is in the extreme exaltation (honestly, the characters do not come out of this state for a minute for the time of narration).Dreamer, by contrast, lost heart.He realized that his chances of reciprocity is rapidly approaching zero.She tries it to comfort and reassure his friendly disposition.Naturally, the dreamer that does not help.

fourth night.She almost fell into the abyss of despair, a hero for the right time - it is a declaration of love.They talk to each other all the "sweets", and that Nastya is ready to forget betrayed her fiancé, but here he appears in person, and Nastya, forgetting about the other dreamer, rushes into the arms of an old love.

The next day she wrote a letter dreamer, which says that it is all right, and that soon she and her lover were married.The main hero can only remember an adventure that happened to him under the pale light of the White Nights, and troubled about lost love.Features the characters works "White Nights" are ready.We have left aside the groom only for the reason that its nature can not be defined in any way.This character is purely decorative and instrumental character in the narrative of Russian classics.