Why Chatsky doomed to loneliness?

whole comedy "Woe from Wit" is built on the ideas of the new transformation of the secular society, which at the time had little concern for their spiritual, moral and ethical state.The protagonist of the work - Chatsky, very brave.All diatribes he says aloud, and immediately gets a negative response.Therefore, the question arises: why ossified in their orders of society does not accept anything new, do not want to change and rebuild?Why Chatsky doomed to loneliness?Is it there will be no support and encouragement?That is the example of his hero Griboyedov shows how difficult it is to make a well-established company with new ideas, because they immediately rejected and ridiculed.

Why Chatsky doomed to loneliness?

comedy "Woe from Wit" write an essay is not so difficult, because of the main character, you can say a lot.Chatsky Alexander Andreyevich has an independent and freedom-loving character, hence all his problems.It is at any moment ready to stand up to fight the lies and injustice.He always h

as his eyes on what is happening around him.Chatsky - cultural and educated person.Griboyedov soaked his sincere love for the long-suffering Russian people, who brutally oppressed by feudal system.

That's what the author saw the man of the new era.So why Chatsky doomed to loneliness?The writing on this subject must begin with the fact that the main character does not like everything.He - "hermit" and "outsiders", and thus doomed to misunderstanding, because the challenged famusovskogo society is steeped in hypocrisy and deceit, where the person assessed only on his income, the number of serfs and position.Strong and courageous Chatsky as I could have fought for their ideals and principles, but it condemned and mocked by recognizing crazy.That's why Chatsky doomed to loneliness.

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He was invited to become the same as everyone, and for all abandon their ardent revolutionary speeches and thoughts.But he does not see himself in that crowd of gray, which is afraid to reopen its cozy swamp.For him, this is equivalent to death, his conscience simply will not do it.Deeper opening theme "Why Chatsky doomed to loneliness," we must understand that we face a real hero that without the support of like-minded people decided to go against the whole system, and so it is taken for a madman.

this "madman" nobody can understand and appreciate, so all that awaits him in the best case - is banishment from society, and at worst - hard labor in Siberia.Such freethinking posed a threat to the autocratic system of government, and the supreme rulers dealt harshly with the revolutionary masses.


Returning to the question why Chatsky doomed to loneliness, it should be noted that the forced seclusion of the protagonist is due to incompatibility with the surrounding famusovskogo society.These rich and capricious people from secular circles completely different life priorities, values ​​and ideals.They will never give up their goods for the sake of someone else, it's just impossible for them.

So Chatsky only one way - a hermit and an outcast who dared to go against the existing system.Two different worlds, and the way of reconciliation they have.