Baby Soviet writers

Children's literature has always been in demand, exerting greater influence on the kids.Several generations have grown up on the books of favorite authors, the first to show the kids a clear distinction between good and evil, to teach them to learn the laws of nature, rules of communication with each other, learn about the history and other sciences in the presentation, accessible understanding of the child.Many ideals taken from the children's book, who wrote the Soviet writers, became the basis for the formation of the character of the individual.They remain in the mind of the person until his death.

Soviet children's writers - authors of books for the young generation - are a kind of educators to assume the moral and ethical responsibility for the formation of a decent person.In vzroslgo generation of Russians, these names cause the most pleasant associations.

Soviet children's writers: Agnes Barto

Soviet poet with poems Agnes Barto know almost everyone.Family, pioneers of the Soviet school li

fe - the main theme of its kind, often humorous works, popular with children and in adults.They Agnes Barto said the language of the child, and in the life of a truly committed acts of adults: finding and recovering hundreds scattered around the country by the war children in their family.The point seems to be hopeless, because in the early years, few people know about the full information (address, physical characteristics desired names).But many kids could remember vivid moments of life (as Egorka riding on a sled, as a rooster pecked pain between the eyes, how to play with a favorite dog Djulbars).It is these memories Agnes Barto, who knew how to speak the language of children, used in their search.For 9 years she has been leading the radio, "Find a man," the air is read out from the daily flying letters from across the country the unique signs.Only the first issue helped find his family seven people, and for all time, under the guidance of Agnes Barto, who worked as an interpreter with the "children's language", managed to reunite 927 families.

Soviet writers Eduard Uspensky

good representative of children's writers of the Soviet era is Eduard Uspensky.Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka, postman Pechkin, cat Matroskin Uncle Theodore - and today these cartoon characters are loved and well received in every house.The obtained engineering education did not prevent Eduard Uspensky become a favorite children's author.His book heroes successfully moved to television screens and delight the audience with their adventures for several decades.Many of them had real prototypes.For example, in the old woman Shapoklyak writer portrayed his first suprugu- harmful in every respect a lady.A friend of Nicholas Taraskin put on the image of the cat Matroskin: smart, hard-working and economic.First and last name Assumption wanted the cat to the same, but a friend "became a pose" and does not allow, but later (after the cartoon on the screen) many times regretted it.Girl in a huge fur coat, once seen by the writer in the store, became the prototype of the beloved Cheburashka.Parents choose baby summer coat for growth, and the girl in it simply could not walk.Once she make a move as it fell.Dad, lifting it off the floor once again, said, "Well, what do you Cheburashka" (from the word "cheburahnutsya" - fall, crash).

Roots Chukovsky - a favorite of children

Well, who knows poetry Corneille Chukovsky: "Boldly Buzzing Fly", "Moidodyr" "Cockroach", "Oh How It Hurts", "Barmaley"?Many Soviet writers worked under his real name.Chukovsky - it was an alias Korneychukova Nikolai.His most read works he wrote for her and her daughter Murochka, who died of tuberculosis at the age of 11.The poem "Oh How It Hurts" - was the cry of the soul of a magical doctor who will arrive and will save all.Also Murochka, Chukovsky had three children.

Throughout his life, Roots I. helped those who turned to him for help, using his fame, charisma and virtuosity.Not all Soviet writers were capable of doing so openly, and he sent the money, knocked pensions, hospital beds, apartments, helped break gifted young writers, fighting for those who have been arrested, he takes care of orphaned families.By the way, in honor of the Flies Boldly Buzzing entomologist AP Ozerov in 1992 named a new species of flies muravedok squad Diptera - mucha tzokotucha.

role of Soviet Writers in shaping personality

Soviet writers made a great contribution to children's literature, his works grow several generations of great people.How kindly, colorful and informative narrate Vitaly Bianchi, Michael Prishvin Igor Akimushkin children about the beauty of nature from a young age by instilling love for her and our younger brothers.Such famous Soviet writer Arkady Gaidar, Valentin Kataev, Boris Zakhoder, Grigory Oster, and many others today are popular among readers, because through all their works permeates the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčkindness and compassion for one's neighbor.