Still pencil from the caveman to the present day

The idea to show the world the figure came in person to the head, no more nor less than 60 thousand years ago.Primitive art was spread to almost every continent except Antarctica, and survived up to the present time among the tribes living in the most remote corners of the planet.

Who knows what the reasons were the source of inspiration of primitive man, and he took in his hand is still clumsy piece of charcoal, began to paint on the wall of his cave?These were not images, drawn in pencil, were simple geometric shapes and outlines of animals.Perhaps the war paint of the body became the very first step to the creativity of our ancestors, and, perhaps, the man saw his shadow, decided to move the picture on the rock.Who knows ... the familiar outlines in stone might coerce the primitive sculptor to recreate a silhouette of an animal.You can build a lot of speculation, but one thing remains indisputable: the importance of drawing and painting of prehistoric man in dealing with their own kind, as well as

the transfer of knowledge and skills to future generations.

in the spiritual development of mankind creativity tools of primitive man and his desire to express themselves through drawing, playing the same role as in the labor market pointed stone.

Scientists disagree on which of the primitive Fine Arts came first.Still pencil person begins to draw much later, but for now he is on the walls of the dwelling practices naturalistic painting, and depicts the geometric shapes and symbols.Perhaps these two art forms appeared simultaneously, because in addition to these means of expression, the man tried to use all materials.So, one of the most ancient images, dating from the early Paleolithic human hand imprint is made in clay.There was found a lot of wavy lines and interlacing possibly ancient man portrayed what he saw in front of him, as we would paint the landscape in pencil.

Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge, but the human desire to express their feelings, feelings, moods, through drawing, painting, drawing, sculpture unabated.Almost all children with very early age are taught to hold a pencil and scribble the first baby - a still-life pencil portrait of mom or dad, a familiar shape of an animal.

child is born with the desire to create, and even if no one in it does not tell the details of how to learn to paint, it will still continue its research in this direction.Since the pencil drawing is the basis of all the more or less gifted artistic talent child instinctively learns the proper possession of the subject drawing.And now out of his hands appear first more or less successful examples of the drawing.It can be a flower in a vase apple on a plate, a bird in a cage: in a word, still life pencil.

first children's drawings are lovely heart parents, but if you plan to develop in the child's ability, the art school will start with the basics.Tell, what are pencils, offer to work with each of them, explained the difference in the application, will be taught to draw the most simple geometric shapes, and that's when the child will be able to hold without a compass perfectly smooth circle, tell about the mysteries and secrets of the professional pencil drawing.

And let the work of the first student to be still quite immature, imperfect, but it will be a true portrait or still life pencil drawn according to the rules of fine art, with all the properties of the materials used (paper and pencil), in compliance with all the laws of perspective.