Garden sculptures with their hands - the original and stylish decoration for the manor.

If you decide to decorate your garden, and money on expensive sculpture you do not, do not be discouraged.Garden sculptures can be made with their own hands.One type of garden sculptures - sculptures of plants.If you think that all that hard, you're wrong.We offer you to create a sculpture in his garden with his own hands.Are you wondering how to make a sculpture with their hands?It's very simple, it does not necessarily have to be an artist or creative person, you just hard work.

So, to create a sculpture with their hands, we need: a metal wire with a diameter of 1 meter, even for binding wire mesh made of polypropylene.Naturally need flower seeds (preferably undersized), grass lawn and bait plants.Also, do not forget about the soil and straw.First, select an animal and imagine it in your head, then you have chosen an animal that needed to form the wire follows the contour of your animal, then it is necessary to fix the structure by welding or binding wire.In the next step you need to add to the soil

nutrients and straw.As a result, you get a lot of that in the future not prosypletsya.Now wrap the bottom of the wire mesh, and then put into the prepared soil.
After working with a skeleton, take the seeds of grass and following the instructions carefully thrust, remember that in the end you'll have a sculpture of his hands.

Garden sculptures with their hands are simple in execution, and you will understand it.
If you want to make a dwarf, then it's no problem.To create garden sculptures with their hands in the form of gnomes you will need: a wire of varying thickness (fittings), and some components of the concrete mass.Concrete mix the mash is usually a five-part cement, one part of plaster and a tablespoon of PVA per 1 kilogram.Water is added in the process of mixing, the concrete should get thick, so it could be from the mold and he held form.Wire frame made the sculpture, then stuck to the concrete frame, and attach the form that you are up to.Dry the sculpture is only necessary in the shade, otherwise the concrete will crack.After the concrete dries, it should be covered with water-repellent.Then you can decorate your art as you please.

Just want to tell you about another way to create garden sculptures with their hands.This method is very easy and does not require much time.And so the very essence of the method is very simple.Take an ordinary old iron chair, double-sided tape and moss.Adhesive tape can be bought in the store-catalog system, and moss can be purchased in a specialty store.So get down to the work itself.The first thing we need to do is wrap the tape the seat and back of the chair, then glue moss.The result is a very unique thing, which you only find a place in your garden.Well, if you do not like the chairs, you can make a vase.For starters take a vase that you like the most in form and degrease the surface using an alcohol solution, and then cover the surface of the vase with hot melt.Then glue moss.When finished sprinkle the moss with water.

I hope that after reading this article, you learned that the sculpture garden with his own hands is not a fantasy.The main thing do not throw everything at half way, or if you have something that is impossible.If you did not work the first time, not rastraivaytes.Try again and again, and eventually you will succeed.And most importantly, remember that there are no limits of human imagination.

But do not forget that any old thing that it is time to throw, may be unique if you put some of your efforts.