City landscape: the elegance, simplicity and versatility.

Cityscape - a direction in painting, which was the result of the development of landscape painting over several centuries.Even in the 15th century, widespread architectural landscapes.They were depicted views of the city in a huge bird's eye view.In such an interesting and exciting canvases merged modernity and antiquity, in addition, were there, and the elements of fiction.

Urban landscape is changing with the development of painting as such.After the architectural landscape, much later, came the Venetian landscape or in progress.He was particularly close to the two names - Bellini and Carpaccio.He was most close to the understanding of the direction that we have now.The artists of that era were able to find a balance and a balance between documented accurate reflection of reality and its interpretation of the city with a touch of romance.

In the future urban landscape as the direction in painting, has received a significant contribution from the Impressionists: Pissarro, Monet and other well-know

n people.Then the search began for the best colors, display methods, possibilities, as accurately as possible, depict "shake the atmosphere", which is characteristic of cities.Cityscapes Markov different shapes and noble simplicity, they were particularly expressive.A painter Kustodiev created a unique, magnificent picture of life in different cities of his time.

Currently cityscape depicts not only traffic jams and chaotic crowds on different streets, but also a graceful fountain in a quiet, pleasant park, old streets, the sunlight is reflected in the windows of homes and flickering in a web of wires.Cityscapes oil or watercolor always good bought at various exhibitions, they carry a special cheerfulness, optimism, they are always exquisite and beautiful.So now this trend in art continues to attract a huge number of not only artists but also art lovers around the world.

Fans quiet romance prefer this style as night scenery.It has the features of spiritual perfection, solitude, reflection and self-discovery.Despite the fact that the night landscapes write dark tones, they do not give the impression of a bleak picture.For a place that seems to be so familiar during the day, at night it becomes a mysterious, magical and mysterious.

Nevertheless, night landscape is not too common among contemporary artists.Night theme often used in the art, pop and other urban areas.Often, this can be seen in the pictures of aggression, tragedy and rejection of the world.In fact, the night scenery is to make people think about the best sides of human life, to look for ways to self-improvement and self-knowledge.These connoisseurs of all that is beautiful never deprive the attention of philosophical thought, calm reverie nightscapes.

Currently, night landscape may take many forms.He is influenced by the existing trends in painting, in common with them, and therefore is often written in a conservative or classic form, corresponds to the canons of neoclassicism.Half a century ago, the concept of landscape did not cover such a large range of subjects, as they are now.Especially popular now night cityscapes.They are characterized by bright light sources, the selection of individual architectural elements, the image largely deserted streets, shallow shadow.These paintings are a youth, optimism and admiration.Dance and cityscapes always resonate in the hearts of lovers of a plurality of sensual and beautiful painting.