How thin Tatiana Tarasova - the famous figure skating coach

Want to know in detail how thin Tatiana Tarasova - the world-famous female figure skating coach?Well, we'll share with you the information available to yourself.Sit back and study the article, you might also want to improve their figure.

How many kilograms were dropped and for how long

We are all accustomed to the look of this sweet stout and talented lady.And suddenly a sensation - Tatiana Tarasova thin, and very fast!The newspapers and magazines published interviews with the main character of the news and on television broadcast a talk show where she appears in front of everyone in her new slender shape and reveals the mystery of his transfiguration.

How thin Tatiana Tarasova, how many kilograms and over what period?About a diet will be discussed later, but for now let's say that the famous coach dropped 40 kg.about a year and a surprisingly younger and prettier in that time.

Work on a nutritionist-led

about how thin Tatiana Tarasova, the best informed dietician Margarita Koroleva.After al

l, under its direct guidance through the entire process.Queen Margaret is the author's own method of weight loss, which has helped many media personalities to gain a slender figure.At the time, it asked for help, and Philip, and Anita Tsoi, and Nikolay Baskov (all they have achieved very good results), but after some time in the patient list was also well-known nutritionist Tatiana Tarasova.And she lost weight successfully.Now willing to share with all fans of slimming recipes.

secret of Queen Margaret's program in complex and individual approach to each of its patients.It is no one starves or do fitness makes up a sweat.On the contrary, under her leadership, slimming feel comfortable.It just helps them to change the way of life at a physiologically correct, and weight loss takes place surprisingly quickly.

Special diet

Now all the experts say that diets are harmful.Is Tatiana Tarasova lost weight without dieting?Diet, of course, had to fundamentally adjust and get used to the new regime meals, but restrictions were not so much.Here are a few basic rules to help our heroine managed to lose weight:

1. Nutrition should be a fraction.There should be small portions and often (5-6 times a day).

2. Abundant drinking regime.During the day you need to drink a half to two liters of pure water.

3. Supper no later than 18.00 in the winter and no later than 19.00 in the summer.

4. morning meal should be the most high-calorie and satisfying.

5. Meals should be tasty and varied.

most important thing in this approach - does not focus on deprivation (which is not so much), and understanding the need to constantly follow a healthy food hygiene.Without this, Tatiana Tarasova lost weight and have recovered again, but that did not happen, because even after the normalization of weight, she continued to live by the internalized rules.


No limits, of course, it was impossible to do.I had to give up the high-calorie sweets, sausages, sausages, ready-cuts, a variety of canned food.Nutritionists believe that properly cooked fish or chicken is much more useful.Protein in the diet should be enough, but full.

sweet refined carbohydrates have to prefer natural, which a lot of fruits and some vegetables.The amount of salt had the same limit.Refusing salt is completely not necessary, but the total amount it eats for a day, should not exceed half a teaspoon.

allowed to eat bread, but only in the morning and make sure the dried.From buns to Tatiana Anatolievna I had to break the habit.Mayonnaise, lard, butter cream, various cooking fats were given full retirement!As for such products, such as cream or cream, they can eat, but in small quantities.

And what can you eat?

Tatiana Tarasova lost weight and maintain a good shape, including in your diet the following products:

  • Rice, buckwheat, oats as porridge with honey, dried fruits, apples, lemon juice and so on. D.
  • Eggs (notmore than 3 pieces per week).
  • Dairy products (low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, yogurt, cheese).
  • Lean white meat turkey, chicken (without skin).
  • Boiled and stewed sea fish.
  • Fruits and Vegetables.

can prepare delicious soups and soup with abundant addition of these herbs (parsley, dill, cilantro) and various spices.These meals provide a feeling of satiety for a long time and is a source of vitamins and minerals.To get you inspired even more, take a look at the pictures below as thin Tatiana Tarasova - photos impressive, is not it?


The system Queen Margarita special place is given to daily exercises.Physical activity is necessary to maintain good metabolic rate.Tatiana herself coach.And no one else knows about the benefits of physical activity.So she diligently engaged and continues to engage and morning gymnastics, and swimming in the pool.Houses with Tatiana Tarasova has a treadmill, where she regularly goes to an accelerated pace.All this, combined with a diet and gave such an excellent result.

Conclusion Now that you know how thin Tatiana Tarasova, and therefore can adopt her experience and to take action.But just remember that the diet needs wisdom, gradualism and consistency to a lost weight has not gone away, and health.