"Karnivit Q10»: reviews of doctors.

today wishing to lose weight is very difficult to choose one of the drugs on the market.They are a great many, and because you need to find one that does not harm the health, because it is the most important thing.That is why the widely spread fat burner "Karnivit Q10».Reviews Doctors say its relative safety, that is, observing the prescriptions of doctors, you are guaranteed to lose weight.What are these recommendations?

First of all, it's athletic exercises and the right diet.Not the hunger strike, namely, a new lifestyle, a healthy diet, which should be the norm.If such efforts are needed, then the question arises as to how effective the "Karnivit Q10».Reviews of doctors say that, like any supplement, it only facilitates the process of losing weight, otherwise the result will depend on you.

What is included in the drug

basis, determines the efficiency of the process of losing weight is L-carnitine.This substance, which has long been known.Its effect is to accelerate the process of metabolism

, that is, excess fat is actively splits.That lack of this substance in the body blocks the process of losing weight, because even recycled fats remain in the body in the form of the decay products.

However, let us turn to clinical studies.What is the dosage of the substance contains "Karnivit Q10»?Reviews of doctors say that it is too small, that is to lose at least 300 grams in a month, you need to take at least 2 g of the drug per day, and that 12 capsules.Such data were obtained during the six-month study.That is, to really get results, you need to greatly increase the dosage, and the medication is very expensive.

second component - lipoic acid

It is a powerful antioxidant, which doctors often use to prevent complications of diabetes, as well as for the normalization of metabolic disorders, when the body produces too many free radicals.Let's sort out what dose of the drug substance contains "Karnivit Q10».Reviews doctors confirm that they prescribe the drug to optimize metabolism in the amount of 600 mg per day.Three capsules by instructions "Karnivit Q10», comprise no more than 60 mg of this material.However, according to studies on weight active agent has no effect.It does not also proved the effectiveness of a drug used to align the relief of the skin and deep wrinkles correction.

third component

This substance, which gave the name of the drug, - coenzyme Q10.An antioxidant, which enhances the rate of rehabilitation of patients after various diseases, most frequently used in cardiology.Administered in a dose of 500 to 1000 mg per day.For comparison, in the present formulation it is only 30 mg per capsule.

Finally, the last component - is vitamin E. But then manufacturers have tried - daily requirement in it is 15-20 mg, and as part of his one capsule of 30 mg, that is the day it will be about 90 mg.This is the maximum allowable dose when taking the drug course.

Operating principle

Since taking fat burners in large amounts is not recommended (overdose of vitamin E is too high), it is necessary to adhere to the recommended dose, ie 3 capsules per day.The manufacturer promises that the drug reduces the number of fat cells and prevents the formation of new ones.However, none of its components, and their combination does not indicate a similar effect.

On the Internet there are comments that the volume was reduced in problem areas, that is actively lose weight stomach, thighs and hips.However, again it is not clear, due to which there is selective destruction of fat.It turns out that the only advantage is the excellent tolerability and safety of the drug "Karnivit Q10».Price, however, is too high, about 3000 rubles per pack.In practice, the money will have to pay only for the motivation and attitude to work on yourself.Independently still have to adhere to proper nutrition and sports.

Effective Is "Karnivit Q10»?

Studies confirm that all the ingredients are natural and safe.This speaks in favor of the drug "Karnivit Q10».Vitamin-fat burner reviews which are very polar, does contain natural substances that are responsible for the beauty and health of the body.What gives antioxidants?

closer to 30 years the amount of these substances in the body decreases, the cellular enzyme systems are blocked due to lack of nutrients, it leads to the accumulation of cellulite and excess weight.However, there is no evidence that these nutrients help to break down or excrete fat.It turns out that the responsibility for weight loss in the hands of losing weight.There are fewer junk food, exercise - that's the only way to become slim and beautiful.

«Fitoslim asset»

We go back to how to take fat burners.In response to consumer complaints manufacturers respond that they just did not expect the effect of the drug "Karnivit Q10».Instructions for use clearly describes its purpose - it is anti-aging complex, anti-aging body cells, speeds up the metabolism and, consequently, reduces the likelihood of weight gain that often comes with age.

To active drop those extra kilos, is required to take in parallel c «Karnivit Q10» «Fitoslim asset."This drug greatly reduces appetite, is ideal for lovers of good food.It helps to reduce cravings for sweets and starchy foods.It includes L-carnitine, aspen bark, green tea, saxifrage, bladder wrack, chromium picolinate, Garcinia Cambodian.


Since "Karnivit Q10» is not a drug, it can take anyone who wants to lose weight and improve your body.The only limitation may be a problem with the duodenum and stomach ailments.This once again draw your attention to the high cost of the drug.

analogy can be considered as a set of individual components.The pharmacy you can buy L-carnitine, and the cost of the package will be about 200 rubles.Separately, you can buy products containing lipoic acid.The cost of this drug does not exceed 100 rubles.Coenzyme Q10 is sold in capsules for about 150 rubles.Vitamin E - is the easiest component that is no more than 20 rubles.The dosage can be readily calculated based on their data presented in this article.The total cost of all the components does not exceed 500 rubles, which is very different from 3000, in which the original drug costs.