Fraction goose spring.

Why do people hunt geese?What is this bird?Geese are a family of ducks, waterfowl squad - a kind of waterfowl.They have a very interesting beak: at the bottom of the height greater than the width, and it ends with a nail with sharp edges.On the sides of the beak is framed by small teeth.Goose neck is of medium length - it is longer than the ducks, but shorter swan.Their legs are rather long and is located on the bend of the wing butt.

This bird has a highly developed down and feathers.The males do not differ from females: they are slightly larger, and at the beginning of the beak they have bony growths.

As a rule, all the geese emit sounds and murmuring gogochut and during stimulation and danger hiss.

Hunting geese

According ESBE, in the early twentieth century industrial importance for the Russian goose nehleborodnogo north was impressive.The sale can be found only a crow's feathers, meat is usually consumed industrialists in place.The law, which was adopted by February 3, 1892, banned the huntin

g of geese from 1 May to 29 June in European Russia.But the Arkhangelsk province, some parts of the Vologda, Vyatka and Perm provinces under the ban were not included.

shoot geese on a spring morning and evening dawn when they marshes where spend the night, fly to the fields, where they feed, and back.On the Ob River in the spring of flies a huge number of geese.And manufacturers have built huts and shoot at them from a bird that lured to his hideout goose stuffed (Manchuk).

How does the old goose hunt?During this period, mined exclusively young geese: they have not yet grown feathers on its wings.Sometimes, of course, there are also the old gander that summer molt and can not fly.Generally moulting geese are usually held together by small lakes, creeks communicating with large lakes, where they feed.Industrialists networks surround these channels: they are driven into a bird, and with the help of dogs and boats extract them in enormous quantities.

Summer dead goose is salted in barrels.In the tundra bird buried in pits dug in the ground to a layer of frozen: it is removed only in the winter and hang out in the open.

autumn goose preparing for departure, his shooting as well as in the spring, at dawn and dusk.Very often in flocks approaching within range on horseback or in a cart.Interestingly, the riders goose afraid less than men on foot.Many people ask what fraction recommend hunters to shoot a goose?Typically, during the goose hunting using buckshot or small canister.

Sixth Sense goose

So, try to figure out what shot to shoot the goose and duck want?It is known that in many regions of Russia only until December 31, is allowed to hunt waterfowl, and in Belarus - by 12 December.Typically, gambling mood darkens ruthless hunters statistics: out of a hundred people, goose-hunting, only ten can reach the goal.Therefore, every nuance, especially the selection of fractions is very important for a successful hunt.

Before you figure out what shot to shoot the goose hunters recommend, you must realize that the goose - the bird is strong, large, strong on the wound.But among birds at the same time - one of the most cautious, cunning, observation and smyshlёnyh.Gus defines sixth sense is dangerous or not.

imperceptibly closer to goose flock is almost impossible.Therefore, the most effective form of hunting is camouflaged ambush.If the arrow is necessary to lure a flock of goose, and he uses stuffed decoy bird.Seeing silhouettes "geese", quietly grazing in the field, be sure to pack approach and wish to join them.

approaching herd hunters greeted firing their guns.How to make a good shot?Are there many be wounded game?These nuances are directly dependent on weapons and ammunition.

How to choose the shot?

So, we continue to study the fraction goose.According to the laws of hunting shooting must be carried out at short and medium distances.Most comfortable distance in this case is considered to forty meters distance.From 45-50 meters long shots are made.A 55-60 meters is called the limiting distance.Of course, the goose can be killed from a distance of 70 meters, but a lucky shot, many would call the normal hunting luck, not a rule.

way, goose hunting is complicated by the fact that the bird insensitive to the wounds, often have to shoot when she was already in the air.For the slaughter is necessary to take a large volley shot.But the laws of physics say: what fraction is larger, the smaller is placed in the sleeve pellets.We have a small amount of pellets, then, we have not so many chances to get to the goose.Notice, not a task for those who have nerves acting up.Nor is it clear solutions exist.So pick up a fraction in the spring goose is not so important.After all, a lot depends on the weather conditions, skills shooter, equipment, range shot.


Everyone knows that hunters convenient to shoot from a distance of 30-40 meters.It shot a goose spring can also use average and the largest having a powerful effect is striking.In general, the researchers found that if you use the roll number 0000 for tridtsatipyatimetrovoy distance to the target (760 mm diameter) on average gets thirty pellets.To knock out the goose, enough for two or three grains: they have to get in front of the bird.

should be noted that the geese are extremely cautious, not always flies close to the ambush.Quite often, the hunter has to shoot long distances and limits.Studying the statistics, we can see that when fired shot number 0000 fifty meters reduces the number of hits to the average number - twelve pellet.This is for sure the hunt is not enough.

Choosing shot a goose in the spring, it is necessary to recall the extreme distances (over 70 meters).Even a powerful long-barreled gun, right curb cartridges into a bird (the area of ​​300 sq. Cm) at a distance gets only one, on the strength of two grains № 0000. It is possible that this will be a killer hit.Hunters should be aware that the smaller the size of the fraction, the greater the chance to hit the target, but the killing power is lowered.

there a recipe for hunting geese?

Have you ever tried to get an answer to the question of which shot to shoot the goose in the spring?Even hunters professionals have different opinions on this topic.What, how to shoot, and where someone - each hand your answer.In fact, the classic recipe goose hunting there.But many still manage to draw some conclusions.It is interesting that, in contrast to the spring, autumn goose fed and work up an impressive stock of fat.It will not be too much risk for the sake of food.Therefore, the fall of popular shooting over long distances.Some hunters mined geese at a distance of more than a hundred meters.Consider

than shoot the goose is recommended in the autumn.The most drastic considered null numbers fractions, as a rule, number 0000, № 000. But there is a special alternative for ultra-long shooting.This most important hunting for the soul: a little blood and a lot of shots.In thirty or forty shots on average four extracted goose.

If a hunter can get closer to the pack at least 50-60 meters, it will use a small shot.Interestingly, a large number of voluminous scree pellets significantly increases the amount of production.

You ask what fraction shoot the goose?In the spring or autumn - in the hunting season, shot number 1, 0, 00 is enough.If successful, the choice of location, excellent disguise, and the use of decoy geese stuffed a pack can easily descend to the ambush.

What ammunition to use?

continue our conversation about what shot to shoot the goose in the spring.The hunter must bear in mind that shooting at 25-30 meters is sufficient fraction number 3 and № 2. If you follow this advice, the number of geese lined increase significantly.Of course, there will be wounded animal, which will have to search and choose.

Interestingly, most shooters find the model number fraction 1 and № 0. In this case the temptation to open fire on distant targets, leaving the wounded game disappears.After all, to break the goose feather cover at such a distance that is almost impossible with buckshot.But at close range the charge is quite effective.By the way, more can be equipped with a pair of sets of cartridges with different shot, and decide on the spot, some ammunition to use.

Cartridges for goose hunting

Of course, we will continue to find out how best to apply the tattoo on the goose.In the spring to produce this bird is not easy - it is to remember every hunter.For geese and very careful, and high flying, and they have great speed.As already mentioned, a hundred people, only seven - ten are able to successfully extract the geese.Most-controversial ammunition for hunting this bird.

Sometimes impressive distance the arrow has to open fire buckshot.At first, will specify the criteria range.The normal distance is called the path of 35-40 m far - 45-50 m, the limit - 55-60 m. Productive shooting at normal distances questions usually do not appear.Woodcock used buckshot № 8-7.Waterfowl large bird usually use № 6-5 and № 4. For small birds (Chirikov, grouse) usually take № 6-7.With long distance shooting situation is complicated.Where quality requirements are rising cartridges.

Usually in this case, to conduct a personal sighting certain rooms fraction.And cartridges need to fulfill a given distance by the desired number of grapeshot.

Now we find out what shot to shoot the goose in the spring can be.Create Statistics zeroing: a piece of paper with a silhouette of venison is mounted on sheets of target diameter of 760 mm.Having made the shot, in addition to accuracy, sharpness, stability, uniformity, fix the number of holes.

today often advise for goose hunting cartridges used with the container.This is certainly not an easy task!Gunslinger can have are about a dozen species.Therefore, choose the best container is difficult.

Most of the parties, which are produced by small businesses, does not stand up to scrutiny.Some of them are invalid diameters skirts have other material does not match, there is insufficient volume containers, many flanges cuffs reduced.But in the end it is impossible to implement the heap and a sharp battle over long distances.Many people recommend to tinker and shells cartridges exclusively at the gander.

shooting at the limit distance

Unfortunately, we have not yet figured out what to shoot geese in the spring.What do experts recommend?Consider the recommendations of professionals about the shooting at the limit distance (55-60 m) of the standard shotgun buckshot.

Some experienced hunters argue that opening fire at 60 meters, increase accuracy better without container.Although the process is decided around the stem channel buckshot number 3 above, mixed with starch.

Containers wads provide excellent accuracy and sharpness at positive temperatures with a small (up to 40 mm) with buckshot.This is because sometimes wads quality and structure of the receiver do not correspond to a particular channel and its narrowing, fractions, and so on.That is, in fact, not everyone wad increases the firing range.

Back in the 60s was the pressing question: what to shoot geese in the spring.Gunsmiths conducted tests to determine the far distance, where you can hit game.It turned out that a lucky shot from a gun twelve-gauge (narrowing of the barrel 1 mm, length 750 mm) is made at a distance of 60 meters.The most effective charge for this distance is a fraction № 3.

course, each hunter can experiment and choose their own shot at the goose.Spring is waiting for brave shooters innovators.But the conclusions of the experts need to pay attention.

golden mean

known that the sharpness of the battlefield grapeshot number 000, 0000 is the highest.Fraction is capable of hitting a goose at large distances.But what is the price of success?The charge amount of the fraction decreases, it means that there will be more portages.Area goose body is 300 square Done in hundred meters from a 12-caliber rifle shot weight of 32 g number 0000 (43 grains) Ten shots, you can get only once pellet.

The simple calculation reads: to knock out four geese, use 36 rounds.And these will not be hit killer.The result, as you can see, no matter ...

How to find a middle ground?First and foremost, do not need while hunting for goose organize competitions at a distance shot.A good shot from a distance of 60-70 meters, as a rule, is a surprise.In fact, after 35 meters accuracy canister every five meters is reduced by 10%.

So if accuracy is 75% shooter 35-meter distance, the 70-meter high, it ranges from 5%.

interesting that coordinate large-diameter roll easier if push felt wad to choke, and fill the barrel buckshot one layer.

Destructive fraction

Yes, it is very difficult to find the fraction on the goose.Spring - the hunting season, and it must be carefully prepared.We are already seeing that only two rooms can accommodate tight canister.If this option fails miserably, will have to pick up the container.

Generally geese overseas shoot their guns "Magnum" is not further 55 meters shot in 56 g (№ 2).If this distance using conventional gun, the target gets only 1-3 grains.In Russian it is considered normal if the pellets reach the 4-5 goal.To shoot geese, only a couple of pellets.But they have to be deadly.Therefore arrows cartridges are tested beforehand.To determine the effect of grapeshot smashing, zeroing under the sheet to enclose a board.On it you can see the sharpness of the battlefield.

facilities cartridge goose

equipping ammunition for goose hunting, a lot of powder is calculated on the recommendations on the package.Enough effective is shot cartridge with number 1, 0, 00. For example, shooting from a distance of 60 meters shot number 0, can be done in a circle of holes 27-30.Of course, in addition to the shot, you must have the plastic bolt and sleeve, gunpowder, zhevelo.Particular attention should be paid to the shooter shutter: obturate must be very careful.

interesting novice hunters already understand a little about how to select a fraction to a goose?Spring and autumn give you a lot of loot, if you're ready for the hunting season!Some experienced arrow recommend to use the shot wad Scheinin for the 12th and 16th caliber.You must have also felt osalenny wad, a couple of cardboard pads, 1/3 fiberboard and 36-gram fraction for MTS21 mixed with starch.Incorporation of these materials is carried out with an asterisk.

for goose hunting in the cartridge should be starch, to improve cushioning.The obturator is used to better obturation.Asterisk need to departure fractions did not interfere with cardboard.Professional hunters often pour buckshot potato flour - published a wonderful and cheap hub to choke.Generally, intending to hunt geese need for every "little thing" to pay attention.Most of all when shooting at long distances (up to 60 meters).

Of course, shot a goose and duck are chosen very carefully.But to hunt was a success, it is necessary not only to dodge bullets, but also a correct disguise, able to lure the bird to study its habits.You must be able to accurately determine the distance to the target eye.

way, to accurately determine the transcendent shot distance is quite simple.When the goose is deadly within 60 meters, with the gun to throw up its length is approximately equal to the width of the trunk.If the bird's silhouette is much smaller, so it makes no sense to shoot - a distance of over 100 meters.

Spring shooting

Which fraction goose spring applied - tell professionals.They already know that the gray, bean goose, grouse have approximately the same size.But the white-fronted little smaller.If you plan to hunt game birds, it can be recharged cartridges identical shot - so you can get and wood grouse, and other birds.But, of course, with a flight range of grapeshot need to provide the distance of flight.Experts also always say that it is better to outweigh a little gunpowder than underweight.Just spring shots often made on a flying goose: an arrow appears, that the bird is very close.So the accuracy and power of the shot buckshot will not interfere.

What number shot a goose in the spring used, we have considered above.I would like to add that if you shoot for the goose on the water, it is necessary to try to beat the side or rear, as the bird has a thick sternum.Have a good hunting!