Karting in Yekaterinburg - where the kartodromy, training and prices

Karting appeared in the middle of the last century.The American pilots have come up with their entertainment to diversify leisure time in wearisome pauses between departures.A few years later it turned into a fun exciting sport.Today, one of the most popular entertainment is a go-kart.In Yekaterinburg, there are several kartodromy where anyone can try yourself as a pilot of a small sports car.

«Karteks - ECX»

Karting Center in Yekaterinburg is located on the street.Metallurgists, 87. Here everyone can hire a sports car, and received instruction on safe driving, go to the track kartodroma remarkable.For insecure visitors can take a two-seat car and go to the track with an instructor.

popularity of the sport among the inhabitants of the city is very large.Therefore, the walls of the club runs a children's school of karting.It is designed for visitors aged 5 to 16 years.There are three groups.Education is designed for 6 months.During this time the young Yekaterinburg will have unique knowledge and s

kills.In the program:

  • theoretical knowledge and the secrets of racing overtaking;
  • foundations of high-speed driving;
  • training tactical methods of conducting a race;
  • private management of means of transportation;

In addition, children will learn to quickly assess the situation and make their own decisions.

During training teenagers will have the opportunity to take part in the championship of the school.Upon completion of the course team race will determine the top three most capable students.For parents of children hobby will cost approximately 9 thousand. Rubles per month of classes.It's expensive, but the skills and abilities are worth.

For those who come from time to time, rent the card for 10 minutes is from 350 to 500 rubles.The cost depends on the age and day of the week.

Entertainment center "Arcade»

The center for outdoor enthusiasts have plenty of entertainment, including the go-kart.In Yekaterinburg, it is perhaps the most popular place for recreation.Wolf occupies 5000 square meters of covered area.

The length of the track is 600 meters away.In the Sverdlovsk region is the largest indoor go-kart.

Yekaterinburg is the only place where you can drive a sports car, despite the vagaries of weather.The remaining open slopes are forced to build their work in accordance with the weather conditions and seasonality.Here, you get your adrenaline can be year-round.

Wolf closed for maintenance and cleaning of the route on Mondays and Tuesdays.All other days the object is available to the public.On weekdays, it opens at 14:00 at weekends offers from 10am.The cost of renting a car on a circular race (about 10 minutes) is 500 rubles.Children pay for the pleasure of 100 rubles less.

organizers indoor karting club plan to soon open on the basis of their Junior Sports Club.For adults it is also planned to open a sports café with a large screen TV where you can watch sports events.

«Rainbow Park»

shopping and entertainment center, in addition to numerous shops, is a lot of entertainment for children and adults of the city.Among the many attractions there and go-karting.In Yekaterinburg, the "Rainbow Park" has a special place in the public life of the townspeople.All there exists on its territory and employment, and entertainment.The convenient location and transportation have made the center of one of the most visited in the city.Prices are very affordable entertainment.

Sport School Children and Youth Sports School "Rainbow" is the only in the city where there is a free section of karting.Sports training in this sport begins with an 8-year-olds.To be able to engage in motor sport, young people have to go through a serious test.Surrendering standards for physical education subject to availability will be credited in the sports section.The period of training young athletes took 5 years.

City Karting team regularly takes part in competitions of the regional and federal level.The level of training of young pilots is that the prizes for the athletes from Ekaterinburg - the usual case.

Central Park

Another good track, where you can hire karts in Yekaterinburg, located in Gorky Park.Mayakovsky.

On this route, you can ride in all weather conditions - even in winter, the organization continues to operate.Extreme driving on wet or snowy road is huge!Map can be controlled from 7 years.

For younger drivers may ride on a double card with an instructor.Feelings navigator sports car will also be bright and unforgettable.

the cost of rent of the car is the most affordable karting in Yekaterinburg.The prices depend on the capacity of the machine.For 10 minutes of pleasure will have to pay from 350 to 400 rubles.When kartodrome also a children's sports club.


Many parents, especially mothers, feel passion for karting very dangerous and strongly oppose the initiatives of children and their dads.The unit machines kart making it one of the safest sports.In wrestling or gymnastics child is much more likely to be at risk of injury.

Small wheels, low center of gravity ensures reliable stability on the highway.Maps is almost impossible to turn.Besides children machines are lower power drive that eliminates the possibility of a high speed.

So skating on maps can be considered as a useful and full of fun activity for the whole family.Especially now that you know, where there is karting in Yekaterinburg.