Zagoretsky, "Woe from Wit".

«Woe from Wit" - a work of true genius that ever made its author a great classic of Russian literature.This satirical play almost immediately shattered into catch phrases, quotations and expressions even then, when there was so well-known to the general public.Griboyedov very truthfully depicted the life of the Moscow nobility and accurately described the characters inherent in the people of the century.And most importantly - he gave so much wisdom and great satire that now for almost two centuries, we learn from all this to explore the world of ancestors.

«Woe from Wit".Comedy ASGriboyedov

main characters of "Woe from Wit" is very clearly show that in a secular society, beginning of the XIX century, formed a rift between the young, progressive, progressive generation of views presented in the form of Chatsky and fixated conservative older generation in the image Famusov."Woe from Wit" - a comedy where the two main characters are shown very bright and colorful, and each in his own righteousness pr

incipled and adamant.However, there are secondary characters comedy, which also contribute to their storyline paint.They can be divided into three types: "Famusovs" those who claim to be "Famusovs" and "Famusovs losers."

Zagoretsky, "Woe from Wit".Characteristics of the hero

Among the invited guests in the house Famusov in the third act appears Anton Antonovich Zagoretsky - "a clever man of the world", which is a type of "Famusovs - losers."It does not have ranks and titles, all of it is considered "a notorious swindler and a crook," "liar, gambler and a thief."

Expanding the theme "Zagoretsky," Woe from Wit ".Characteristics ", we can say that in a society Famusov it has set for itself the role of universal saint and the sender, who is always looking for a case to please their behavior and flattery and, even better, unexpected gifts, so it is always a great deal of sympathy and approval of the entire environment.For example, guests Hlestova it two "arapchenkov" got at the fair or, more likely, they cheated at cards and Sophia get tickets to the theater, where nobody could do it.

unflattering character

character Gorich also constantly unflattering comments about Zagoretsky, however, believes that although all his and abuse, but all willingly accepted.This character is really well received in all the decent houses of the capital.Zagoretsky image - is a collective image of noble society, which has been slowly decaying and look extremely immoral.This character is always more convenient to tell a lie something than to recall the truth.He really so accustomed to lie, that no one on his lies did not pay any attention.

Zagoretsky as Repetilov, in the comedy "Woe from Wit" is given a special place.Though criticism and carry them to famusovskogo society, but they are not its defenders.However, it is with their acquiescence may decide the fate of other people.

role in society

Returning to the theme "Zagoretsky," Woe from Wit ".Characteristics ", will express an opinion, even that Zagoretsky - the man, the nature of" close to the political investigation. "And it is not by accident.At this point impel quotes Zagoretsky who say that if he would get the post of censor, the first "leaned" would fable, where there is eternal mockery of lions and eagles, "Although the animals, and after all the kings."

Zagoretsky rapidly and "heat" is talking, he likes to exaggerate any rumor can inflate to epic proportions.And on the harsh statements about his person, he does not react angrily, but simply reduces them to an ordinary joke.

Gorich once again speaks about him: "Master, are obese, and without any malice."

Griboyedov assigns him the role of a person who spreads false rumors Chatsky.Zagoretsky still really do not understand who they are, but in his head already born different versions of madness.Hlestova Chatsky expressed about that, they say, he drank a lot "very big bottles," Zagoretsky adds that he saw "barrels forties."

Vnestsenicheskie images

Zagoretsky - is one of the characters and vnestsenicheskih reception groundbreaking playwright Griboyedov.These characters reveal even broader picture of the "last century" and outline its values ​​and ideals.Role vnestsenicheskih heroes is that they help to better understand the behavior and reveal the main characters and all famusovskogo society.This figure shows immoral behavior Zagoretsky noble society.By the way, we learn from Gorich and what Zagoretsky - informer.And Chatsky immediately booked by Gorich that when it is better not to speak frankly.

In conclusion, the theme "Zagoretsky," Woe from Wit ".Feature "is important to note that the status of a nobleman in Russia was protected by the very fact of this, and if this gentleman followed the traditions and customs, it has good prospects for a successful career at the expense of the rich.The main thing is not to be the losers and the saints mad as Zagoretsky that everything about everyone knows and follows the precepts of his father "please all men without exception."