MA Sholokhov, "Don stories".

Mikhail Sholokhov was a witness and participant of the bloody events of the civil war that has swept our country in the early twentieth century.The ratio of the Cossacks to the revolution, the severity of the right choice and the need to take up arms to brothers - it was experienced by the writer.And this experience has become "Don stories" Sholokhov, a summary of which we consider in the article.

On the product

stories included in the collection, - dry, maloemotsionalnye and therefore incredibly authentic life stories of different people who have fallen under the ruthless wheel of revolutionary change.Even death is depicted with extreme ordinariness, which felt incredible tragedy of time where the death of a familiar and neprimechatelen.

draw conclusions provide the reader "Don stories" Sholokhov.Summary of the work may serve as a further proof of this.

Summary some stories

In total, the collection includes twenty stories, but we will look at a few of them, since the scope of one article is

not possible to describe all the "Don stories" Sholokhov.Summary of the three works will be given below.


protagonist - Ignat Bodyagin he prodkomissar (grocery Commissioner), that is the person in charge of the collection and delivery of state of the crop.He went to his native village, where six years ago, his father drove.Then Ignat stood up for an employee who Bodyagin Sr. hit.When he returned, the son learns that his father was sentenced to death for refusing to hand over the bread.Among the red Bodyagin Sr. learns Ignat and curses, he predicts that his grief is still otoletsya son, because in the village are the Cossacks, to destroy Soviet power.Shot in front of his son Bodyagin senior.

discord among loved ones perfectly conveys the summary."Don stories" Sholokhov's so good that unvarnished reflect the harsh reality.

Cossacks come close, close fight.Ignat with Teslenko, the commandant of the tribunal, are forced to stay in time to pass the bread.In the village begins an uprising.Teslenko Ignat and forced to flee.On the way Bodyagin observes a child in a snowbank.He takes the boy into his saddle.Now the horse is not as fast as the pursuit of closer.

Understanding that will not be able to get away, Ignat and Teslenko boy tied to the saddle, letting the horse gallop, while they themselves remain and perish.

"Aleshkino heart": a summary of

«Don stories" Sholokhov valuable their historicity.They allow you to experience and feel the terrible events of the past time now.

For two years, drought and famine are rampant.Family Alesha five months did not eat bread.The boy manages to get young horse, and at night, gorged itself, dies of his sister.The girl was buried, but the dogs dig up and eat it.Fields older sister Alesha, climbs into the house Makarchihi rich neighbor.He finds in the pot soup, eats and sleeps.The hostess came back and kills her and throws the body.The next night, he climbs to Alyosha Makarchihe, she catches him and beats.

Lyoshka mother dies, the boy ran out of the house and into the procurement agency.There he meets politkomom Sinitsyn, who feeds the boy.Alyosha is hired and goes to a club to hear the reading of the book.Find out where the lost boy, the master beat him.

does not spare his heroes Mikhail Sholokhov."Don stories" sometimes even seem unnecessarily harsh, but that's because they portrayed the time of evil.

Alyosha learns about bandits and warns Sinitsyn.At night, red beat off the attack, and the bandits are hiding in the house.Alesha wounded by a grenade, but the boy survived.

"Blood of Others"

This story completes the "Don stories" Sholokhov.My grandfather Gavril only son, Peter, went missing in the war against the Reds.Came a new power, and the old man no one to help with the housework.

spring Gavrilo with his old woman begin to plow the land, still hoping that his son would return.The old man orders his coat, boots and puts them in the trunk.

Returns colleague Peter Prokhorov.He talks about his friend's death.Gabriel can not believe it and goes at night in the steppe to call his son.

begins requisitioning.By Gavrila come pick up the bread, he argues, and is not going to give away their belongings back-breaking labor.Here Cossack rides and shoots prodotryadnikov.One of them is still alive, and his grandfather brings him into the house.The old guy nursed.He wakes up, called Nicholas, but Gabriel and his wife call him Peter.

Gradually, Nicholas Peter recovers, starts to help with the housework, Gabriel invites him to stay.But then from the factory, in which Nicholas rose, comes a letter, and he leaves.There is no limit grief elderly, lost their son again, and let the receiver.


tragic and bleak "Don stories" Sholokhov.Summary - excellent proof.Too many deaths and human suffering in these stories.