Rating contemporary Russian writers of romance novels

Everyone who loves to read, often prefer one or more genres that he likes the most.Someone who likes science fiction, someone loves detective stories, and so on. D. However, the vast number of people, especially women, just loves to read novels.And no wonder, because this genre of literature is considered one of the most popular among the people of different age categories.Young girls and women between the ages love to dive into the world created by the author, reading romance novels.Rating contemporary romance novels will help every lover of the genre to find work for themselves, which will leave the best impression about yourself.Therefore, you must find out what the works of this genre is to meet.

best love stories of our time."The Thorn Birds»

Very often, in order to find a good literary work, you need to spend a lot of time looking for him.Nowadays this problem is solved, because in the Internet you can find the best modern romance.Rating these products will help every reader to make the right

choices and do not regret the time spent on reading the novel.

book "The Thorn Birds", was published in 1988, and it can be safely attributed to the best contemporary romance novels, as for all time after the publication of a work has been read by millions of people."The Thorn Birds" can be found in virtually every list of the highest-rated romance novels of our time.


The novel describes the life of three generations of a family of ordinary Australian workers, who did not give up and continued to look for happiness.In this book you can find the true description of the daily lives of the characters work.The novel "The Thorn Birds" sings deep, very strong human feelings and love for the native land and all that surrounds the characters.

Rating contemporary romance novels every reader will find exactly the product, which does not leave him indifferent and will dive into the events that happen to the main characters.

contemporary romance "Admit»

Every reader will find something interesting for yourself in the list of popular works titled "the best contemporary novels."Rating favorite genre works show the reader what kind of love stories of our time are considered to be the best.

By law, one of those considered to be the product of "recognized", published in the current year.The book describes the feelings and pitfalls in the love story of Auburn Owen Reed and Gentry.The girl came to art school, where she met the charming, mysterious and very attractive local artist.Her plans were not building relationships.Auburn planned out his life and did not allow room for error itself.However, the meeting with Gentry changed everything.She decided to take a chance and open to Owen, but the beginning of a happy love story interfere mystery guy, which he carefully tried to hide.Auburn was not ready for this turn of events, and the only thing she remains - parting with Owen.However, the man was not ready to let go of his beloved, and the only right decision, in his opinion - the recognition of his girlfriend.

main message he wanted to convey the author of the work, was that we should not lose the opportunities that brings destiny.When grief is always a joy, evil goes unpunished, and the kindness and generosity will be rewarded.

Rating contemporary romance novels on the theme "from hatred to love" allows each reader to choose a product that appealed to him.

Love Story "Before I met you»

every reader who loves good literature, wants to find the best modern romance.Rating precisely such works will help him make the right choice.

Readers who like touching history worth reading, "Before I met you."This novel will make any cry.In the first months after the publication of this book we bought more than half a million readers.Her story is very interesting and unexpected, so novel, "Before I met you" deserves special attention.

reader who does not want to spend a lot of time searching for a good work, can be found on the Internet the best Contemporary Romance.Rating show him some of the works are the most popular and widely read among the fans of the same genre.

novel "Love - Poison»

Rating contemporary romance novels shows the reader everything works that are worthy of attention and reading.This eliminates the need to spend your precious time searching for something worthwhile.

It should be said that not all readers love romance novels, in which all things are moving "right" and honestly.The book "Love - Poison" contains several scenes of violence, cruelty, and so on. D. The heroes of this novel somewhere cynical and unprincipled inadequate.However, this did not prevent the novel become so popular, rating and readable.After all, despite all the negative side, the book describes the events that can happen to anyone.Life, too, is not based on some positive aspects and not all people act according to the rules, which impose on society.This novel shows love in all its manifestations, even in the "wrong".

sure to help the reader with a selection of good works is rated contemporary romance novels.Digital Library will present the most popular according to the different sites, which are the most readable at the moment.This is a great find for lovers of good works, read on one breath.

novel Anna Shulgina "Not children games»

Rating contemporary Russian writers of romance novels can be found on the Internet.It may be necessary to readers who prefer domestic authors.Some of them just do not like the style of foreign writers, but others really are fans of Russian authors.Rating contemporary romance novels written by Russian authors, this will help readers to find work and writer who left an enormous amount of emotion and excitement.

«Not children games" - a romance novel written by Russian writer Anna Shulgina.The author of the novel wishes to inform its readers that meet their soul mate is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.Much more difficult to understand what the person who is constantly annoying and causes negative emotions, it is the love of his life.

«When the snow falls up" - a modern love story.Rating.E-book

«When the snow falls up" - a work of Russian writer Pauline Kruglov.It is worth noting that the novel is fairly rating among all the works of Russian writers.This work was published in 2013, and during that time it has become quite popular.It is important that the novel is just 19 pages, so read it does not take much.

Love Story "Love is like a mortgage life»

the protagonist of this novel combined stranger greed, and her trouble.Vyacheslav Borutsky was a bandit, who ran the crime of the city, and Agnes Sotenko - ordinary orphan, had long dreamed of and is going to become an opera singer.These two men were able to find in each other something what could never even think about.However, after the lost as much as would make not everyone.However, the characters do not give up and could not give up.

Most readers spend an enormous amount of time trying to find a really worthwhile work.This problem can be solved by looking in the ranking of the best love stories of our time.Then every reader will be able to choose and do not waste your time reading the works that will not leave behind an impression and emotions.