Summary: "Bear in the province," Saltykov-Shchedrin ME

In the fairy tale "The Bear in the province", a summary of which is given below, M. Saltykov-Shchedrin writes about unrestrained obscurantism officials of various ranks.In an effort to curry favor with the authorities, which represent the lion in the product - a tour de force, and a donkey - the symbol of stupidity, they may not stop at anything.The oppression of the people, fight with education, crime - these are the result of this rule.

Introduction: summary

«Bear on the province" Saltykov-Shchedrin's argument begins with the author's misdeeds and their role in society.Large and shiny tables are stored in history.A small called shameful and do not get any praise.

story about the Bruins I

He was an experienced campaigner who certainly wanted to get into the tablets of history.Because when Leo made it to the Majors and appointed commander in some slums Toptygin I decided immediately to arrange in her blood.Forest dwellers, accustomed to a free life, hearing about the arrival of the governor,

and prepared to innovate.But in fact, came a completely different story.Here's a brief summary.

Bear as a Commander - Saltykov-Shchedrin each of the three characters called Bruins - started not as planned.Arriving at the place, he decided to celebrate a birthday party.He drank too much, fell asleep in the meadow, as their lair was not.And at that time flew by famed mind Siskin.Leo himself dreamed that he had sung in its claws.He saw a bird that something is in the meadow.I decided that this block, sat on him and started to sing.A bear could feel it on someone jumps, and not understanding, swallowed Siskin.On this and ended his career as the forest immediately rang a bad rumor.

«Voivod fool instead of bloodshed arrange ate Siskin" - shouted forest dwellers.And does this spot so it was impossible to wash off.Long suffered Toptygin hearing in his address at first indignant, and then ridicule.Finally, news came up to the Lion.Medvedev wrote a report, bribed the donkey, who advised some bloodshed inflict.Toptygin immediately and cut the sheep, and a woman scared and defeated the printing house and the forest the whole coup.However, it was too late.Leo could not believe his courage and ordered expelled.So it was in the rank of Major of silly stories, it gives to understand its summary, the Bear as a Commander of Saltykov-Shchedrin.

story about the Bruins II

But sometimes brilliant crime ends badly.So it was with another bear, which Leo also appointed governor.Unlike Toptygina I, he had already thought about a plan for its future work.But it was not there any printing or academy that could be destroyed.And since the soul can not kill the inhabitants, it is necessary to take on the skin.Thinking so, the governor went at night to the man.But for this Toptygina rule ended quickly and badly.Having cut all living creatures, he climbed to the roof of the house wanting to roll the logs.Dips and yelled so that the men came running from all around.They put them on spears and animal skins flayed.Soon from him and not a trace.So ended his reign a second, like a stupid, as the beginning of the administration and its summary, the Bear as a Commander.Saltykov-Shchedrin also in this regard appeared interested in the History of the amendment, even brilliant crime could have dire consequences.

story about the Bruins III

But for the third bear all ended well.Having learned about the fate of his predecessors, he wondered: "How to edit?Resolution correct in this regard do not give.Little did play a prank, how many, and the result is the same. "And wanted was to resign, but remembered the big money that this reliance.

arrived in their slums, the governor got into the den, so yes there is the whole term of office and lay.The men at the appointed time brought tribute and Toptygin chosen only in order to eat.In the woods with his arrival has not changed.And the bear, thinking about the welfare of idleness, came to the idea expressed by him even donkey.The main administrative business - all to allow and not to disturb anyone.Then you need to villainy by themselves do.The governor can do is sit and wait.Such behavior was the most reasonable and the third Toptygin eventually received the rank of general.Thus ends the tale (you read its summary) "Bear in the province," Saltykov-Shchedrin.