Education and Oblomov relation to education

IAGoncharov wrote wonderful stories that were relevant to the writer's contemporaries and remain so today.One of the most famous works of Goncharova - the novel "Oblomov", named after the main character.In the novel Goncharov consider a special type of people represented by the Oblomov, as well as the attitude of the hero to the different aspects of life.The product shows the relationship Oblomov to education, a career and a family.

Education Oblomov

character of man, his habits or habits - all of this comes from the family and, therefore, depends on education.Ilya Ilyich Oblomov, who lives on Gorokhovaya street, hardly out of the house.He's still pretty young - he's only 32 years old, but Ilya Ilyich suffers from its passivity and apathy.He has nothing interesting.

Education received a hero Oblomovka (his village), so the ratio of Oblomov in the formation of the following: it is believed that it is useless.Mental activity, memorizing something just tired and sleepy poor Ilyusha.Oblomov's paren

ts allowed him to do: sleep all you want, there is the soul, to be lazy and do nothing.Ilya Ilyich left Oblomovka parents died, but his views remain unchanged.

can recall one detail that speaks volumes - is the immutability of Oblomov robe.He always wears a lab coat and the end of life, when the hero suffers, but Stolz and Olga come to see him, the first thing they see - it Agafea Pshenitsyna that repairs Oblomov robe.

Note also that Oblomov - is the result of a noble education.

Education Stolz

care and education is fundamentally different from Oblomov Stolz life.The activity, live Stolz was educated abroad and constantly strive for self-improvement, be it humanitarian or technical sciences.

Stolz brought ambitious parents, but not too rich.From his father, "inherited" Stoltz received the love of work, from the mother - to art.Thus, the attitude towards life Stolz is not a bit like the attitude of Oblomov.By education Stolz treated reverently and respectfully.

Comparative characteristics of heroes

So, we found that in the work Oblomov Goncharov dramatically proivopostavlen Stolz.Stolz came from a wealthy family of a German, Oblomov - a hereditary nobleman.Stolz himself by seeking equal views and inner strength of a woman;Oblomov needed a woman, capable of providing its maternal care and love.Think of the non continuous novel Oblomov and Olga: initially he was doomed, but the relationship with Ilya Ilyich Agafia Pshenitsyn acquired future.

ratio Oblomov to education is not the best - it is hard to learn to read and write, and that was enough for him.Stolz also got some skills at home (his father taught), and then went to conquer the university.

Fate Stolz and Oblomov

Oblomov in life at some time scowling enlightenment.This appearance in his life, Olga.For a while Oblomov was not found!However, after Oblomov did not want to go on a date with Olga, because "mostochki were wobbly", the reader understands that the work on the character of Olga Ilya Ilyich - a waste of time.

lodges in the house of Oblomov Agafi Pshenitsyn, their child is born.Oblomov dies and his life and is unremarkable and dull.

Stolz have a completely different life.He is married to Olga, they take on education Andrew, son of Oblomov, a lot of travel.

Thus, the reader sees the upbringing and education of Stolz and Oblomov impact on their future life.Oblomov remained if not physically, then in dreams in his beloved village Oblomovka and Stolz began to build a new life of its own.