The urgency of a political comedy Griboyedov today: "Woe from Wit", catch phrase works

political comedy "Woe from Wit", catch phrase which today is often used in his speech the people were important during the Griboyedov and remained so in the 21st century.Written with the help of outstanding statements are put into the mouth of the main characters, conveys description opportunists, careerists, unscrupulous people, who constitute the majority in Russian society, and those who oppose them.

image Chatsky

representative of progressive young people seeking to change, knowledge and reforms is the protagonist of the time - Chatsky.That he owned in the drama "Woe from Wit" catch phrase exposing the conservatism of the tsarist regime.

«Serve be glad fawn sickening" - is the position of an intelligent, educated, having a desire to be useful, but not claimed in the retrograde society young man.

In this one sentence revealed the meaning of life contemporaries Griboyedov.People can not make a career of his intelligence and accomplishments in the service.To get a new title, you need to wait on

the top rung and being a sycophant.In modern society, there is the same - cronyism, corruption, buying grades, as if the author wrote just yesterday his work.

Chatsky for individual freedom - is the main criterion to which people should strive, but coming from abroad to Russia, he sees that "the house are new and the old prejudices."It was very peculiar contemporaries Griboyedov true today.

Under the guise of beautiful facades in the society, there are no visible changes, there is no desire to change, to grow professionally and spiritually.At the head of all cost money and power.

image opportunists

In the play "Woe from Wit" winged phrases and expressions characterize not only Chatsky, but also its antipode Molchalin.

Griboyedov gave it great "growth" of the homeless Tver tradesman Famusov Secretary to the rank of assessor: "... it comes to the degree of knowledge, because now like dumb" - describes Molchalin Griboyedov.

opportunism, catering to the highest ranks - nothing has changed from the time of writing comedy.In his work "Woe from Wit" catch phrase (action 2) very clearly transmit characteristic of the social system.In words everyone wants change, but condemn those who tends to them."Cool story, but hard to believe," - say so today, when they hear the arguments about the need for reforms at the inactivity of those in power.

Griboyedov in his comedy in the form of Molchalin opened category of people who are willing to humiliate themselves for the sake of honor, and achieving them, humiliate and destroy others in its path.

modern climbers are not much different from Skalozub, Molchalin and Famusov."Ranks are people" - as in "Woe from Wit" catch phrase (action 3) transfer the possibility of obtaining titles, ranks and privileges.

famusovskogo society

individual objects in the comedy "Woe from Wit" is considered famusovskogo society, which, as the selection consists of careerists, opportunists, hypocrites and thieves.

such vivid images as Skalozub, FAMUSOV, Molchalin Prince Tugouhovsky, are representatives of the environment in which he lived Griboyedov."The protection of the court found friends in rodovpisyvaet and modern social elite.

In the play "Woe from Wit", catch phrase is still relevant today, Griboyedov pushed in a house of different members of society, opening it "boil".Chatsky is alone with his ardent desire to change society for the better.He has followers, which is referred to indirectly in the comedy, for example, Skalozub cousin, who gave up his military career and left the estate to equip the life of the serfs.

But such people are too few to influence public opinion.The same is happening in today's society."Freethinkers" are considered outcasts and persecuted by both the public and the authorities.

Hero Time

In his first comedy Griboyedov writer created the image of "superfluous" human ossified society.Much later will Pechorin, Bazarov, Onegin.Therefore, the first time in "Woe from Wit" catch phrase characterize the state of mind of a person who can not use their talents for the good of the country and society.

Understand that no changes are needed, but only power and money, it is difficult intelligent and enlightened man ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the motherland.

«Who are the judges?Where we specify, fathers of the fatherland, which we have to take for the samples? "At this, become winged phrase Chatsky trying to find like-minded people, but they are not.Not to take one example, and continuation of the reform.The whole society was frozen in his desire not to change anything.

This is also important in modern society.Personal interests in matters of prosperity, greed and power are placed ahead of the needs of the country and society.

Modern heroes

Unfortunately, in the material world, where a large impact on people have money in any society will emerge those who seek to "climb" to the upper power at any cost and those who oppose them.It

quantitative superiority of progressive members of society to develop it.Without "Chatsky" there would be no changes in the social, cultural and personal sphere of the public.They are pushing others to move toward life changes for the better.