History and analysis of the poem "Homeland" Simonov

warmed the soul of the Great Patriotic War, a beautiful rhyme.At the time, Russian poet lay primary task: using his words to encourage people in the country.An analysis of the poem "Homeland" Simon will help you understand not only the theme that the author was trying to highlight, but also the feelings of people who protect their land.

imprint of war on the life of

fate of the writer was closely associated with the army business.Constantine was born November 28, 1915 in Petrograd.His own father died on the First World War, did not see his son.His mother remarried to the former colonel, who at the time was teaching military science.The family of strict discipline reigned.Childhood held in commanding hostels where all the surrounding atmosphere services.That's why the boy from childhood have learned respect for his native land, courage and responsibility.

Apparently, the story of Simon's poem "Homeland" that began with children and naive sense of mission, entrusted to men in the bitter hours of th

e war.

In 1934 he entered the capital Literary Institute.Gorky.It was then that a young man making first steps into the world of words.His works are increasingly appearing in the popular press.

Subjects who chooses poet complicated.It deals with the courage and patriotism in the fate of the common man.

unusual journalist

Upon graduation Simonov fighting in illuminates Khalkhin- that occurred between the USSR and Japan.Then the writer saw the other side of the coin.This enemy deserves credit for showing courage.The poet was born sympathy.He was particularly struck by the scene when poured on the floor of the Japanese personal photos, which were smiling their mothers, wives and children.

analysis of the poem "Homeland" Simon is directly connected with this stage of life of the author.Then the master realized that on the other side of the barricades - the same people who wait and lament.In his work, the author called to love and protect the Fatherland, not mercilessly destroy the enemy.

Returning Konstantin runs courses war correspondent and became commander of the reserve.Since the early days of World War II he was called up to the front.As a journalist, a young man plunged into the cruel world of blood and pain.At the same time he learned what real patriotism and devotion to their homeland.The starting goal was his coverage on Buinichi field.

Soldier people

In his will, the writer asked to dispel his ashes was under Mogilev, where he made his first report.These places and battles that took place here, ran into a fatal thought.The pain felt poet, poured out on paper.So there was the creation of the poem "Homeland."Simon was an ardent supporter of the Soviet regime.He - one of the few artists who supported the party.His success lay in the fact that in his works the poet extolled the exploits of a man, and did not fight against the system in which he lives.

plot of this lyrical work is a story about the heroism of the usual ordinary fighter.A soldier who is holding a grenade is about to destroy the enemy-invader, but he will die with him.The report he advocates a big country, but in reality is not so simple.When left to live in seconds, the warrior does not think about that homeland, which is inscribed in the passport, but the one that captures the heart.This small piece of land that a person calls home.It is for this world is worth dying for.Here are some tried to convey the idea of ​​Konstantin Simonov."Rodina" (analysis of the poem can be carried out on the basis of events, during which the work was written) - a reflection of the thoughts of soldiers of that war.

Two fatherland

Usually writers are playing with the minds of readers.In their work they are, other than the obvious idea, put a hidden essence.Sometimes, to solve this cipher is very difficult.But the philosophy of "homeland" clear and transparent.The most important poet laid on the surface.

In the first column, which held a broad description of the Soviet Union, though the author notes that the country is washed by the oceans.So it gives a specific reference to a particular territory.It seems everything is clear: soldiers protecting certain bounds.But if you analyze the poem "Homeland" Simon's deeper, the reader understands that next to a large, in fact, a foreign state has its own, intimate and small homeland.And second Konstantin gives the title role.For a man his native land has always been associated with a small piece of land where he spent his childhood.

weight of words and symbols

Light images of nature are present in the text.Master lyrics successfully placed them in this work.He used part of nature, to create a strong emotional effect.So, the picture, which depicts a birch, a trail that winds behind the forest and river with willows along the banks, implicitly associated with the parental home, even for those who grew up in the city.

written analysis of the poem Simonov "Homeland" helps to consider in detail the scenery that draws lyricist."The key is in the details" - this statement accurately reflects the intent of the author.Role of natural high.She is the vector directs the thoughts in a certain direction.

Besides the effect of nature, Konstantin uses indisputable international characters.Birch, willow, forest path in the people associated with peace, tranquility, comfort.Conversely, the meridians, which the author says in the first column, the audience perceives as something alien and cold.

Avoiding clichés

Artwork "Wait for Me" is considered the best of what Konstantin Simonov wrote.The poem "Homeland" is usually put on the second place.The first work gained a lot of popularity because of its nature.It was a romantic message to your favorite request to believe and hope.The second work is full of tragedy and sincere patriotism.

In the poem "Homeland" author broke away from the mundane and timeless themes.He has denied the stories of love, family, friendship and heroism.Before the poet had a task to illuminate the experiences of ordinary people, those who during the war killed millions.

Weapons poet

If an analysis of the poem "Homeland" Simon, it becomes clear one more bitter truth is the essence of man.Not everyone was waiting at home, not all crying mothers, wives and children.Therefore, the one who was alone, was the bullets with other thoughts.He knew that he would die, but clear blue skies and peace in the region, which is dear to him to remain, and thus his sacrifice is not in vain.

aim of every poet - with his narration to leave a mark in the heart of the reader.This poem teaches patriotism and love for the native land, courage and bravery.

Each fought against the invaders during the war.Word - a weapon that was a master Konstantin Simonov."Rodina" (analysis of the poem is confirmed) - one of the best works of the writer.