An analysis of the poem "The golden grove" Esenina

This lyrical work was written in 1924, shortly before the tragic death of the poet.Yesenin is a prominent figure in Russian literature.His poems are original, full of love to nature, affect some historical events.By the time the poem the poet has experienced tremendous sadness, disappointment in life.He does not build the new plans, and sums up the life lived.Though she was not long, but memorable (as we remember, Yesenin lived only 30 years).An analysis of the poem "The golden grove" will be useful for students of philological faculty and lovers of this interesting poetry.Those who have a passion for art, dedicated.

little background

How strange and surprising that people are in a fairly young age, was able to write this letter of farewell poems addressed to himself.Yesenin like a premonition of his impending death, he mentally advance analyzes their behavior, seeking the meaning of what is happening, summarizes.Such sentiments, often, peculiar to those who are at the end of his career.After partin

g with Ayseydoroy Duncan, the poet probably was completely unsupported, and even last marriage with Sophia Tolstoy could not make him happy.This person does not find satisfaction in itself, was not satisfied with his present life, I ceased to notice its value and significance.

written analysis of the poem Yesenin "golden grove" will help you understand the state of the lyrical, to trace his spiritual experiences.Feelings are of paramount importance.This lyrical work very much in the sense associated with another poem - "I do not regret, do not call, do not cry", written a few years earlier.

composition poem

This lyrical work consists of six separate stanzas.The general tone of the poem leads to sad thoughts, makes one think about many serious things: the meaning of life, there can be a genuine pleasure, what is the destiny of man?The story develops in the all-consuming longing: the lyrical hero living memories of lost youth.Perhaps he simply regrets that failed to maintain its almost childlike and too carried away by the fascinating life of deception?An analysis of the poem "The golden grove" plan impossible.Each of us has his own understanding of the essence and meaning of the work, we should rely on their individuality.

condition lyrical

What happens to him, can not frighten or mislead.The lyrical hero speaks of himself in the past tense, as if he would soon have to leave this world as if it no longer exists.He is both confident and confused.The lyrical hero is at the end of its path, I do not know what to strive for in the future.This is a terrible state when you are young, but there is no strength and desire to do something, to implement the cherished aspirations.Lyrical hero Sergei Yesenin lost dreams.The general mood of the poem - a calm indifference and apathy.I do not pity the past, present, vain wasted years, but this is only because there is nothing more eager.Once a wide road suddenly became a narrow path and gradually came to a standstill.

can understand the condition and how lyrical farewell to youth.He reinterprets the lived years, aware of their mistakes, mental notes of victory and defeat.Analysis of the poem Yesenin "golden grove" can be classified as the most enigmatic and mysterious works of the poet.We have time and again turn to the long-familiar lines, to feel a sense of ownership to the work of the great poet.

symbols and their meanings

This poem should focus images behind them hiding important details necessary for holistic understanding and alignment of the picture.

«Birch cheerful language" means an easy life, which previously led the lyrical hero.That is not necessary to think about the meaning of life, about what someday will come to a logical conclusion and will have to pay for their own mistakes.

Subject "Crane" deserves special attention.Their flight sounds like a sad heart-breaking songs, to which you want to cry.They are also part of the present and the past, which inevitably recedes.Cranes are closely related to youth poet, his noble impulses and hopes.

Analysis Esenina poem "golden grove" shows how deep and significant was the drama of the artist, who has lost himself.

«Golden Grove»

symbolizes the spiritual richness of lyrical, his desire for knowledge of the world.Each tree has its roots, and every man - individual history.Perhaps comparing himself to a grove, the poet speaks of the commitment to the Russian people, for a national consciousness, traditions and customs.Yesenin Why choose this metaphor?Perhaps he was close the image due to the fact that very few people knew in life.In addition, there is similarity with the blond hair of the poet ("golden" color).He was the whole universe, that lived by its own rules.Unable to adapt to the circumstances, he soon amassed a serious enemy of the KGB.An analysis of the poem "The golden grove" can be summarized as the revelation that has no end.

«Ash fire»

embodies the lofty dreams and aspirations lyrical.The poem refers to the fact that the fire is lit, but no one can warm.Why did it happen?Is the soul is slowly dying?Most likely, there Yesenin speaks of the coming indifference and oblivion slow heart.

gradually fading flame of freedom in it, it becomes calmer, more sensible, lose the desire and ability to act recklessly, as before.A person can exist as long as there alive the dreams and aspirations.A lyrical hero wants nothing but peace.Analysis of the poem Yesenin "golden grove" reveals the profound tragedy of the poet who has lost the taste for life.

eternal wanderer

Among other things, mentioned that each of us comes into this world alone and must leave the stranger in his own time.Traveller Sergei Yesenin is inextricably linked to his own life.A poet like a premonition of inevitability and proximity of death.Traveler theme symbolizes the search for meaning in life.

Yesenin particularly acute sought an answer to this question in recent years.There is nothing worse for a poet than to feel unnecessary, useless and excluded in society.Analysis of the poem Yesenin "golden grove" briefly underlines the overall drama of the situation.

meaning of life

Many creative people searched but did not find its own destiny, its own unique way.The fact that not all have the strength and persistence pass through it to the end.Sergei Yesenin "blown" much earlier.He left his mark in history - his great poetic creation, but his life ended abruptly.

analysis of the poem "The golden grove" shows how short life can be a person, if it is not supported by high aspirations, if so recklessly spend himself in vain.The loss of self has been associated with disappointments and loneliness, which, like a snowball, and gradually increased absorb a soul.

What Yesenin wrote?

course, about himself.About experienced moments of joy and bitter disappointment, of his own victories and defeats.Who knows why he is the end of life was left alone, why suffered from deep depression?An analysis of the poem "The golden grove" leads the reader to deep meditation, which may be useful.Each of us wants to live his life as fully as possible and meaningful.And for this you need to learn to appreciate every moment, any of its manifestations.

poet writes about his ruined life, the impossibility of return to the past and correct past mistakes.Analysis of the poems of Sergey Yesenin "golden grove" contains wise thoughts that might be useful genuine intellectuals.A poet and he himself alive in his immortal lines.