Vladimir Bogomolov, "Zosia": summary

«It is necessary feeling great, clean, good, and especially between men and women ..." - once said I. Bogomolov."Zosia" (summary given below) - the story that's about it.The protagonist recalls a meeting with the girl, awakened in him a bright, sincere feelings.

Behind at Bialystok

The action takes place during World War II in Poland.The remains of the battalion unexpectedly sent from the front to the village of Novy Dvur.It was assumed that soon will come replenishment, and while the men were given time to rest.Acting battalion commander at the time was Victor bike, and chief of staff - the hero of the story, he is the narrator.Recently, at the disposal of both had a company, and now ought to organize the free time the soldiers to keep discipline and readiness, said in the introduction Bogomolov.

«Zosia" (summary of the story you are reading) goes on to describe the July morning.Chief of Staff, slept through two days, had breakfast, took a volume Esenina and went to the river.There's the first t

ime in three weeks wash and washed.Then, waiting for the clothes to dry, become happy recite favorite poems.Suddenly he felt that he was someone watching.Beyond the trees was a girl with a figure Okay, who immediately disappeared.Hero felt awkward and hurriedly put on his trousers.He caught himself thinking that he wanted to see the stranger again, but she did not appear.

arrival of the brigade commander

Summary story "Zosia" Bogomolov continues Meeting with Colonel Antonov.Chief of Staff heard the noise of the car in which sat the brigade commander.He immediately remembered that Victor and time are still asleep, because immediately dressed and rushed to the village, hoping to catch up before Antonov.But he met a young man already in the yard.There was a battalion commander and, sleepy-eyed and dressed not in form.Lt. Col. long was indignant: bosses asleep or reading poetry, no guard, the soldiers themselves.In addition, there was no plan of action in case of enemy attack and other papers - they had to prepare the chief of staff.Vic looked reproachfully at the assistant, but did not make excuses.Antony ordered the fix all for an hour and left.Thus began the first day of the rest of the battalion in the work that wrote Bogomolov ("Yosh").Summary of the meeting with Antonov can be supplemented by the fact that ten minutes later the chief of staff tried to sort out the paperwork.And Victor, report time, went to the unit.

Lunch at Madame Julia

Combat returned around noon, cheerful and energetic.He said that the soldiers cooked a wonderful dinner and offered to cook dumplings.Soon orderly Semenov got meat and flour, and Victor met with the owner of the yard, where they stood, - Mrs. Julia.Her daughter, Zosia - so-called stranger - hovered in the courtyard, attracting the attention of the hero.

Lunch turned out to fame, says Ivan Bogomolov.Zosia (summary does not describe in detail what is happening) with Semenov and Vitka nalepili ravioli.Lady Julia sliced ​​salads.Her relatives brought bembera.Chief of Staff came in last.Over lunch, we talked about life under the Germans, Poles and drank for an early release.Stephen, who served in Russia's interest in the situation in the country - so it is possible to transmit a summary of the story.

Zosia (Bogomolov makes it the central character of the event) was sitting opposite the chief of staff.He is still young and modest by nature, a little afraid to look at it.However, hops are doing their job, and at one point the hero decided to talk to her, and even began to read poetry.For greater courage he drank another glass of vodka, and then immediately got drunk, fell down on the street with a porch and scratched face.Eventually he lay down and fell asleep on the hay.This completes the description of the failure to the hero of the day Ivan Bogomolov.

«Yosh": a summary of subsequent events

morning, the chief of staff sat down again for documents and worked all day, stopping only for lunch and a short conversation with Vitka.A few hours he filled funeral, reliving the death of comrades.Sometimes there is Zosia, but the young man was ashamed to look at her.And in the evening, when the hut of Mrs. Julia were heard voices and singing with a guitar, he decided to stay alone and not to meet with a proud girl.And she did not come out of his head, making the experience a painful feeling in the chest.He began to play the accordion, which is attracted to the house of Mrs. hero.Unable to stand, he went to the hut, customized Zosia invite to dance.But the young man was disappointed.Smiling girl had danced with Vitka, and he told her something funny.

hero came back and everything could not sleep because I felt miserable."She does not care about me, and tomorrow she will forget about our acquaintance," - he thought.In the morning, I learned that the girl broke about Vitka guitar when he wanted to kiss her.So ends the story of the second day of Novy Dvur in Bogomolov.

«Yosh": a summary of the farewell scene

On the third day came the order to go to the front.Turned quickly.Victor went sullen and menacing.Sending command of the chief of staff.He is playing for time, hoping to see one last time to escape somewhere Zosia.It appeared, when the wait has been impossible.The girl went to the hero, handed him a letter, and then hugged and kissed.The chief of staff found an envelope photo Zosia with a declaration of love.

Years have passed, but the hero was not able to forget the Polish girl, with whom he had known for three days - complete product Bogomolov.Zosia (a summary of the story you read) has already stayed for matured men a symbol of something important and unique, that because of the indecision he had missed in his life.