Citation characteristic Famusov.

Paul Afanasievich FAMUSOV - one of the key characters and brightest comedy "Woe from Wit".If you analyze his name, it comes from the fama, which translates from the Latin as "public opinion, the rumor."Citation characteristic Famusov speaks of him as a person who has a priority rank and money.All activities take place in the home of comedy Famusov, so the plot the house is very important.

citation characteristic Famusov

All events unfold very early at dawn, when the day is a little glimmer, and end when the last light goes out.It is from the moment when the fight would break the old clock previously sleepy morning, the old man FAMUSOV will be involved in the first event of comic drawings, but gradually it will grow into a drama.

image owner of the house has a dual character.In the first part of the work he put in the awkward position of intrigue youth that he can not follow and understand.First Sophia fools his head some lovers, born in poverty, and then it scares Chatsky his free-thinking - "C

arbonari."And then from all seen and heard it, and he begins to wait for something like "robbery and fire," and so are struggling to try to save his daughter and guests from Chatsky, which was called "mad Voltairean."

citation characteristic Famusov and Chatsky

FAMUSOV - a brilliant representative of the old and deep-rooted Moscow nobility.Citation Famusov response indicates that he is still the "Die Hard".His steadfast beliefs and attitudes, as are the experiences of their ancestors and passed down from generation to generation.He absolutely does not listen to other people's thoughts and arguments, and therefore purposely Griboyedov makes it muffled.In an interview with Chatsky he often expressed: "Do not listen to";"Under the court! Under the court!". His negative attitude towards Chatsky completely opposite encircled with puffer, in which he shows his interest in a potential suitor for Sophia. Attitude Famusov to puffer determines the same ratio as family life and to the servicebecause everyone is equally built on profits. Chatsky of puffer speaks the words: "He has a passion for his uniformĀ».


FAMUSOV of Chatsky says he's "enemy pursuit" does not require "any placesor enhance the rank of "dealing with a science. citationality characteristic Famusov says that he never would" enter into his family "such a person, for him it is the face of anti-government views, which means that these must be careful not tothe self-fulfilling prophecy. For Famusov things need to eradicate, that is the person that violates the general principles, must be isolated or put into the framework of common assessments and opinions, thus preventing him to think in their own way and even more so to express their opinions decent public.

For Famusov worst that Chatsky many reason, but also he has a habit of everyone to have his judgment, which he freely expresses.FAMUSOV says of him: "What does!And he says, writes! "The landlord understands that the ability to think and speak well educated through books and so FAMUSOV expressed indignation about education:" Oh if evil to stop, assemble all the books would let burn. "

End play

FAMUSOV freethinking Chatsky calls "the plague and contagious disease," he said of his thoughtless generation, which is necessary to protect the family and the state.Mistakenly thinking that Sofia had an affair with Chatsky FAMUSOV decides to announce his crazy, "announced during the whole people";"File a Senate ministers, the Emperor."

That is the characteristic of the entire citation Famusov."Woe from Wit" shows a very bright and beautiful image of a typical aristocratic thoughts and habits of his time.

In conclusion, you should definitely note that this image is played on the stage of many famous Russian stage actors, among them even the Stanislavsky.