The value of fairy tales for children.

Tales - is what helps the child develop imagination and understand the complex categories such as good and evil, justice, bad deeds and punish them.On the example of the heroes of Russian fairy tales parents introduce the child into the world, where people do different actions and take on friends or foes.

«White duck»

Russian folk tales rich in creativity, the heroes of which are children's literary friends and role models."White duck" - Russian folk tale of disobedience and treachery, of right and justice.

It can be divided into 5 parts:

  1. The first part of the prince married a young beauty, and after a while went to distant lands.The basis for the first part of the mandate is the young wife of Prince not out of the towers, and are not familiar with bad people.
  2. The next part of the story of how a woman came to the princess, and persuaded her first walk through the garden, and then swim in the spring water.Tired of waiting for the young princess has decided that there is nothing wrong to walk o
    n his own garden.But it so happened that the woman was a witch that turned the princess in a white duck, and she took her face and met Prince.
  3. During the third part of the three duck hatching eggs from which appear her son.Two sons are healthy, and the third - weak scallywag.Curious kids grew up and began to move away farther from the lake, where she was their mother until they were in the prince's court, where they smelled the witch.
  4. In the fourth, the culmination, of the witch decided to ruin the boys told what breed fires and boil the water in the boilers.She wanted to lull the children, but puny creature, which hid more powerful brothers, did not sleep, and she replied instead.So they went to sleep dead sleep, she spent around the dead man's hand, and children died.
  5. In the final part of the white duck flew into the courtyard where they have laid her dead children, and began to lament over them.Prince heard her words, I decided to check out, caught her in his arms, found under her wing spindle broke, and she again became a beautiful maiden.Witch punished and justice is done.Steel prince and the princess to live with their babies together.

This fairy tale for children 5 years old in each part bears teaching kids.At this age children already understand what is good and bad deeds, so they can discuss the behavior of each character.

moral categories tales

«White duck" Russian folk tale, gives kids some useful lessons:

  • should always obey and do what you ask someone who loves you.
  • Do not trust strangers.
  • Good and truth will always prevail.
  • evil punished.

This kind of short fairy tales for children give a child soon cover the content, think about them and draw conclusions with the help of parents.It is important that the discussion was conducted jointly.So how does this help your child learn to talk, and he creates a relationship of trust with parents.

advantage of short tales

read short tales for children, especially the young, more correctly.They can understand the contents and remember it.In Russian folk art are many examples of such "white duck".

Such tales help to develop memory, imagination and ability to retell old.No wonder acquainted with folk art begins with such simple stories as "Gingerbread Man", "The Mansion", "turnip".

tale for children 5 years old may be more difficult, for example, about the white duck.Here the child acquainted with concepts such as the bad deeds and their consequences.In this tale, all the characters perform actions.By the way, these actions affect other characters, the child can distinguish positive characters and villains.

«White duck" Russian folk tale, refers precisely to this category.

Subjects tales

Russian folk tales basically always carry some moral lesson.Concepts that remembers a child who read such tales - this is what good deeds, friendship and love always win.

The majority of works of folklore, even at first glance, terrible, really full of positive and have a happy ending."White duck" (Russian folk tale) - proof.Here, with the protagonists bad things happen, but goodness and justice will still prevail.

Topics tales may concern any magical adventures, both dangerous and fun, but they have a happy ending is inevitable.

importance of fairy tales to the child

Child reading tales from early childhood - a great educational process in which adults help him on the example of heroes to choose the right actions.

That truth always comes out, and the villains getting their just deserts, gives the correct orientation for the baby, how to act and take responsibility for their actions.Discussed with children characters, you can figure out which ones they like and what qualities thanks.