Fasting days on the water 7: reviews the results.

When it tried every diet known, but the desired results have not been achieved, it is possible to experience the world-famous way to help lose weight and also to cleanse the body.This method suggested the American naturopath Paul Bragg.Fasting - is the author's opinion, the key to the health of the body, and rapid weight loss.Paul Bragg promoted the use of its own methodology for health purposes and successfully applied it to himself.His teaching has spread around the world.

has long been proven that people can live without food for about a month, so do not worry - death by starvation does not threaten you.Already quite a lot written about fasting on the water (7 days).Reviews the results, it should be said, are impressive.In the same article, the information will be reviewed in more detail for those who are willing to starve for the sake of gaining a slim figure.

What actually happens in a situation of refusal of food to human body?How to fast on water?How long is this diet?How to get out of it?

We will answer your questions.

Fasting on the water (7 days): reviews the results

Do not think that a day or two of fasting immediately relieve you of excess kilograms.For short refusal of food, you can only lose a little.In this will not leave fats and excess liquid which is always present in large quantities in the body fat people.

two or three days of fasting will not give the same effect as a long refusal of food (at least a week).Judging by the reviews, the weight goes faster in the first two days, and then the body adapts to the new conditions, and the fat reserves they already spent more economical.The number of kilograms from which you will be able to get rid of, to determine in advance exactly fail.Each person is different, besides all depends on how long you can sustain such a diet.As a result of people trying out this method on itself, it is clear that the day takes about one kilogram.

How to drink water during the fasting

Home fasting on water requires special drinking regime.Minimum water consumption per day - of 1.5-2 liters.Due to this the number of the incoming fluid, the body easily cope with intoxication, and general well-being will remain at an appropriate level.But through the power of drinking water is not necessary, listen to yourself and to the needs of the organism.

What can drink other than water?

Nothing.You can drink only clean water, preferably spring.It is strictly forbidden to use juices, herbal tinctures, teas and other liquids, as they may interfere with the purification processes that occur in the body during fasting.

In hot weather, you can drink cool vodichku, but in the cold season is better to use warm or slightly hot water.The fact is that a few days after the beginning of the hunger strike, the body begins to feel cold and cold water only enhances the chills.

One day of fasting on water

day fasting on water practically no fraught with danger for the organism.You can even practice it every week.We just need to use a specific, suitable for you, day and give your body a rest from food.

This practice will relieve the digestive system and contribute to its improvement.Is it possible to lose weight with this regime?Depends on you.If the hungry day you greedily devour food, not looking in front of you on a plate, it is unlikely to be able to lose weight.In this respect for moderation in the diet on the day after the hunger strike gradually lead you to the desired result.

What happens to the human body during a hunger strike

human body - the system is smart and perfect.Week starvation sets in motion a variety of complex processes that are aimed at clarification and improvement of all organ systems.

Already on the second day at the refusal of food is changing secretion of the gastrointestinal tract - gastric juice ceases to stand out, and the body is filled with proteins and unsaturated fatty acids.They, in turn, stimulate neurohormone cholecystokinin, which suppresses hunger.

During non-human food can disturb headache, fatigue, insomnia, nausea and sometimes vomiting.There is a breakdown of fats, and a week later comes the so-called acidotic crisis, and the body is fully transferred to the internal power supply.

After the acidotic crisis feel better, headache and dizziness are, there comes a burst of energy.Now daily weight loss of about 500 grams per day.This rate is held until the end of the hunger strike.

How to prepare for the fasting Fasting

water 3 days or less do not require any special training.The main thing with this - the power of will, strength and determination intentions.But a longer refusal of food needs a serious approach.About a week before the hunger strike refuse heavy fatty foods: meat, hot spices and alcohol.It is best to comply with milk-vegetable diet.

Before the first day of the hunger strike should carry out the procedure bowel cleansing.

Exit from starvation

very important point of this diet - you need to know how to get out of starvation correctly.It should return to normal gradually, about the same number of days as the hunger strike itself lasted.That is, if you have practiced fasting on water 7 days, reviews the results of other people argue that the restoration of diet should last exactly one week.Step by step out of starvation can be described as follows.

  1. the first day after the end of the hunger strike can be eaten only natural juice.It is desirable that it be a vegetable, fruit and diluted with water in a ratio of one to one.
  2. On the second day allowed the use of undiluted juice, and vegetable and fruit puree in a small amount.
  3. On the third day, in addition to pureed fruits and vegetables, you can afford to eat porridge, cooked in water with a small amount of bread and some dried fruit.
  4. On the fourth day are allowed to use all of the above plus the vegetarian soup with a small amount of vegetable oil.
  5. On the fifth day, you can afford to have some dairy products such as yogurt or fermented baked milk.
  6. On the sixth day in your diet can add sour cream, cheese and a little salt.
  7. On the seventh day permitted the use of low-fat cottage cheese and eggs.

After a week of recovery you can gradually start eating chicken, fish and other products.

As you can see, with such a diet, as fasting on water, the output is for a person not less complex than the process of the hunger strike.

Rules of conduct during fasting

If you're completely healthy, it will suffer starvation good enough.But there are a number of conditions that must be perform.

Besides drinking regime, it is also necessary every day to do a cleansing enema.This procedure helps to eliminate decay products from the rectum.If you refuse to do an enema, the toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream, which can cause self-poisoning organism.No less important point fasting - a daily intake of soul.

At refusal of food is best to lead an active lifestyle, often spend time in the street, but in no case do not lie on the couch in a confined space.And, as has been described above, it is worth remembering that during fasting on water, one chilly, so dress should be a little warmer than usual.Well, as in any other diet, avoid stressful situations, if you practice fasting on water.

7 days

Reviews, results and research in the field fasting allowed to find out how effective seven-day fasting on water, and whether to observe a diet more than this time.When

week hunger strike behind, and after acidotic crisis forces rife, many feel that they can safely continue on hunger strike.But especially if it's your first fasting, it is better to start from it to leave, despite the fact that you have mastered how to theory and thoroughly prepared for the change of diet.Do you have enough time to properly get out of starvation, and to evaluate the effectiveness of this method.How did you manage to throw, you have achieved the desired result?Starting already from your own experience, after a while you will again be able to venture on this step, unless, of course, he will still come in handy.

health effect

Fasting on water improves immunity, promotes healthy intestinal microflora, relieves chronic diseases and rejuvenates.If you do everything by the rules, and in any case not to allow the initiative, the result is truly stunning.Improving the well-being and health, as well as the lost weight - the prize for the patience and willpower, you displayed during the hunger strike.


Important!Separate starvation home recommended practice only completely healthy people, regardless of the reasons why it was decided to resort to this method: to improve health or for the purpose of slimming.

Fasting completely contraindicated for people with diseases such as tuberculosis in an active form, with severe heart disease, blood, malignant tumors, diabetes mellitus type I, bronchiectasis, thyrotoxicosis, thrombophlebitis, underweight in the post-infarction periodduring pregnancy and lactation.

also relative contraindications are people suffering from type II diabetes, gout, gallstones, hypotension, peptic ulcer, chronic venous insufficiency, as well as any children are in old age.

negative and positive reviews of starvation

Even in ancient times people knew about the absolute benefits of fasting on water.Doctors and specialists have studied and continue to study the mechanisms of this method.Has accumulated considerable experience in using this diet to get rid of some diseases and for the normalization of body weight.Judging by the reviews of people who have experienced this method, observing the prescriptions of the preparation of a change in diet, and knowing how to get out of starvation, the result they were more than satisfied.

But there is a negative feedback.This is mainly due to the fact that during the diet mistakes were made, as well as the way out of starvation has been carried out correctly.So before you experience the effects of this method on itself, it is to better understand the theory that will help in the future to make things right.