How many calories are burned while squatting.

exercises such as squats, quite rightly can be considered effective for weight loss.During this exercise it is not only calories, but also improves the appearance of the body, worked gluteal and thigh muscle area breeches tightened, and the skin becomes less flabby.
How to burn calories at a squat?This is a question that is easy to answer, it is enough to know the weight parameters of rights and the pace at which it carries out this training.

Efficiency squats with weight loss

Secret squats is that the load at the time of their execution is not only power, but also aerobic, because exercise has two stages:

  • During squat tense the muscles of the legs, buttocks, the press,back.
  • The rise comes power load due to its own weight.

That is why during the squat rather rapidly burn fat, you have to muscle tissues are actively supplied oxygen, which, in general, and contributes to the destruction of lipids.To work the body needs energy, and it takes it out of most of these fats.

Probably everyone who

used the squat as an exercise for weight loss is not just concerned with the question: "How many calories are burned while squatting?"It can be said that their number depends on the weight of the squat and the pace at which it carries out the exercise.Here, for example, an athlete with a weight of 62 kg sit down for five minutes to about 100 times, while consuming about 43 calories, i.e. kcal.Sometimes mistakenly called calorie kilocalorie.As a rule, no it does not cause confusion, because the calorie unit is too small - a thousand times smaller than the calories.Therefore, in any literature on nutrition is also called "calorie", implying calories.

So, to make the calculation for the index of 50, you need 43 kcal divided by two.Get a figure of 21.5, which will be the answer to the question about how many calories are burned for 50 squats.


squats Squats are suitable to perform in the gym, and home conditions.To do exercise and lose weight, optionally using special exercise equipment and tools can be loaded and the weight of his own body.

most common and understandable for all kind of sit-ups - a classic.They do not require special skills and a lot of space.On how a deep squat, it depends on the load distribution.The value of production has legs.For example, squats "plies" are the most effective for pumping buttocks, as, indeed, and squat "sumo".

How many calories are burned during a sit-called partial?Presumably ahead during deep.This type of sit-ups can be called kardiosilovymi as they are carried out in an intense pace and let you work out those muscles that are not used during deep squat.Therefore, to maximize the calories necessary to make partial, repetitive squatting.

Technique squats

on calories during the squat also affects their performance and technology.

  • Before embarking on a major exercise, you need to make a light workout in the form of rotational motions of the knee and ankle joints.Especially important to workout squats with weights.
  • The back should be kept straight, slightly bending the lower back.
  • During the exercise you can not take your heels off the floor.
  • Ongoing squats should be possible to stretch the abdominal muscles.
  • To avoid stress on the joints, you should refrain from deep knee bends.The low point right squat - is when the thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees form an angle of 90 °.

If we talk about the squat "plies" or "sumo", there is no less important staging feet and posture.

during any type of exercise you first need to think about art and their own safety, not about how many calories are burned during squats.50 times - it is the most reasonable amount for beginners.And according to the above calculations - almost 22 kilocalories.If you conduct such training twice a day, you get 43 calories, which is equivalent to 37 grams of potato chips, 175 grams of watermelon flesh, or one average cup of cherries.

Squats and calories

Undoubtedly, each person figure indicating the calories burned will be strictly individual, because the more weight squat, the more the body needs energy to perform the exercises.Consequently, energy consumption is also higher.For example, if we take into account a number like 30 sit-ups.How many calories are burned at the same athlete weighing 62 kg, if it carries out a number of repetitions?Performed simple calculations - 43 divided by 100 and 0.43 is obtained, that is, the number of calories spent on a squat.And if you multiply this figure by 30 reps, you get 12.9 kcal.

should be noted that the calories spent much more if the athlete will use the weights, and the flow rate will increase as the energy expended.

Squats with weights

Some women mistakenly believe that using weights in the squat, they pump the muscles of the legs and look like football players.Unfortunately, not everything happens so fast, despite the fact that it is in the leg muscles burned fat faster and more efficiently than anywhere else.

so that the legs and thighs look slim and relief and buttocks taut and toned, you must get rid of the fat in these places.And for this to properly load the muscles and use special equipment in the gym or at home.Ideal device such as barbells, dumbbells, dumbbells and expanders.Also there are special exercise equipment.

more dangerous squats?

Naturally, the question of how many calories are burned during squats, has a value, but it can be completely meaningless if during the exercise there is a risk of injury.

According to studies carried out in 50-ies, squats were deemed dangerous and it was thought that they could lead to a stretching of the knee tendon.Over time, this kind of stress may weaken the joint, lose stability and start to hurt.Based on these studies even change the training program in the US Army, where some military units completely abandoned this exercise.

After these events, quite a long time squatting had an unfortunate reputation, and only in the late 80's exercise got a hope of revival.It was conducted entirely new study.To do this, a hundred people were invited volunteers and tested the stability of the knee tendon.During a certain time of the chosen people squatting and the other part is not.As a result, absolutely all the participants in the experiment were checked knee.No differences were recorded, and therefore, were not affected knees to squat.

Research was also carried out among weightlifters.Their knees, too, were in a stable condition.

tend to cause injury becomes improper technique exercises and working with heavy weights without preparation.

Besides the knee, squat and can be dangerous for your back.This mainly concerns the exercises performed with weights.Due to improper technique can suffer spine.

Experts in the field of fitness, as well as adherents of a healthy lifestyle believe that sit-ups contribute to enhancing such as metabolism.In addition, they allow the body to burn excess weight even after your workout.

To be attractive and fit figure, is to make the schedule workouts squats.This is the best way to make slender legs, buttocks, elastic, and most importantly - is an effective method to combat obesity.The effectiveness of squats repeatedly proven and professional athletes and simple slimming.

And if well-chosen exercises to add proper nutrition, the question about how many calories are burned during squats, will not seem so significant.